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  2. I don't yet know if the mx5 one is long enough, so may well need one of your cables 👍
  3. Believed to have belonged to the Army, was fitted to a land rover, engine turns, comes with breather pipe, exhaust manifolds, dizzy, sandwich plate, 38dgas carb, but will need a water pump, ring gear and alternator. Engine is one unit, collection only. message for pics (as need to buy a memory card!)
  4. What is the difference? The gearboxes are the same ? I'd be surprised if they made 2 different lengths, ?

    Ghia wheels

    Any of you brilliant BSC guys help me with this deal. I've tried pm to shadow and no reply. Can our moderators help? Need to sort this out before the weekend. Ta BSC community. Kell.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I am not in a hurry I just want to get bits together for when the sun comes out. Thinking about it I have a couple of RHd one's if you want to butcher one.
  8. I might be able to help with the LHD speedo cable, just changed mine to RHD, and will need to find something to fit the Mazda 5 speed box and Cortina speedo. So if I don't need to use the original LHD one , I'll have one spare. How soon do you need it, I haven't got to that point in the build yet 🙄
  9. Hi I have a new headlight for sale for I think a mk5 and 2 sets of headlight adjusters £25 collection preferred opt post at cost and buyers discretion
  10. I thought I would give it a go on here first, I am looking for a LHD speedo cable (2000e box) for my gt and a good lotus rev counter I know it's a long shot

    Ghia wheels

    What's your best price mate. Where are you. I have cash if the price is within my budget. Private message sent.
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  13. i'm after £50 for the set of 4. I can wrap them up for a courier but they would have to fit around me and my wife's working hours.
  14. Hi, I would be extremely interested, just how much and how to pay? I can do PayPal friends and family and get them picked up by my courier, cheers Donal 

    1. nmonkey220


      i'm after £50 for the set of 4. I can wrap them up for a courier but they would have to fit around me and my wife's working hours.

  15. Hi, As per tile. I am looking for a Drivers Side Under Dash Carpet" Trim that covers the space under the dash and the steering column. I need it in Brown or as Ford call it "Bitter Chocolate" Thanks in Advance Steve
  16. Super, how much do you want for them, and would it be OK to have them picked up by courier I use, many thanks, Donal Flynn
  18. Any one got a MK1 GT gear leaver they are willing to part with ? I just need the leaver not the whole remote unit , don't need a gear knob as i already have one. Thanks for looking. cheers Keith
  19. I'm looking to for a set of 4 standard wheel rims that have the lugs for hubcaps, good price paid, will consider single and pairs too. Need to replace non standard wheels on my 72 xl
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