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  2. 68capri

    mk4/5 bonnet

    Thanks for your reply, I wish someone would buy it though!
  3. Hi. Thanks for that. The prices are crazy but, I managed to find a complete, NOS throttle body including TPS on ebay for £60! Result!
  4. This is the type you need,steep price https://www.motomobil.com/fuel-injection-system-throttle-position-sensor-ohc-20i-74-85kw,3237,61383980-1-h.html If you google 9b989ca,it might help
  5. Yesterday
  6. green tailgate now sold !! silver tailgate is now minus the hinge spring and have now reduced to £25
  7. Must say, That is a really nice rust free bonnet. Most you see for sale are decidedly tatty.
  8. joeliam


    DownstairsDave's dolly used in his Mk1 GT/Resto/conversion (see Members Cars} for sale. Dolly unbolts for transportation (will go in estate car/van). Rear mounts on dolly fit GT/Lotus radius arm brackets but can be changed for standard car. £50 collection only (Herts)
  9. 68capri

    mk4/5 bonnet

    A rust free bonnet, availble for collection only near Market Rasen, Lincs. £40
  10. Last week
  11. I can't remember who sells these - can anyone tell me please?
  12. ups sorry to hear that, though i m not into Merceds i just had a nose at German and Austrian adverts, parts are not too expensive, but problem will be shipping!
  13. This advert on Ebay might be of use to either Glenn or if someone buys the salvege. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-W108-W109-W113-W112-W111-Parts-restoration/173996656866?hash=item28830248e2:g:H2sAAOSwkVxbETNr Cheers Steve
  14. Main thing is your ok, if you have the right to buy the salvage back, l would be very interested in then buying it off you, l WOULD put the engine and box and running gear in one of my Cortinas.
  15. I'm sure I hv posted pics here...I'll go look
  16. I'm sure I hv posted pics here...I'll go look
  17. btboy

    WANTED swop or px

    Glad you’re okay, bad news about the car. Hope it can be repaired.
  18. Aye, insurance...…..they're just out to hump everyone! Self employment is great now I'm back working for a big company......it wasn't for me!
  19. See what turns out John. You know what it's like claiming insurance, At least the old dear has admitted full blame. Her insurance has contacted me and taken full blame on her behalf. How's the self employment going for you?
  20. Sorry to hear this Glenn, maybe insurance will pay out £8k?! Merc still produce a lot of bits for their old cars?
  21. Thanks to an old lady driver, today, My Merc is probably a write off. 5 minutes after I paid as £1504 repair bill to a Merc specialist for repairs and service the old lady coming towards me decided to turn right, right into the drivers side of my car! Front wheel, front wing/bonnet, drivers door and drivers side passengers door and sill all F***** and where do I get parts for a 54 year old Merc??????? She has admitted full responsibility to the Police AND her INSURANCE Company, great, BUT that still leaves me with a destroyed 54 year old classic car. I am gutted!
  22. dgo

    Wanted.. 34ICH WEBER 2ltr

    Ah thanks. As always though you will be posting us some photos?? Love those original Transits, was lucky enough to see the original Supervan close-up once though you'd be looking for a brace of Webers if you went that route 😂
  23. As l have said to the wife, if l start driving like a demented old fu** bag, then please shoot me, that's why this year's treat is 3 weeks in the good old USA, 5000 mile road trip booked, l already have an AMG, if l hadn't l would be really tempted by your sleeper. Never ever grow up, there's an old man near me (in his 80's) and he always has something different on his drive, and he swears that his wheeling and dealing keeps himself young at heart.
  24. Hi Mr d... the carb is not for my mk3 or pinto..it's for my mk1 transit v4 2lite I'm hving rebuilt...
  25. Hi Stuart - only just seen this - did you get sorted ? have one here if still required . Steve.
  26. Never to old it's the cars keeps us young,looks fun car good luck with it,restro mod lol,
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