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  2. joemayhook

    Mk5 estate

    Hey, by any chance does she have the rear seatbelt c post bar that you can attach the belt to?
  3. Thank you so much for helping me with a tank and sender unit. I’ll send some pictures of the car when it’s back.

  4. A big Thanks you to Sheffield Cortina centre for helping me. As promised a good take and sender unit arrived safely this morning. A very helpful and trusted contact to have met. I’m so excited to get car back this week. Many Thanks 

  5. Thanks for that! I forgot to mention mine is a pre facelift. I didnt see that first link you gave while i was scouring ebay the other night. Seller only posts to the UK, so I will have to try and get in touch with some distant relatives. My original RH was dmaged when the car came to my posession, I ordered and tinted a euro spec lens to replace it. This afternoon, I ended up ordering pair of NOS aftermarket lenses to the tune of 100 pounds, but still wouldnt mind another, rougher LH lens as a spare, since they will only get harder to get over here in Canada. Cheers, David
  6. Yesterday
  7. Why not look for a pair of euro lenses seeing as some "American" car manufacturers are now using amber turn signals/indicators? Also, what type/year are you looking for as they changed slightly on the facelift models with Tail and Brake lights using two seperate bulbs and being separated with the indicator on the side. Pre facelift light. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-cortina-mk3-Passenger-Side-Rear-Light/274181863340?hash=item3fd68337ac:g:yoIAAOSwSEldhKeI Facelift light. (wrong side for you) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK3-O-S-rear-light-lense/174068422578?hash=item28874957b2:g:WMUAAOSweK9dQe3e A pair of pre facelift lights. This guy is definately pushing his luck with that price I think! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Mk3-Pre-Facelift-Rear-Light-Units/274181863406?hash=item3fd68337ee:g:p-wAAOSw99Rdlx~i
  8. I have a brand new pair of Kilen 13240 front springs for a std Mk3 Cortina and a brand new pair of Kilen 13140 front springs for a std Mk5 Cortina. These have been fitted to a car in the garage for 24 hours but never used on the road so are essentially brand new. Ideally I would like to swap each pair for either a 20mm front anti roll bar (Mk5 S or Hyundai) or a set of 4 new Mk4/5 front tie rod inner washers part no 74 BB3K115 AB. Happy to discuss any proposed deals. If not then will sell Mk3 pair for £36.00 and the Mk5 pair for £43.00 inc postage. I am away 27th Jan to 12th Feb but otherwise will reply.
  9. Bottom hinge plates left and right available, £3
  10. Top hinge plates left and right available. £2
  11. 3 Left and 3 right door sticker plates. £5 each.
  12. Hello all, after an incident my dad had in the snowy driveway, I need a left hand tail light lens for my Mk3. As long as it is in one piece, rough condition is ok, as I will be tinting the whole lens red to match the Canadian Spec lens. Cheers, David
  13. Last week
  14. Nigel Eaton at Classic Car Care Stambridge has a front panel where the slam panel has been cut out - try him. He might even have an old panel that he's removed. NigelLHD on here.
  15. Hi everyone, i'm looking for the panel highlighted in the picture below, N/S -passenger side panel that joins the front panel to the inner wing. Thanks
  16. Try 73tina he’s breaking a pfl and has axle &dash for sure. hes got an add in the for sale section 👍
  17. Hi as the title implies, im after a pre facelift sloping top dash crash pad also an atlas axle and power steering rack for a cortina v6 and lastly a full heater box . Sorry for such a weird list but i think its better than posting for each item. Thanks in advance
  18. A very big thank you Bernard, for sending me the catch plate. Big Kama points to you. Cheers Johnny
  19. Mk3 GT/GXL centre console gauges, one has a small burn hole in the bulb holder. £25
  20. lotuscorty

    Mk5 wanted

    Hi, looking for a mk5 for a project, 2 door, 4 door, anything considered. Thanks.
  21. Those reproduction/aftermarket bolts are just a standard M8 bolt. The original bolts were a type of shoulder bolt with a standard M8 thread and 13mm AF head but with a fatter main body than a normal bolt. The original spacers and washers had a larger inside diameter to accommodate the shoulder bolt which is why if you use them with the aftermarket bolts then the spacers and washers don't fit snugly to the bolt. Sounds like you're looking to source originals but they're going to be difficult to find as even any cars being broken for parts are likely to have had these link bolts replaced at some point in their lives and probably with the narrower bolts.
  22. I spoke too soon ! When they turned up ,not as thick as the originals. So still after the bolts and washers if available cheers ken
  23. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/billybongo72/m.html?item=254481360800&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  24. I think Kev Musson has a plenum section.
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