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    Reluctantly I'm selling my Dad's Mk4 1600L Estate, 56.,650 miles. It needs a home where it can be used and enjoyed. First reg December 1978, my father bought it in March 1981 with about 15,000 miles. He owned it until he died in 1995, and I inherited it shortly afterwards. It was on the road until about 2005 as my son and I intended to restore it. The usual factors intervened and the project was shelved until about 2013-4. I decided to have it professionally restored and BSC members recommended Steve Taylor. He did the work, stripping back to bare shell, repairing all rust etc. and refurbishing mechanicals as required. I had the seats re-trimmed and fitted new carpet in floor and load compartment. The car looks beautiful and drives nicely. I have submitted an ad to ClassicCarsforSale website, and you can see it there or contact me for fuller details. Loads of history from original used car sales invoice, MOT's, bills, original user handbook. Hundreds of photos of restoration project available on a CD for the lucky buyer. Now tax exempt
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    I think there are only 16 MK1 Cortina's Crayfords left according to the club this is mine but not for sale sorry
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    No problem. I just hope the pictures make some kind of sense. I wasn't sure what to do about the bolt which appears through the top of the plastic parcel shelf. All factory holes I might add. I didn't drill it. In the end I found something in my kit... A couple of spare seal caps from an Iveco Daily brake caliper 😀 Maybe not the best but it's OK for now, it just loosely lays over the bolt head.
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