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  1. Yesterday
  2. Checked replied on 15th, sent a new message.
  3. I will certainly give them a phone or email. Do you think these are still available as New Old Stock ?
  4. Looking good, a lot of work involved to get there.
  5. Ok ,thanks that gives me an additional search option .ps good list too.ta
  6. Right I see . I'm not sure i will use them as didn't before but al least I know what they look like . My coil is on inner wing next to previous owner fitting I assume sierra ignition module for pointless distributor. Thanks again
  7. No pm please email phone number
  8. Just been to visit the paint man, all done now , just a polish up, I can pick it up next week. I am a bit excited 😄
  9. The ones below battery tray are to hold coil using the same 10 mm headed self tapers that hold wings on. The other are for holding battery cables. Different Models/spec has/uses different ones.
  10. It's same as rear arm on mk1-2 Granada's .no numbers but all this stuff is in the parts interchangeablity list in section below.
  11. Last week
  12. Hi all , more info please- this is the inner side of battery tray 1) it looks like there are screw holes and marks on paint work as if something was screwed to this, am I missing something? 2) on here and on other areas there are these nailhead type pins. Are they for some type of clip? If so can someone show what goes on it. Many thanks
  13. Hi all, anyone know a moprod or similar replacement code for this flexi brake hose. Its only 19cm long it goes at the back of engine bay to distribution block on clip. Anyone know a supplier Thanks
  14. Thanks chaps Replaced the pump gasket with one that was supposed to be for a Cosworth engine and no more leaks since. Suspect the origonal gasket had shrunk or just a poor quality Chinese copy. Used a bit of the black gasket silicone too for belt and braces. Need to get some anti freeze in now and flush the rust out.
  15. Ohv is 48 ins, ohc 28ins approximately outer cable.
  16. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 wheelnuts

    Will do if I can find someone who doesn't charge a ransom!
  17. Mk3 Mahem

    Mk3 wheelnuts

    Wow, postie must of jogged all the way- just received them! Thanks again.
  18. There are two types & two lengths the ohc ones are couple of feet the ohv fourish. Will try to check tomorrow.
  19. Does anyone know what length a throttle cable is for a MK3 Cortina ?? Have one that looks the same as those advertised but could be any 70s Ford .
  20. You can go to 55A with the Lucas connector like the one in the link I posted. Not seen a Tina that needs more than that. Old ACRs are ~30A
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