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  2. usually when chassis legs are bent in this way its because its had a bump on the end of the chassis leg at the back and if you try to fit a new section it won't fit because the boot floor will be bent as well and the profile of the chassis will now be different to the floor unless you give it a pull, it won't be apparent to the naked eye but it will be there.
  3. Actually i'm begining to wonder if mine can be repaired, Picture shows the chassis rail compared to the straight one on the drivers side, top arrow shows a kink and the bottom arrows show how the bottom of the chassis rail has been twisted across towards the right
  4. What an amazing looking car! Top work :)
  5. If it's solid Keith, the one on my car is solid but a bit twisted. Is it full length from jacking point to rear valance ?
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  7. Well we wouldn’t expect anything less from you,quality work,but bit of a mad scientist 👨‍🔬🙈😂😂😂
  8. Finally springtime for LagoonBlue! Though it is raining sleet right now but had couple tolerable days to complete a project i started late last year. I have wanted a parts cleaner for sometime now but why buy something when i can make my own for twice the price That said, mine has couple added features not found on the usual cheapos. On to the pics; Cleaning fluid lives on the reservoir pot in the middle with a coarse screen filter at the outlet where it is piped to a standard oil filter (biggest i could find on a clearance sale). Drain is located at the low spot. From filter it goes to a sealed magnet drive pump and onto a heat exchanger unit filled with coolant (the white box) which has two 300W lab grade immersion heaters and a 240 series Volvo heater core. From the heater core cleaning fluid goes to bypass and flow valves, on normal operation flow is full on and amount of fluid is controlled by the bypass valve. Sparky bits be here. Inside the DIN box is 6A breaker, RCD and contactor which is controlled by the E-Stop. Smaller box houses switches for heaters and the pump. From the backside you can see the quick release for the reservoir pot. Overall capacity when fully primed is about 6-7 Litres. Lid opened and screen that usually sits on the sink. I can easily change nozzles via the pneumatic fitting. And a quick test run with some random bike part. Works like a treat Now to the sketchy part.. I am using kerosene heater fuel as a cleaning fluid which works really good for oily dirt, is cheap and readily available but is (no surprises here) somewhat flammable. So no smoking when using the thing, though that would be hard to do with an (at minimum) A2 rated mask which is a must since the stuff can do some serious harm if inhaled. Not especially explosive so that's a plus. Time will tell how well the hoses will fare, at least there is no ethanol in the mix. I might add a work light and some exterior panels later on, works good enough for now. Drill and tap set for the oil filter was eye wateringly expensive plus i had to buy valves and some pipe connectors but rest of the bits i scrounged from my vast horde. I think this will get a fair bit of use when i start messing with my engine parts. Next up little work on the Cortina itself, i promise
  9. Pre 2001 font, the character widths of 57mm and heights 79mm are used. 2001 onwards style, the widths are 50mm and heights 79mm. So, your number plate has 7 full width characters (no letter I or number 1), so the characters should take up the full space of the plate with hardly any room at each end IF the plate had the(correct!) pre 2001 font. Nerdy stuff maybe but very noticeable non the less . Charles Wright – K-Type (k-type.com) Who was Charles Wright? – K-Type (k-type.com)
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  11. Thanks..... Correct font???? What should it be?
  12. Stunning Correct font no. plate and you're sorted.
  13. So stripes have been fitted today. Can't thank Tony enough for taking the time to come and template and replica the rear wing sections to complete the estate template kit. (these are available to buy from him via Ebay in your exact cour combination for your car colour) Colours are vibrant and exact and really make the paintwork pop. So chuffed with the finished article. Can't wait to get out to a few shows later this summer. Just a few last minute bits to sort now and off for MOT very soon.
  14. Who knows, maybe! We have a small traiiler that we might fill with Cortina parts to auto jumble. I just saw it for sale, but was brand new Ford item so thought we'd fit it as an extra.
  15. Hi i'm after a N/S (L/H, Passenger side) rear chassis leg/rail for a MK1 cortina. Thanks.
  16. Mine have towbars & I love the reaction when I answer the do you tow stuff with it?? Yes whatever needs towing trailer,caravan, broken moderns!
  17. Just cleaned up with those, and any residual rust pitting I've treated with Vactan rust converter.
  18. Thanks Johnny. I have used those in the past. I'll give them another try!
  19. Good work on the repairs,car looks great
  20. These, or of this type, I think I paid £12 for 5 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353417219311
  21. I been using poly wheels in a 4 1/2 grinder, and they work brilliantly, take of everything apart from the steel panel.
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