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  2. Nigel Eaton at Classic Car Care Stambridge has a front panel where the slam panel has been cut out - try him. He might even have an old panel that he's removed. NigelLHD on here.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi everyone, i'm looking for the panel highlighted in the picture below, N/S -passenger side panel that joins the front panel to the inner wing. Thanks
  5. Try 73tina he’s breaking a pfl and has axle &dash for sure. hes got an add in the for sale section 👍
  6. Last week
  7. Hi as the title implies, im after a pre facelift sloping top dash crash pad also an atlas axle and power steering rack for a cortina v6 and lastly a full heater box . Sorry for such a weird list but i think its better than posting for each item. Thanks in advance
  8. A very big thank you Bernard, for sending me the catch plate. Big Kama points to you. Cheers Johnny
  9. Mk3 GT/GXL centre console gauges, one has a small burn hole in the bulb holder. £25
  10. lotuscorty

    Mk5 wanted

    Hi, looking for a mk5 for a project, 2 door, 4 door, anything considered. Thanks.
  11. Those reproduction/aftermarket bolts are just a standard M8 bolt. The original bolts were a type of shoulder bolt with a standard M8 thread and 13mm AF head but with a fatter main body than a normal bolt. The original spacers and washers had a larger inside diameter to accommodate the shoulder bolt which is why if you use them with the aftermarket bolts then the spacers and washers don't fit snugly to the bolt. Sounds like you're looking to source originals but they're going to be difficult to find as even any cars being broken for parts are likely to have had these link bolts replaced at some point in their lives and probably with the narrower bolts.
  12. I spoke too soon ! When they turned up ,not as thick as the originals. So still after the bolts and washers if available cheers ken
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/billybongo72/m.html?item=254481360800&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  14. I think Kev Musson has a plenum section.
  15. This dash has been listed a few times and not sold LINKY
  16. Hi all. Looking for new inner wings or very good for mk1. Need half a bulkhead for drivers side. Plenum bowl and metal behind. Screen pillar sections. Aeroflow metal dash Inner roof pillar that drops behind top door hinges Cheers. Matt
  17. 1600 pinto gearbox, some bell housing bolt holes damaged £60
  18. 73tina

    MK3 - Breaking

    Now Breaking, PM for parts
  19. Found it pm me your details cheers Bernard
  20. Jpayne666

    Mk5 estate

    Hi lads I’m in Kent, and if you message me to your phone numbers I’ll text you some pictures. Thanks
  21. Earlier
  22. Sorry no luck was sure i had some spare tie bars, will check the washer draw.
  23. batty3636

    Mk5 estate

    where about's are you located and pics you can share ? thanks Rob
  24. Great, Top Man 😁 That will help me along with the build
  25. I have one of those knocking about at work, give me a couple of days to find it
  26. MARK-H

    Mk5 estate

    Any more info on it?
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