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  2. Is it possible to buy the rear section of the chassis for a saloon or are they get like hens teeth. Couldn't see them on motomobil.
  3. Still looking good RHD steering box (pref GT). Steel dash from airflow car, or most of it ! Would consider basket case donor vehicle. Thanks
  4. Today
  5. Just fitted a set of steel 5.5jx13 with 20mm offset to my 1500GT. The threaded portion of the strut ball joint just touches the balance weights on the inside rim. The steel weights are bigger than the old lead ones. Anyone had this problem please?
  6. More Gov dot UK fear ? I don't expect it'll make any difference at all. Maybe worth upgrading / replacing rubber pipes or hoses ?
  7. Hi folks anyone got a fuel sender and sill trims for sale for a mk5 cortina for sale
  8. What's everyone's thoughts on the change to petrol grades that completes in September. Will using any grade make a difference for low mileage use? https://www.gov.uk/guidance/e10-petrol-explained
  9. No problem, keep checking in never no what I'll come across.
  10. Hi thanks for the info. Checked out most places but no look as yet. If you come across one urself please let me no and I’ll be over for it. cheers Steve
  11. Not that far from Barrow to Manchester. A lot easier to collect than get them shipped.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Top tint was only aftermarket have you tried autoglass etc,surprising what some have knocking about. As per parts list all mk3-4's plus Mk5 EST (only) all use the same screen.
  14. Photos of the deep steelies. All are in good shape, had them on my car until I went for alloys. No tyres or center caps though. I'm in Bury, Manchester.
  15. Lobby

    MK3 Restoration

    Cheers Craig, I've ordered one up.
  16. classic cars have no lobby over here and our n.a.zi. politicians-expecially our child-chancellor wouldn t care anyway, he only cares for rich people. and my dream moving to Uk one day has sadly collapsed with brexit
  17. these are Cromodora aftermarket steel wheels from the 70ies!
  18. Hi out there. im looking for a front screen for mk3 2000e 1975 top tinted. Any one got one for sale??
  19. Hi Ken. 

    im after a front screen for a mk3 cortina 2000e tinted. Any chance you’d have one for sale??


    regards Steve. 

    1. Kencrackfixer


      Might have a used one,would need to look on Sunday,when I go down to the farm.

      send me your contact details and I call call you when there!

  20. Last week
  21. I have a set of sports steelies if your interested. Dartboard style with the rim. Stamped 78AB so are Escort Mexico, RS etc. Will post some pictures up tomorrow. £300.
  22. been told on another site thier rare cwr early alfa gt wheels made in italy even badges rare oh what heck look nice on cortina,wanted set off wide sports wheels but stupid money every set miles away
  23. F that. You Austrian classic car guys need to lobby the Government for exemption from road (TAX) fees. Or move to England and have all your collection on the road in no time!!!
  24. Yes mk3/4/5 I supplied the pattern late 90's very good fit but as said not cheap.
  25. If it's 1.3/16 yes . Same as Capri but not escort.
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