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  2. Great looking car,wish i had the space & money .
  3. Reluctantly I'm selling my Dad's Mk4 1600L Estate, 56.,650 miles. It needs a home where it can be used and enjoyed. First reg December 1978, my father bought it in March 1981 with about 15,000 miles. He owned it until he died in 1995, and I inherited it shortly afterwards. It was on the road until about 2005 as my son and I intended to restore it. The usual factors intervened and the project was shelved until about 2013-4. I decided to have it professionally restored and BSC members recommended Steve Taylor. He did the work, stripping back to bare shell, repairing all rust etc. and refurbishing mechanicals as required. I had the seats re-trimmed and fitted new carpet in floor and load compartment. The car looks beautiful and drives nicely. I have submitted an ad to ClassicCarsforSale website, and you can see it there or contact me for fuller details. Loads of history from original used car sales invoice, MOT's, bills, original user handbook. Hundreds of photos of restoration project available on a CD for the lucky buyer. Now tax exempt
  4. Last week
  5. Anyone point me to any decent cars for sale.would be interested in a mk4 or mk5 ghia.genuine enthusiast and have owned 8 or 9 over the past 40 years
  6. Some interesting bits and pieces there👍, I've also got some bits on ebay, trying to have a clear out, to much stuff, not enough room😂
  7. Nice collection mate,shame to be selling it
  8. Eh up. Like everybody, my loft and garage have had a good tidy in the last few months! I came across the scrap books of press features I have. There are 6 ringbinders of 200+ articles. 95% are the original pages, not copies. 1970-2007. They are up on Ebay. I know it's a lot of money, but you'll never see them all together at once again, and the cost of putting it together was huge. Buyer collects in Milton Keynes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143671011004?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  9. I think there are only 16 MK1 Cortina's Crayfords left according to the club this is mine but not for sale sorry
  10. Are there any Mk1 or Mk2 Crayford convertibles for sale out there? I missed one at auction just recently. Must be very good to excellent. Don't mind paying a fair price.
  11. martog

    early MK5 for

    Good luck with the sale Paul. Is Hooley Bridge about to become executive housing???
  12. In great condition, full chrome please :)
  13. As above, tried all the usual places and people, picked up a brand new never fitted passenger front door last night, absolutely mint, that's going on, but I really would like a sensibly priced drivers front door without side trim holes, l have repaired mine to a decent standard, but it will always be a repaired door!!! I have posted this request before, so anyone got a tip off or know of one please!!!
  14. Earlier
  15. Hi Gazza, Yes same here, mine came today (8 of them) they look the same, not tried them as yet. Cheers matey....
  16. Hope ok ordered and recieved the ones I linked u to tone
  17. Adrian Flux Insurance Services – Up to 15% discount for BuySellCortina club members............... Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to announce their association with BuySellCortina and all those classic Ford enthusiasts’ who are connected with the club. For those members who perhaps aren’t aware we are able to offer up to 15% discount on policies for club members' and would welcome modified (to any extent) car and van drivers, young drivers and convicted drivers. We also aim to cover those more challenging areas that many insurers have traditionally loaded premiums due to high theft incidents or other high claim related issues. At the current time we can only provide cover to those UK-based club members.’ Why choose the Adrian Flux Insurance Services? For the past 46 years Adrian Flux Insurance Services has developed into the country's leading agent for Specialist Motor Insurance, providing services dedicated to the specific needs of our clients. This enables us to offer all drivers competitive premiums and excellent service coupled with special discounted rates for Car Club members. Our ‘specialist’ schemes enable us to provide very competitive premiums and added benefits such as free legal cover (£100K of legal expenses) and breakdown cover from only £42.00 for Homestart, and European cover. Call today on Freephone: 0800 916 1288 and mention you are a member of a “BuySellCortina.”
  18. Still for sale. Have PM'd you back
  19. Hi Mendonca, lovely looking example. Long time lurker here, is it still for sale?
  20. Got a pair. Had em hanging around 25 years. Have been etched in the corners, Any good to anyone. Make an offer. Can post.
  21. Hi, You have a good plan to do it all at once. If you look at my thread you will see that I left the factory mounts in place but narowed them down as the A4 oil pan is to wide to fit between the mounts. Not a difficult job if you are handy with a MIG Welder. Of course I can give you the measurements of my plates etc. It might be a while as I need to get the car up off the floor. I used the original C3 Shifter so that the car looks standard. The box shifts OK but the pointer on the shifter is slightly out of line with the PRND12 marks. If you go for the C3 shifter you will need a Tailshaft housing with 2 speedo fittings. Cheers Steve
  22. The car is unrestored and I want it to stay as original as possible. The only upgrades have been subtle as and when the original parts wore out such as electronic ignition or modern shocks. I think the least intrusive way to fit the new box is the method you employed of new fixing points and bridging plates. For the past three years I have wanted to refresh the whole underneath with a new steering rack, undercoat, new rubber all round and address any other unknown issues like fatigued metal. So it may make sense to do all of this underneath work including the new autobox in one big lay off. Especially during these Lockdown days I could devote two weeks holiday on it this autumn. Would you be willing to share the dimensions of your fixing point fabrication and bridging plates please?
  23. Price is £3000 or VNO. The middle exhaust box needs renewing. When I bought this Cortina,I took the sports cam off,as it didn't suit the dgav,too much overlap. Electronic accuspark ignition. I've taken off the clutch ratchet and pawl self adjusting,and put in a manual adjusting type. I have wired in a Toad Ai606 immobiliser/alarm. Front brakes have been refurbed. I can't think of anything else at the moment
  24. sierra3dr

    early MK5 for

    Hello everyone, I'm reluctantly having to sell my MK5 due to my Lockup going to be demolished. It's Yorkie's (John Easdon) Nova green MK5. The reg is KLE 155V,to do an MOT check. I did use it for 4 years or so as a daily driver. It does leak because of the underside roof is rotten. I'll get some pictures up soon. And I thought it'll be best to offer it on here before I put it on Ebay. Vehicle is located at OL10 4AP Thanks Paul
  25. I've cut a laminated screen using a diamond wheel cutter before, but my understanding was that toughened glass was much harder. Never tried is myself, but would be interested to hear if it works out of curiosity. I've decided to get a new laminated Series 1 screen but accept it is an expensive solution if an existing one can be cut down instead. Might be a question for the custom car boys.
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