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  2. Well I've actually sold my Cortina 16oo GT.  Some may have seen it advertised on here. I'll be maintaining my presence on here for the forseeable future as I may have an answer to somebodies question. Just my luck that the my buyer is in Australia. He paid a lot of money to have the car professionally inspected and for him to be able to negotiate on his behalf A bit like Wayne Carini but with really good engineering knowledge. I was impressed. I have even been paid and the buyer is paying for door to door transport. The sticking point now I have learnt is the bureaucracy of the Australian authorities regarding an import permit. They have questioned a small oil drip at the back of the gear box. If it's wiped it won't show again for ages. A bit different from my Midget's A series engine. I also have to have an asbestos check done. Not sure how this will turn out. If anyone has had any experience of this awful exercise I would appreciate your help


  3. I've got some for sale on Ebay at the moment. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324300057081 All good, used on the road until last year , dry stored since, new wheel bearing one side. Complete with pipes and hoses.
  4. Only export market mk3's got a factory sunroof.
  5. Last week
  6. Are you familiar with or know anyone within the Steeles removal company up your way? Those guys are or were prolific banger racers. Might be worth an ask. Never raced myself but was involved with a couple of mates that were banger racers and spent many a Sunday getting completely caked in oil and crap trying to get knackered wrecks back out for another spazmodic spree!! Did a few meetings up at Roosecoat raceway, with the Jerky Boys. Not done it for more than 10 years now, but seen that Dan Steele race some serious ..
  7. cheers graig and consul that helps thanks again
  8. hi has it got a sunroof in it .
  9. wanted roof panel with wind back sunroof and sunroof still in it for mk3 4 or 5 or even a capri must be Essex area unless willing to post.
  10. as Craig says, also MK2 saloon fits. Estates are different and as are MK3s.
  11. Hi, I'm after a pair of MK1 Cortina Disc braked Struts if anyone has some. Cheers
  12. Part number for the offside front floor Steve, 25427440-2 .
  13. No got called home and forgot will do tomorrow
  14. Any luck with rear valance/ photo £?
  15. Any luck with rear valance/ photo please
  16. i know its not cortina part if breaks admin fair enougth so mk1 granada petrol tank wanted
  17. Far as I know only them & expressed do MK3/4/5 floor pans.
  18. hi dean i did look on there but must of missed them. steve sd1
  19. I got my nearside ones from Motomobil.
  20. Looking to repair my drivers side and passenger floor in my mk3 cortina any one have a floor section for sale please mk3/4/5
  21. i guess that´s them as well, a pity they collect UK only, though in Covid times i fully understand: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1200773
  22. I think I have a rear valance and passenger boot section I’ll grab some pics for you tomorrow
  23. Hi all STILL looking for help please finding some sensible price parts for my mk3 cortina please. inner sills rear Vallance door skins any help greatly appreciated steve sd1
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