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  2. Very nice car in a great colour . I remember seeing a member on here at Battlesbridge car show who had a mk2 Cortina in Sapphire Blue . He doesn't come on here now , his name was danb .
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  4. As all above, and glws.
  5. Wow love that looks very original and in great condition too
  6. That's lovely....good luck with sale.
  7. Ford Cortina Mk3 1600XL pre face lift. The car is in lovely condition for its age with only a few minor imperfections. It’s recently just had loads of work carried out including some rust and paint repairs. I have loads of before and after pictures documenting the work Carried out. The Sapphire blue paint polishes up lovely and so does all its chrome and stainless trim. Inside is in lovely original condition with only a few minor imperfections. Being the pre face lift model it has the sloping dash with the imitation wood insets. It’s fitted with its original 1600Xflow that has recently had a tune up and now runs sweet, The 4speed manual box also shifts smooth. Overall it’s a very sound car in lovely condition that hasn’t been messed with. it has 36500 on the clock and I believe that to be genuine. it’s ready to drive away and be enjoyed by its new owner. Anymore questions please message👍🏼 £8950ono
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  9. I'm still looking , it any body has one 😬
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  11. Got these 2 types ,the one on right is usually at rear near tank.let me know which & pm your address & will get one in post.
  12. Looking for a black plastic clip that holds the fuel line that runs from the tank. The one I need is near the front subframe. Can't find mine anywhere.
  13. Price drop to £999 as I haven’t been anywhere near doing anything with it. Prices are going up on these in the classic car market..easy project
  14. Donncha

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Thanks Steve, I will check them out.
  15. Looking for a mk5 saloon rear seat base in chats worth brown
  16. Beeper

    Wheelarch Liners

    Another Dire Straits situation. I'd have them but You're so far away from me. You're so far I just can't see. You're so far away from me. You're so far away from me,..... alright....
  17. Thanks Craig , just need to find one now !
  18. The MK4 one is the same (MK3 centre is different though).
  19. Hi, Try these people. I have bought an exhaust from them for my MK5 through a local motor factors. Good Quality an not to expensive. http://www.euroflo.co.uk/
  20. GhiaMk4/5

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Looked today, they don't seem to be open still, lorries are still bringing in the tubing and other materials, they work continent shifts when they are back to normal, and they have a front desk, so as soon as I can get to speak to someone, I'll let you know.
  21. Donncha

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Great they may be able to help, I have not been successful as yet in sourcing any, never realised exausts were so hard to source. Do let me know how you get on. Klarius exhausts don't sell international, just tried there. I have emailed partsinmotion as I cant seem to select two exausts as for shipping it defaults to one exaust. Thanks Denis
  22. Hi All I am after a top centre scuttle grill section for my P100 rebuild. If any one has a good used one which is cut out or know where I can locate one from I would be grateful. Got both the corner scuttles but the centre section isn't saveable. Thanks Daz
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