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  2. Mk3 Mahem

    mk3-5 bits

    Hi .I'll take the cam cover thanks. PM you. Maybe auto pedal too pm'd
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  4. Can you get a price to send rad? Ta
  5. Mk3 Mahem

    mk3-5 bits

    Hi .I'll take the cam cover thanks. PM you.
  6. Corty1

    mk3-5 bits

    Hi, when you say c3 shifter, do you mean the T shifter assembly? Thanks
  7. dmc

    mk3-5 bits

    Automatic brake pedal £15 pinto front pipe been on car approx 8months £10 magnacor leads (10mm) and high power coil for pinto been on car 6 months £60 both 2.0 pinto cam belt cover £15 tx1 taxi radiator brand new was going to use for dohc conversion £45 2.0 dohc injection plenium £5 c3 shifter £10 Can post any of the above for cost
  8. Last week
  9. DMR


    Cortina 4-5 boot rubber seal I bought one of line it's total . so if anyone as good secondhand one ill be intrested Many thanks Darren.
  10. I am sure that a breakers would just cut out the complete frame from roof if you asked
  11. Hi, Thanks for that. It might do the job. Most people selling on eBay are only selling the glass, I'd need a complete one. I don't think the local breakers yard is open at present , I need to look into that.
  12. Here is a video showing how the roof comes out if you install into another car then you can ensure the frame is sealed properly and it will be a good roof You would need to install the drain tubes into whatever project you are fitting the roof
  13. hi i don,t have one but have you thought of using one from a renault clio mk2 as they are pop up glass and also removeable if required. Probably not to expensive from breakers you would unbolt the frame from inside car between headlining about 10 bolts and are very easy to take out of car.I i am sure they could be used in most cars as the roof is quite flat . regards Dave
  14. Hi Has anyone got a complete glass pop up sunroof lurking in their spares stash. I'm looking for one for one of my other projects. Thanks Johnny
  15. Earlier
  16. 13" chrome rostyle wheels 2 with chrome embelishers and 2 without good condition 205 tyres Yokohama £500 pics to follow 15" Ford Rs 7 Spokes in good condition with tyres £275 been refurbed before I purchased them tyres need pumping up passenger 2 door door new old stock has surface rust £100 might ave various other bits and pieces won't know until I bring the car to my home chrome weller wheel surface rust £30 all this once we get the go ahead that its safe to make movements as mostly everything is on lockdown stay safe
  17. Lotuscops


    What happened to daz1500gt Darren ?
  18. consul315


    Not that i could help, but i suppose it s for a MK 4?
  19. For the black surrounds & lock pins or £5 for 4 of each plus p&p. Yes will try & get some pics to you.
  20. Well I have 4 chrome ones and wanted 4 black as the chrome ones are peeling and I have 4 shrouds missing sorry to be vague but 1.00 each for what parts cheers Darren p.s did you put the wheels on the car you got from me last year. ?
  21. MK4 where black Mk5 some where black with silver border. On door pull surrounds. Both have black buttons. £1 each MK3 have chrome but now sort after & undamaged are hard to find.
  22. Hi there all As stated looking for door lock poppers & surrounds chrome would be nice with black or chrome shrouds thanks guys Darren.
  23. DMR


    Hi there all I'm looking for a good centre console arm rest in black if you have please mail me thanks guys Darren.
  24. DMR

    Hello mate 

    are you the greg I have been speaking to on eBay 



  25. Wanted View Advert Hi all.. looking to buy a Mk 3 GXL preferably 2.0 around 72-73 ideally restored and ready to roll .. manual or Auto .. contact me Dj.robbiej@hotmail.co.uk Advertiser Robbiej Date 03/23/2020 Price Category Cars Wanted  
  26. That's my attraction to them, l had a 2.0 Ghia estate in the mid 80's so it was 5/6 years old, did everything it was meant to do, and never ever broke down on me, a wiper blade did fall off it on the M1 and the gearstick came out of it on the M25, but easily rectified.
  27. Lomas

    Wanted Mk5 2.3 ghia

    I had one in the 90’s and would love one again.
  28. I have this Express Steel Panel, it is one of the ones that was pressed and not trimmed, ideal if you want to fold an edge on the bottom to make it really strong. Steel is zinc coated and is of a very good guage thickness, not your usual cheap pressing, £200.00, no postage, sorry, it's collection only. I'm in Alton, Staffs, but panel is in Cheadle, Staffs. Also advertised on the usual other sites.
  29. I know this doesn't help you, but l have one, it is not for sale, but l am in contact with several people, who can put out the feelers, only last week a Mk5 estate was "discovered' 2 minutes away from where l live, also there is a 2.0 Ghia one owner from new, very low mileage, in storage, and there is also the rumour of an extremely large collection of all Mks of Cortinas in various conditions to be confirmed. Why do you specifically want a Mk5 2.3 Ghia, just being nosey.
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