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    So stripes have been fitted today. Can't thank Tony enough for taking the time to come and template and replica the rear wing sections to complete the estate template kit. (these are available to buy from him via Ebay in your exact cour combination for your car colour) Colours are vibrant and exact and really make the paintwork pop. So chuffed with the finished article. Can't wait to get out to a few shows later this summer. Just a few last minute bits to sort now and off for MOT very soon.
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    A post & forward panel finished,bonnet hinge mounting screwed into place,can't weld on until inner wing is repaired. Repaired the hole in the bulkhead.
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    Mine have towbars & I love the reaction when I answer the do you tow stuff with it?? Yes whatever needs towing trailer,caravan, broken moderns!
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    Now we are onto the closing stages and most of the work is complete. We've had a brand new windscreen fitted last week and we are just in the process of cleaning things up now. Just the stripe kit to add (which we have waiting) and a good shake down and tighten of everything then ready for an MOT. Will post final pics once we have the golden ticket. 😁
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    Thanks Mr One year nine months and it moves under V8 power
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    Crusader stripes on.
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    Good work on the repairs,car looks great
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    I bare metalled the doors and tailgate ready for the Painters. We used our rotary stripping tool, which made light work of that job. I can highly recommend getting one if you do regular resto. We found very little in the way of surprises. Each door was very solid and only one had excessive filler on the bottom panel. Probably bumped at some stage? All were very solid, with no rust.... Amazing for an almost 40 year old car
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    On to the other side now, that's a bit worse , rust wise, so cut out and weld up inner sill before the outer goes on.
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    Cut the sill off, all cleaned up , rust treated, ready for new sill.
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    A post & forward panel just about finished,so while i had the car upside down,i decided to fit the jacking point,another job done.
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    The new indicator lense is the poshest bit on the whole car! Thanks Craig.
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    Cheers Chaps And trial fitted covers and air filter
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    Got the forward A post panel fitted,still got a few bits left to finish it.
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    Red Rear light no longer needed Made my own
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    Thank you! Do not know about the scientist part but definitely mad Bought me my (i think) fifth rear axle.. Could not help myself, was only 50€ This one had most of the gubbins left in it and the diff does not seem to have acres of backlash. I am actually happy that there was only one drum left, took me half an hour and my second largest hammer to get this removed. I harvested rest of the small parts for safe keeping. Something to add to my list is to go through all of these and check what gear ratios they have. I quess that the easiest way is to count the turns?
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    Tibbs, not been on for ages, that lump looks and sounds brilliant , please post a video on a run out or rev it up a little , nice one !
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    usually when chassis legs are bent in this way its because its had a bump on the end of the chassis leg at the back and if you try to fit a new section it won't fit because the boot floor will be bent as well and the profile of the chassis will now be different to the floor unless you give it a pull, it won't be apparent to the naked eye but it will be there.
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    I think Dale is selling some.
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    Finally springtime for LagoonBlue! Though it is raining sleet right now but had couple tolerable days to complete a project i started late last year. I have wanted a parts cleaner for sometime now but why buy something when i can make my own for twice the price That said, mine has couple added features not found on the usual cheapos. On to the pics; Cleaning fluid lives on the reservoir pot in the middle with a coarse screen filter at the outlet where it is piped to a standard oil filter (biggest i could find on a clearance sale). Drain is located at the low spot. From filter it goes to a sealed magnet drive pump and onto a heat exchanger unit filled with coolant (the white box) which has two 300W lab grade immersion heaters and a 240 series Volvo heater core. From the heater core cleaning fluid goes to bypass and flow valves, on normal operation flow is full on and amount of fluid is controlled by the bypass valve. Sparky bits be here. Inside the DIN box is 6A breaker, RCD and contactor which is controlled by the E-Stop. Smaller box houses switches for heaters and the pump. From the backside you can see the quick release for the reservoir pot. Overall capacity when fully primed is about 6-7 Litres. Lid opened and screen that usually sits on the sink. I can easily change nozzles via the pneumatic fitting. And a quick test run with some random bike part. Works like a treat Now to the sketchy part.. I am using kerosene heater fuel as a cleaning fluid which works really good for oily dirt, is cheap and readily available but is (no surprises here) somewhat flammable. So no smoking when using the thing, though that would be hard to do with an (at minimum) A2 rated mask which is a must since the stuff can do some serious harm if inhaled. Not especially explosive so that's a plus. Time will tell how well the hoses will fare, at least there is no ethanol in the mix. I might add a work light and some exterior panels later on, works good enough for now. Drill and tap set for the oil filter was eye wateringly expensive plus i had to buy valves and some pipe connectors but rest of the bits i scrounged from my vast horde. I think this will get a fair bit of use when i start messing with my engine parts. Next up little work on the Cortina itself, i promise
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    Top job always love looking at resto pics all in one go start till 98 % always one or two jobs to do injoy the summer
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    I think it's a nice accessory to have on an estate, looks like it's meant to be there. I've seen some with unsightly bracketry which bolts behind the bumper, your Ford one looks tidy, very nice car indeed.
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    Who knows, maybe! We have a small traiiler that we might fill with Cortina parts to auto jumble. I just saw it for sale, but was brand new Ford item so thought we'd fit it as an extra.
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    That looks lovely Will you tow with it?
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    You've done a great job. Looks fantastic
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    Lashings of Dinotrol into the cavities and underside has sealed it up and made it more resistent to the dreaded rust. Probably much better finished than the day it left the factory. I have to say having used this product on my father's restoration I can highly recommend it, we have nothing really to speak of and it's still as good as it was 6 years ago. Given I use the saloon in all weather's and all year round that isn't bad going
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    The car arrived as a shell, no engine but with a 5 speed refurnished gearbox. A conversion from Auto to Manual had already been made at some stage. Shell was stripped, rot removed and panels or repairs made and fitted. Our fabricator made the panels we couldn't purchase. Someone had made a head start on the running gear, partial poly bushed and some work was already done to the brakes. We finished the poly bushing (whole car) and replaced or refurbed all the braking components, pipes etc, etc. Then onto body prep......
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    Bring the thunder! Sounds great 👍
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    Excellent Tony, sounds good
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    V8 sound!!!love it
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    The car had been ziebarted at some stage in its life, probably from new, the sill was full of bitumen, so still on its original sills.
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    every bit counts
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    Looks & sounds good
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    Thanks Brian,it's good to be back on it & seeing some progress again
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    Great Job!!! Glad you are working on it again!!
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    Bit more , this time sort out a previous repair , with a proper cut out and weld in 🙄
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    Been playing around with the VHT spray paint. I will be getting some nice shiny rocker covers but for the meantime had a play. I had a pair of beaten up covers that came with one of the engines, bare metal them' primed them and filled the dents I couldn't knock out. First filled then primed and painted black to look for more dents, once happy with dents then silver look for imperfections then dark could before the silver then the red with a clear coat on top.As after painting the engine with VHT it doesn't like petrol or antifreeze , odd for engine paint
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    After mutch delibertion? I think I have a colour for my V8 Somthing like this
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    Thanks Yes I was happy with the results, I only quickly did it on a chips lense I had. Its Spray yes , but not the lights one. Its the same stuff I did the engine with
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    Looks good under there Brian
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    Not to my ears a screaming induction snorting 4 cylinder beats a burble any day
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    Finally got the Yamaha R1 bike carbs on after 5 long years in storage i had bought from the states when i bought my MK3. They run like a dream and quite easy to set up after you get the hang of it(as in silicone hoses and other stuff). Still running on the original mechanical fuel pump. The throttle response is instant much way better than my weber 32/36 . I highly recommend them, thanks to the great help i received from Danst Engineering with their advice.
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    Try Dale Stevenson stevenson.dr@btinternet.com aka Theo Cupia on Facebook as he may have a set.
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    Finally got back onto my Cortina,repaired the edges of the bulkhead & inner A post panel,trial fitted the A post,forward panel,bonnet hinge mounting,door & wing,then finally fitted the A post.
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    Been restoring a 2.8 special Capri for a customer started on engine he wanted factory look
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    Here you go then :) I don't suppose anyone down South (Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Sussex etc) has a nearside gutter trim in good nick for sale?
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