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  2. Country? I have a suburb near me called that.
  3. Has anyone get a pair of the front corner bumper brackets that bolt onto the front wings for sale. I only thought i needed one as i cut it in have but as i seem to have lost the entire front bumper with brackets and corners i think I'd better get both lol
  4. Im in Edinburgh, but can get someone to collect from my work network
  5. Last week
  6. Hi, I have a Ford sandwich plate in the garage. Not sure what it is off but I have a photo of the plate and it's number. If it is not what you are looking for I would appreciate anyone who could ID it for me. Steve
  7. Looking for both the above in good condition,
  8. Hi anyone out there got a standard sandwich plate that fits between a 2.0 pinto and a type 9 5 speed they no longer need thanks in advance
  9. That means mine must be worth about err,...................... 5 or 6 hundred quid? It cost me 1200 quid when I bought it. Thanks to 'Life on Mars'!
  10. i have never been impressed with the east kent trim ones they always seem to deform and leak on the front bottom corners of the doors
  11. Thanks once again cortina ace
  12. Any ideas where to get a Mark 2 (series 1) 1600E petrol tank these days and are they costly (if even available)? Thanks all
  13. Hi Beeper, Give the joint a really good clean off on both sides and have a go at soldering it. Use a gas torch rather than a soildering iron. Obviously with the sender unit out of the tank !! Steve
  14. A few months back I eventually got around to fitting the petrol tank I bought from Sheff-Cort-Cent a couple of years back (I think)! On refitting the sender unit I found the metal pipe to be loose. Not wobbling around loose but loose enough for it to turn and probably leak. Any ideas on what I could use to tighten it up and seal it again?
  15. Neil.

    Starting issue

    Check battery voltage, should be above 13volts, mine struggles when it gets as low as 12.4 volts. You can buy a multimeter for a few quid to check it. check terminals on battery, I've had ones that don't tighten up well and caused issues or the terminals corroded, so need a fine sand with emery paper, also make sure it's earthed properly, you can always run a jump lead cable from the battery -ve to the engine block to make sure its earthing correctly.
  16. They go between the front grille & radiator, you should see a mount with an M8 captive nut they both go there.
  17. Evenin All…. Warm night My work in progress MK5 has some sort of alarm rigged up to the headlamps and fuel flap… No idea how it works nor do I have a fob..!, The alarm box is sighted on the near side front inner wing more or less in line with the battery.. The horns are positioned in the same inner wing very near the scuttle … I would like to ask if anyone can here is the correct position for the two horns under the bonnet as I want the under bonnet to look original. Not sure how to remove the alarm but either side of the radiator there are two wires with bullet type ends on them leading to this alarm box.. Do the horns sit near the radiator or under the front panel..?. Much appreciate any pointers And as usual thank you in advance… regards Kevin
  18. Could be ign switch that's worn internally ( 50 years old if original). Try shorting the terminals on rear to bypass (eliminate from circuit). If it is then you need one with correct plug to loom or swap wires to another thus retaining correct plug.
  19. Yes it was. Just got the UK plates issued. Collected all the RHD stuff to do the conversion but making it simple to reverse.
  20. Could be battery. Are the headlights bright when you turn them on or dim? Check all earth's and make sure battery terminals are clean and tight.
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