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    Fitted new wheels to it to get the right look before I started to use it. Runs fine now after some mechanical issues. The car has been in a museum for a year and a half, got it out 3 weeks ago must say I missed it!
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    Not done anything for a while,i pushed the car out a few weeks ago to get my trailer into the yard & had a clear up. Have now removed the nearside inner wing. New inner wing screwed into place.
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    my neighbour she valets cars for a living did my interior what a difference carpets come up like new,seats look brill sticker in back window and ready to go am going to start useing old girl get rid off boot spoiler got another boot get repainted
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    mines oppisite worked its way up north from london nice looking motor,peacocks off balham belive it or not it was dealership that hattie jakes bought her mk1 cabs from in film carry on cabbie lol,
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    Thanks to SWcortina for helping to sort me out, cheers
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    Has seen some love over the years, interior has been trimmed in leather... looked comfortable!
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    Found this very solid -64 up north, unwelded shell but has some dents and dings. Off the road since 2001. No salt on the roads up there and dry climate. Spent a couple of days and got it MOTd for the last time. Took it for a 1500 km holiday drive without any surprises.
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    Don't quote me, but I heard he had family issues and more. I know you will come on here for a look Hope your OK Mr Pete, You can ring me If you want a chat
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    Could do with an estate?!
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    Cheers Consul The Ghia wheels are refurbished and diamond cut. They were purchased from Shadow on here before the car was restored. So I'm not really sure what treatment Shadow gave them but they were in excellent condition and didn't need touching. Here is a Pic of my car a few weeks before going to the restorers.
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    Welcome. iim in Tiverton heres mine
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    It's safe in the garage, Many cars waiting patiently for their owners to bring them out for a spin............mine not out for over a year now, just don't have the time
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    Well the lift pump didn't last, so I've ordered up a diaphragm kit, also had to fit a new carb pump diaphragm 🙄. While I'm waiting for the brake caliper s , I had time to make up an exhaust system , 2 inch straight through, all stainless , apart from the over axle part.😃
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    Not great photo but here’s my mi5 saloon on the rotisserie from the back
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    Just picked up this new mag and there is an article on Savages in there, not read it yet but it might of interest to a few people on here :)
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    been on holiday only thing i bought is this dealer stickers lol,tax disc holder will have tax in post,sadgit i know used love the show
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    Iv'e just Google mapped the area and the camp site is now all modern with a Nisa shop and luxury log cabins. So took a trip down the B846 into Aberfeldy and that traction engine is still there!! Though in a different spot.
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    Thanks Lobby. As it happens I dropped the cylinder head off at Saunders yesterday and they called me this afternoon to say it was ready! Cheers Matt.
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    Iv'e not been up that way since a nipper. Grandparents had a static caravan at Tummel Bridge near Aberfeldy. We used to go up for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays. Dad had a hand painted blue HB Viva estate and he used to sit behind the Artic trucks on the motorway in their slipsteam. Aberfeldy park had an old Traction engine that the kids could climb all over, fall off etc. Happy days.
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    Get your lottery on ! Found one & it's passenger side. £6 Inc p&p pm me your address you can PayPal craig.walker6@btinternet.com
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    Sorry John, I thought you only had one furry friend. When we came back down the queue for the Forth Bridge was back to jct 3 south bound so we went via Glasgow and the M74. [Always have the traffic on the radio!!] I have to say that there is some stunning scenery on the way up and back on the A9. Its a long time since was up that way probably last century.
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    Yes,why read it, why post it indeed, well its some activity. For years the illumination light on my ' time' clock in the dash has been out and i keep forgetting to investigate it as its only noticeable at night. So i fixed it yesterday, while unscrewing the cluster, the bulb still in its holder just dropped out from behind and fell on the floor ,put it back in and its all fixed ,took about ten minuets . Told you it was boring But satisfying
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    It will be 2Tone. Rio Brown over champagne gold. No filler required and no welding. I'm looking for a new front left indicator. Must be genuine Ford. Mike. VID-20210306-WA0000.mp4
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    John, You have money to Burn if you can afford to shop at Halfrauds.
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    What can you say to a man with a bigger measurement than you??
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    Measured as you said, mine is 360. The perspective in last picture maybe exaggerated it a bit!
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    Bought this a few weeks back, Motd and quite pleased to be driving one of these again. Ive managed to fluke one picture over with Mrs help, by resizing it but only one it seems. Still hopefully I will find working under the bonnet of these easier than uploading photos.
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    No problem as always just trying to help out one of our own.
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    Thanks Steve but no need now. My son works for land rover and recognised it as similar to ones they use (dif mount bracket bolts apparently) Shorter one is original but 13mm head m10 the same. about 12mm longer so will protude out about 5 mm so no prob. I might still grind down if feeling pedantic. Hope this helps anyone else looking in future. Cheers all
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    I obtained a new correct servo bracket and a good Mk3 Capri servo and master cylinder. I had to extend the servo pushrod by 2 inches, and the front wheel brake pipe union to the master cylinder had to be converted to 10mm union. A standard bleed nipple was obtained to block off the extra outlet on the master cylinder. The result is phenominal. I now have brakes with very little pressure needed. I think my basic problem was that the previous owner had fitted recon servo type calipers, which didn't work with my non servo master cylinder. For reference it appears that a yellow plastic band on the master cylinder means non servo type and a red band means servo type.
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    A certain black dog was more excited than I was to sit inside!
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    Crusader stripes on.
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    Last year I had the "monster-in-law" re-trim the centre arm rest and at the same time she made me a new gear lever gaiter which was a wee bit tired as well. Not sure what others think of interior modifications but I'm loving this, I wouldn't be for tassels draped from the headcloth but I think this is quite tasteful.
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