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  2. lovely Estate, the steels with whitewalls look perfect!
  3. havent used mine found out the insurance out,but i look at like this,would be happy with out a classic ford and answer is no,i look it as my hobbie and thier getting hard to find and expinsive,so i look at them now as a investment and am going insure it today and take it for spin,just get the other boot painted and bodywork back to original spec
  4. Yesterday
  5. Some late mk5's ( the ones that have the master cylinder with narrower bolt spacing X/Y reg)have a different make BDE as opposed to girling (lookswise too) to the others ,they will work exactly the same though..
  6. Guys..... I have what looks like 2 types of M16 Brake Calipers for MK3/4/5 Cortina's (and other Fords) ..... the main difference is that the metric threaded brake pipe connection in the caliper (female section) is way deeper/longer than the standard type ..... why is this ...as it causes problems with having a have a different brake pipe union connection (male section) that needs changing ...... Are these M16 calipers for a different Ford than a Mk3/4/5 Cortina?
  7. I understand where you're coming from mate,will be a shame though.
  8. Been mulling over the 2022 C2C idea, things to do to my car but I'm hoping to it'll be ship shape for this time next year and we'll be Dolomite bound !
  9. Last week
  10. L know what ya mean but i can't afford the insurance to only use it occasionally. We'll see.
  11. Keep it in the garage mate. Use it or work on it when you want to. I think you will regret selling it if you do.
  12. makes me want a mk2 again very nice
  13. It's safe in the garage, Many cars waiting patiently for their owners to bring them out for a spin............mine not out for over a year now, just don't have the time
  14. I could easily do without the name stamp if the bracket fitted properly! Some of the repro brackets sold as Lotus Cortina parts look like they have the wrong spacing on the bolts that go into the inner wing. Maybe they're for Escort GT's?
  15. Fitted new wheels to it to get the right look before I started to use it. Runs fine now after some mechanical issues. The car has been in a museum for a year and a half, got it out 3 weeks ago must say I missed it!
  16. Well the tina is back in the garage for another year. Was gonna use her as the second car but not needed now. Not sure what the future holds for her as next year i need to get my campervan built and then i have a ford cargo horsebox to sort. I've had her for 15 years now so not an easy decision to make :(
  17. nogE

    V4 manifolds Wanted

    Hi all... So yes, I'm looking for a pair of none pitted or very good manifolds for the v4 unit...I'm sure Capri,corsair units will do as I know corsair drivers differed from the transit...these are for my transit build...see my thread here.....Ive been offered tubular manifolds tho would prefer the gen cast units... Cheers all..
  18. And not forgetting the Fo Mo Co stamped in lettering
  19. I checked the Motomobil website, they are now listing the left hand mirror Taunus TC, 70-74 the single picture is not great, I will ask for more info just to make sure, However these have been 'out of stock' for a long time
  20. Thanks for that. It's surprising how much money's being asked for those bits of bent metal now.
  21. Thanks Johnny, will have to do my homework!
  22. 'Bunkie Knudsen' Wow really did'nt know that was the reason, thanks for that don't know where I heard the nose thing about the bonnet.............., but I am correct that the mk3 type is referred to as Knudsen in Germany?
  23. Yep I've got a pair onmy GT & bakkie they were for MK3 & MK1 Capri. Realised after Granada is different. Knudsen refers to the designer "bunkie" Knudsen who also did the 69 Mustang check out the dash & steering wheel in one.
  24. my car is a two owner from new , I believe this to be the original fitted o/s mirror, the original paint was underneath the gasket.
  25. Thanks for the responses guys. I and the car are in New Zealand! It first came to NZ in 1976. Have since contacted Dees via a generic sales enquiry email facility as this seemed the only way. No email address on their site otherwise and I seriously doubt the receptionist, should I phone them, would have the foggiest idea of how to handle my enquiry! But will phone if need be. The car is an early '67 Lotus, colour Saluki Bronze, Parchment trim, with a Webasto sunroof.
  26. hard to tell from the pic, but to me it looks more like MK1 Capri, but maybe my eyes fool me. was this on your car or did you get it from somewhere else? i ll try to make a pic of the correct style mirror (as fitted to MK3 Cortinas and Taunus TC1s) within the next days
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