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  2. not that i could help, but are you after an early (pre-facelift) as in title or late (facelift or aeroflow) dash as stated in the text?
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  4. Hello my ford friends. I am looking for a RHD late model cortina mk1 steel panel DASH. wiring behind dash , lotus engine complete , lotus steel rims. any one can help please email or message rmrplants@yahoo.com thanks
  5. Last week
  6. No worries fella. E-bay is probably going to be your best bet for NOS. All the best.
  7. I have messaged you about the wheels 👍
  8. I am so so sorry for the late replies to everyone I thought I would have received an email when someone answers your post ....sadly I need new or mint plastic ones as it’s going on the restoration of my 2.3S that Jim Aldridge ( littlenewt ) has been doing for me over recent years ...again apologies
  9. I have these that I managed to find today. Both have scruffs and small issues mainly on the edges but are intact and still useable. Like a tenner for them plus whatever the postage cost is. Can find this out tomorrow. Cheers.
  10. The rubber inserts in the front and rear bumpers were fitted until September 1978.
  11. If it's the plastic type I might have a spare set. Can't check until Sunday though. Can't help if it's the early rubber type, I guess these will be very rare now. They were fitted to mk4 cars in the first year or so.
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  13. As per the title really , best wishes Taz 07770613987
  14. Hi all, If you enjoy reading about Cortinas as well as playing with them, you might be interested in this Ebay listing - I'm selling a bunch of articles from various classic car magazines on Cortinas and Granadas. The list of articles is in the description: 29 classic car magazine articles: Ford Granada and Cortina, 1960s to 1970s | eBay (I'm also selling a collection of articles about various Fords of the 50s and 60s) Cheers, Neil
  15. I have two rear screens and straight front bumper with irons
  16. yep, that s a common problem with them.
  17. Hi Craig. I’ll let you know if I find any. Adrian.
  18. If you find a source for these I'd be interested too.
  19. I know this is actually a Sierra part but I’m hopping someone here may be able to help me out. I’m after the plastic cups which hold the fuel injectors into the cylinder head of the 2.0 8v DOHC. The ford part number is 6171202. Perhaps someone’s got a worn out head and would be prepared to prise out the cups for a suitable fee. I’ve attached a photo of the one good one I have left. Height is 21mm. Top opening od=20mm id=18mm Bottom opening od=17mm id=11mm
  20. Although they list stuff they have nothing i need in stock
  21. Looks nice. Glad you found the necessary replacement.
  22. By a stroke of luck someone put me onto a sound MK3 front subframe with suspension that was rebuilt some time ago for another type of kit car. It never got registered so most of the ball joints etc are as new. My kit car is a Madison and uses mostly Cortina running gear - small pic for those that are interested. Thanks
  23. Sorry can't help with the front clip but would like to see photos of the car. Should be a good looking 1930's style car if I remember right
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