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  2. Sent you a message. Not usually online till after 9ish pm
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  4. Thanks for the reply’s. I have attached a couple of pictures of the plug and switch. Am ok with a soldering bolt. Thanks.
  5. Hi Kevin, I will give him a try but I dont think he has been on here for a while. Cheers Steve
  6. Be aware there are two different drivers down pipes for rhd & similar for lhd so be careful especially if ordering from the continent also the saloon & estate rear boxes are different.
  7. Arms aren't sided which makes it easier & are same from mk3-5. I'll check but don't think I've any left. For ign switch we need to know which colour/shape the plug is as you need the same one unless your good at soldering as it's only that part that differs. There are two types of flat grey rubber plug, then a grey & a black square plastic plug. A switch is no prob but will depend if I've one with correct plug.
  8. When you post you'll see a paperclip in the text window, & an option to choose files, select the file & upload & then drag the picture to wherever you want to see it in your post.
  9. Craig of the Sheffield Cortina Centre will probably be along to help you out with those bits.
  10. Ok will have a look tnx Steve.
  11. Hi, Have a look at this manufacturer. The products are good quality. I have a Euro Flo exhaust on my MK5 2.0. You will need to find a stockist / supplier. http://www.euroflo.co.uk/Catalogue/Ford/Cortina/EuroFlo Exhaust Systems.aspx Cheers Steve
  12. Looking for mk5 2.3 ghia v6 exhaust system mny tnx peter.
  13. hi every body i have not posted for a few years now owing to my wife`s poor health & that has taken much of my time up my question is how do i post up pictures since i finished with photo bucket . i now run windows 10 & take photos which land up in `my photos` so how do i get an image code from them? i expect this has been explained before so forgive my ignorance.........Chris
  14. Hi gents. New to this forum so if I have put this in the wrong place I apologise. I have a cortina mk 5 based kitcar and need some parts and thought this would be a good place to start. firstly I need an o/s front wishbone as mine is damaged and I need the bottom part of the ignition barrel which has the wires as it has a fault and won’t operate the starter so I have had to temporarily use a bypass switch. thanks for any help given.
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  16. Bumping this up top. At a push a Black Trim would suffice, but Brown is the prefered colour. Cheers Steve
  17. I thought I would try here to see if anyone has some plastic seat slider plates at all? same as the one's pictured
  18. Scattaz

    Cortina mk3 wanted

    Totally agree with you, the problem is that i can barely find any for the likes of me. I already got one in rough condition but got some parts missing so im trying to find one complete and solid now but if a rough one comes up and is worth it for me to use the two to make one then i think i can manage like that too. Thanks for the advice as i need all i can get, hope something comes up because i havent gotten much replies yet. Thanks again
  19. better buying good one as they hold thier valaue and the body parts are getting very hard to find,sold mine made few quid on top,cost you more restoreing one and a good solid one will always sell,sold mine in 3 days for full asking price,supply and demand you might get lucky all the best in your quest.here pic off mine old one could sold it over and over still getting emails,
  20. Hiya, I am selling this on behalf of a friend, the condition is immaculate please see link below. SRC
  21. Sorry none left, got several sets of the clocks for console & a couple of rear box part.
  22. message Craig sheffieldcortinacentre think he has one advertised
  23. Hi i am new to this site but have been looking for a cortina mk3, are there any for sale. I am looking for a pre-facelift saloon please. ( If there is any in rough condition please still contact me as i can be interested). Thanks

    Ghia wheels

    Thanks krt. You are a gent.
  25. Shadow

    Ghia wheels

    Ahh cheers friend. Your such a nice man. Lol.
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