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  2. watch youtube channel tells you,only put super unleaded in mine with additives runs a treat ,
  3. I'm thinking of buying a new one for mine, although I've rebuilt the one I've got I think it would go better with a brand spanking new one on there :) Was there much setting up involved and is it fitted with the ethanol resistant floats?
  4. coming along very nicely - excellent work, i like it!
  5. one off the old owners sent me old pic,here it is in 20010 he was 2nd owner was a essex car nice to know history
  6. ok chaps ta, i'll have a look at it again been on a shelf 30 yrs or more lol
  7. Yesterday
  8. Speedo is from a MK2 or Corsair ,cluster is base/L unfortunately the least sort after. Perspex looks to be XL
  9. Just heads up Sir ! Speedo's not MK3 Perspex looks odd
  10. Mk3 clock set appears to be in good condition £39.50 inc P&P to uk postcodes, get Me on 07734 802699,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. I’d just order from expressed If one does turn up they will know a full sill is worth a lot on the evil bay and your end up paying loads for it ! rear inner valance just made 330 pound on there I’m sure that’s true same sort of price as expressed give or take
  12. With the barrel headrests crusader saloon ( fronts & rear base will fit estate version too).
  13. Yes same beige try messaging member nmonkey220@hotmail.com he might have a trim.
  14. Last week
  15. Correct, and I guess the same beige colour as well. Came across an interior plastic trim paint that is as close to this color as you can get, its ColorBond and does quite a good job, thats why I'm not bothered about the colour if anyone has one for sale. Cheers, Mark.
  16. Could anyone tell me which model these seats are from?
  17. Hey Guys, wondering if anyone has an unbroken drivers side lower seat trim I can purchase. The one in mine is broken as shown. I guess any colour is good as long as its not knackered, I can refinish it with the proper colour. Anyone? Can PAyPal payment and you can send to UK address. Cheers, Mark.
  18. Not too many left are Crusader Estates I guess, mines taxed and going through the last bits of restoration, Iv'e got a prop-shaft vibration to sort probably a tired bearing and some rust on the rear valance and tailgate.
  19. I've had to reset the carburetor now there''s no air being sucked through the hole. I didn''t expect it to make that much difference, but it was a full turn in on the mixture screw.
  20. Do you mean a quote for repair of the rods? I do know that good chrome plating is very expensive. Please have a look through your spares anyway. The other alternative is to buy some Cortina struts locally, but none have turned up near me.
  21. Hi Speedgroup, my Corsair GT is left hand drive, it's the Italian version of the car. It has a kilometer speedometer, side repeaters, and originally had clear front indicator lenses and headlights with replaceable lamps. Though I don't know the name of the first owner, it was exported to Novara and sold there in 1964. The struts on the car have the original parts inside, not gas inserts. Same as you, I just refill them once in a while because there's no problem with the damping or steering. We don't have regular MOT tests in Victoria, but if I had to have the car tested for some reason it's a potential fail point.
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