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  2. have you got the engine loom?
  3. Yesterday
  4. If not think I've an engine bay look for a V6
  5. Shame about the colour !! hows my mate Rod ?
  6. Hardly a dangerous fail though, surely an advisory would be sufficient? A lot of the MOT is not about safety..
  7. Last week
  8. Yes the MOT History makes for interesting reading. Depends how pedantic the tester is. Just had the good ladies BMW Mini for test. Got an immediate refusal / fail due to both rear indicator bulbs showing a faded amber light. Needed two new bulbs.
  9. Done about 60 miles in the last 9 years? Unless the speedo is broken?
  10. Nice looking car, same colour (I think) as my Dad used to have.....his had the spoiler too. MOT history is interesting .
  11. Some person is going to own a beauty there. Great colour
  12. As the title there is a MK5 2.3 Ghia for sale on Ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-GHIA-Mk-5-New-MOT-Great-condition-1982/203288048811?hash=item2f54e974ab:g:4UcAAOSw87ZgL28d
  13. I got one of mine from Motomobil & the other from old part store,which as we know is no longer,but Dave is on ebay,http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/tt120368?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 .
  14. They where available as pattern parts you may have to keep trying eBay etc.
  15. Beware as MK4&5 innerwings are different re cradle mounting points & the Mk5 has a dip to allow clearance for the larger dia brake servo hole for indicator mount. The pass side is a MK4 the drivers is for a Mk5.
  16. Hi, Just seen these for sale on the Bay. Pair of Inner Wings. If anyone wanted these collecting until they could collect them I can collect for you I only live 12 miles away. The seller also has a pair of 4 door rear quarters for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK4-5-Ford-Cortina-passenger-side-inner-wing/203285365678?hash=item2f54c083ae:g:DfIAAOSwY35gIAjl https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK4-5-Ford-Cortina-driver-side-inner-wing/203285363389?hash=item2f54c07abd:g:jDQAAOSwhW5gIAe9 And a pair of Boot floor repair panels. There are for sale by Markmark3 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-CORTINA-MK3-MK4-MK5-BOOT-FLOOR-REPAIR-PANEL-OFFSIDE/265062489888?hash=item3db6f49f20:g:qkMAAOSwfmBgMrhb https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-CORTINA-MK3-MK4-MK5-BOOT-FLOOR-REPAIR-PANEL-NEARSIDE/265062483850?hash=item3db6f4878a:g:3O4AAOSwBDRgMrcp Cheers Steve
  17. Thanks Steve. I was hoping this side of channel but will try them.
  18. Try Motomobil - £62.48 inc Vat each plus P&P.
  19. Hi all, does anyone have any for sale or know where I can buy these as cant seem to find any anywhere? Thanks
  20. Hi all, I'm selling an absolutely mint 1973 handbook and optional extras brochures on Ebay if anyone is interested: Vintage Ford Cortina Mk3 owners handbook and accessories brochure October 1973 | eBay Cheers, Neil
  21. No card template,will dig out tomorrow, then pm your address & I'll post a copy to you.
  22. It’s the pfl one I need. (Passenger side) is it the template or a repair section you have? Would you sell it if a section pic would be great👍
  23. It's only ever been available as part of the full inner wing, I make a template to repair them think I've only got the MK3 pre-facelift one. Should make the others as they varie between mk's
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