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  2. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    Yes but depends what your after specifically. pm me details and I will have a look
  3. Hi do you have any distributors and push rods?
  4. Last week
  5. *BIG THANKS * To Kev & Andy AKA KRT & n'monkey220 The bug catcher is now safe at home
  6. I'll PM you my number mate drop me a text it will be easier
  7. Is this still for sale
  8. Thank you, fingers crossed 😃 Just seen your location, I work there!!
  9. On behalf of a friend with a 66 Lotus Cortina. We are looking for the two rubber mounts that support the prop shaft parts list number 4843. We have repo ones but the rubber is to hard causing vibration so a pair of second hand ones would be preferable . Cheers K.
  10. Earlier
  11. i think i have a full set mate i will need to check
  12. Does anyone have, or know of, a full set of good condition window chrome trims for sale for a 4-door MK3 please?
  13. Lol? Just what i did..... ☹
  14. Got you, sorry i miss read the post
  15. Makes sense to me, l will have a look, but l seem to remember, if the stud pulled out of the aluminium, l threw them away, doh, because l thought I'll get one of them easy, with hindsight, l would save everything!!!
  16. Hi thanks for your reply, im looking for the one that goes about half way uo the wing and runs the length of the car. Black moulding. Hope this makes sense. Many thanks.
  17. Which ones are you needing mate the ones at the top near the screen or the ones at the bottom end near the bonnet lip. I think i have both
  18. Just lovely hope finds good home,shame heart goes out to family,
  19. Any condition considered
  20. For Sale, You will know the car as Belonged to Graham Jewitt (Dukes Blues)One of the cleanest examples of a Mk3 Cortina 2.0 XL I have ever seen.Graham lovingly restored the car at money no object. The car is as close to original as possible, with a few sympathetic period enhancements.the car has had everything done to return the car to concourse it is dry stored and covered. The car is 99% period correct to the build sheet.the car is an Onyx Green (Original colour) 2.0 XL.it is on currently on Ford Sports rims with chrome trim rings.the interior is like new as it was fully refurbished along with the rest of the carthe only fault with the car is the master cylinder needs replacing (Currently Removed)The car needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.Looking for £17500 ovnoThe picture below is the only one I currently have, Taken today 8th June 2019. I am waiting for more current pictures of the car used for insurance purposes.
  21. Thanks for all the info , I went down the Retro Ford route .
  22. Also have for sale, Mk4/5 steering column 18mm front anti roll bar Mk3 trinket tray
  23. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-5-x-13-JBW-Smoothie-Steel-Wheels-Classic-Ford-Set-of-4-Silver/183228360964?epid=4019457772&hash=item2aa942e904:g:Bf4AAOSwwwRbCBs9
  24. Your eyes are right, but with a hub cap on, who is going to know the difference, and the steel should be good quality.
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