An Amateurs Diary to Restoring a Mk V Cortina Estate.

By Richard Bentham

I decided that I needed another hobby, my arc welding had improved to the extent I was producing garden ornaments with some degree of success. The Go Kart I was in the process of completing was coming to an end and so I wanted something new, but something that would be quite a challenge. I've had a love of Fords since a boy. I had a couple of Mk4 Cortinas in my youth, saloons and estates, which I sold with some reluctance, something I regret even more so now.
So it's decided my new hobby is to restore an old Cortina, but due to my limited funds it would only be a Mk5 but a Mk5 estate, as I had always preferred estates. It took about eight months to find the right one but unfortunately the one I found was in Northern Ireland.
The potential project was a 1982 Carousel, its met grey with a silver skirt. From the picture in the autotrader it looked quite good, from the conversations with the owner it sounded to good to be true, it was. I agreed a price of 250 and posted a cheque with instructions on how and when the vehicle will be uplifted by the transport company. All was agreed and within a week the car was on my drive. Overall the car is not bad, and I don't regret the purchase however you will see over the coming months how bad or good the car is for yourself.
Although I am not a mechanic I've messed with cars for 20 years since the age of sixteen, I have a good supply of sheet metal and both arc and mig welders. One thing I don't have is experience in restoring a car from this condition, so any advice is gratefully

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