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  2. Where abouts in the North East are you? I'm sure some Sierra lads were after estate parts
  3. Hi Graeme, I am in Darlington. The sender unit was working fine when I replaced it with a NOS one about 4 years ago. It has been kept in a box in my garage since then. I have noticed that the smaller return pipe is slightly loose and could do with soldering. I am looking for £20 inc P&P Cheers Steve
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  5. Thanks Mark, My pleasure to help out... great to meet you and I wish you the best with your build.
  6. Took a trip down to Bournemouth today to collect my 2.3 conversion bits of Aaj389. Got to say what a great guy he is. Hes got more cortina bits that I have seen in one place and had everything I wanted at reasonable cost. So if you can’t find what your after give him a PM very helpful.😉 mark
  7. I'd be interested in the drivers inertia seat belt, if it has the arrow head type buckle ( see pic). Are you going to Cortina Day - Monmouth ?
  8. Great dont need the screen just the rubber how much posted would that be thanks again jon
  9. Last week
  10. whereabouts are you Steve and how much do you want for it?
  11. Well spotted, is 63- 64 pre air flow, or air flow. I think it would work for me if it was a air flow GT one, and didn't go for lots of money. I'm using a Lotus dash moulding, so I probably will need to make things fit. Or I use the left hand drive one, and turn it around The starter and alt are on the opposite side to the crossflow, so that might work out ok.
  12. There's an early GT one on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK1-GT-Main-Wiering-Loom-NEW-GENUINE-1963-1964/352646905413
  13. Hi, Yeah, I’ll go for the send and return lines. It would be Facelift I would like for the metal pipes (on the crossmember). Thanks Paul
  14. Ok thanks, for the info, I'll give him a try.
  15. Dismantles Cortinas and Capris, works from Ashingdon near Souythend on sea Essex
  16. If it’s not ripped then I am happy with either type to be honest. I think I have bought from you before. Could you do a pic by any chance? cheers Paul
  17. FOR SALE 4x - 13in Wolf Race Slot mags Ford fitment 4 x108 £250 Wolfrace slot mags, with that real 1970s look. In used condition and look to have been polished at some time, and still shiny. But with a new buff would look beautiful!!! Two are 7 x13, With a 4in dish Two are 6x13, With a 2in dish The wheels can be collected or I can post them for about £30 If you would like more info or pictures , just PM me
  18. Try eBay.de or gatorbil or pm Hans he might be able to help, you'll struggle to find specific taunus TC 1 parts in the UK as the weren't sold here new except to special order. Think I've a pair of 2.0 V6 headgaskets.
  19. 107me

    Taunus tc1 panels

    Looking for mint or new/pattern Lh front wing. Also front valance. other bits for coupe considered what do you have hiding in the shed? or any leads to same. thanks mark
  20. that the rubber type yeah? might have one but i'm in ireland
  21. Is the front to rear plastic one think I've the return too, which steel one the preface lift that runs below rad or facelift that runs below engine across cross member. The inlet is 8mm the return 6mm.
  22. I have one for sale. Used but in good condition when removed. Steve
  23. Does anyone have a dual pipe sender unit for a Mk5, working and available for sale?
  24. I've got one Jon .. windscreen too if you need it? i'm in Lincoln
  25. Hi, I have a used double pipe fuel sender. It was working fine when removed from my fuel tank a couple of years ago. Kept in a box. Cheers Steve
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