Conversion to Rack & Pinion Steering for Mk II Cortina


This conversion is based on Ford Mk II Escort parts. Specifically, the parts used are:


This is the only tricky part as these can be hard to find in good condition. However, there are two possibilities here;

a) It may be possible to secure a new ball joint unit for them somehow, as they are really only tack welded in on these steel arms and could easily be changed.

b) There is a Nissan/Datsun ball joint with the same pin dimensions and as this is a bolt-on job, a new complete control arm could be fabricated, with replaceable ball joints. I am sure other alternatives could be found here. For racing, just make an adjustable length arm with rose joints.

I cut my own spline in a lathe by indexing. I would think you could adapt many types of 2 Uni FWD steering columns if the Lazer one wasn't available.


One advantage of this set-up is that I now have the Lazer adjustable steering column (vertical plane only), which is also a collapsible column (I hope I never need to test this out). This column bolts up beautifully to both the underside of the dash and the old Cortina column brace on the pedal mount (cast alloy type). The only modification here was to weld a bracket on the Lazer outer column tube to bolt to the old pedal based Cortina column mount. By the way, I put an Escort rack boot on the lower Uni joint (both are inside the car) to keep it clean.



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