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    Well underway with painting. Original factory Dragoon Red. Will be finished in a couple of weeks and then start putting it all back together again
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    Been a while since last posting,but it always appears to be one step forward,and two steps back!still waiting on p arts to be restored
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    Thanks Dean Its been a mamouth task,as I brought the car as a shell with the parts,but the parts had never been on this shell and most things needed altering or refurbish and getting anything refurbed at the moment just seems to take an age. something simple like water hoses from Burton power took over 12 weeks!worth it in the end!
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    am only thinking about it not sure as am not been useing it ,but mines only 1600L and its manual,good points rock solid 5 speed webber and ss 4 branch exshaust system ali rad.but its not what your looking for steve lol,
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    Well it's done , and polished, windows cleaned, read to start driving. Unfortunately the road outside my house has been dug up by the Water company for the last 8 weeks, and it like a mud run, so I guess I won't be driving it until it's not so muddy 🙄
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    I will echo what others have said. You have the skills or at least the ability to turn your hand to virtually anything as demonstrated in this thread. I do understand though why you would want to farm this job out as there really is a lot of work involved in painting a car!
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    First wash in over 30 years 😊
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    Thanks, just need to clean it and cut back the paint , to get a shine, and then it's done really. Well for me anyway 😉
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    You'll get to heater bulb easier with glovebox removed on a Mk5 . Temp sender is near frt of cylinder head on a a 4 pot has a red/white wire to it.
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    Here's a long over due update.. Sorry to have kept you in the dark but sadly not much has happened since the last post. Due to circumstances beyond my control the painter i had lined up backed out from the project and i have had a hard time getting anyone else to commit. In fact i have only received one coarse quote for the job, but that was from a company that mainly focuses on insurance jobs and as expected the price is on the high side. Others were either retired, busy with other jobs or due to high energy cost can not take on big jobs during the winter. Of course the pandemic has also been of no help. I will keep looking but realistically speaking the painting might have to wait for next year. In the meantime i have got few little things done. I had my radiator recored just before copper prices went through the roof for 250€, not that it was leaking or anything but you never really know in what state the innards are. Should have mildly uprated cooling capacity as well which is a good thing since the car will be mainly driven in fair weather. I will need to repaint the tanks in gloss black but otherwise it should be ready to go. Just recently i had a chance to buy some hard to find parts, of course these were located on the other end of the country.. So after adding 1300Km;s to ye olde faithful Avensis i came back home with this lot: Now these were NOT cheap (not E-bay expensive but definitely not free either). Most of this stuff is getting thin on the ground these days. So what did i get: New Old Stock full clutch kit NOS bonnet strip NOS gearbox countershaft NOS sleeve bearing (gearbox extension housing) NOS Monroe rear shocks NOS exhaust set +rear silencer for 1300cc and used front pipe for an automatic(?) NOS motor mounts Used interior light NOS chain and tensioner NOS piston set NOS stock cam NOS followers NOS crossmember panel (under the radiator) NOS rear valance NOS left wing with filler panel Some of these require further research, right off the bat i can tell that the piston are not suitable for my 2737E block (these have valve recesses in 'em so would be for 711M) but that is not an issue, what i do not need i can always sell. Cam might be ok to use even though it is a latter 771M6250DA version with the wider lobes. I will need to compare the profiles to be sure. All the tins are genuine FoMoCo parts, cross member i have no use for but the rear valance i might change since i am not happy with the one i have currently installed. And of course the wing.. there is a good reason that a new panel has not been used years ago. Either it's an obscure part such as the cross member or as is the case with this wing it has some issues There is a good sized dent on the front and a small fold or ding in the middle (shipping damage from 1989). However this should be repairable, i will have to ask an opinion from someone who does PDR jobs. For some odd reason the top welding lip has been partly cut but that's an easy fix. In any case the usual rot spot on the lower rear part is fine so i can at least see how close i got the repairs done on my old one. I think that covers it for now, let's hope that this project will be over and done with someday
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    Hi mate. I didn't personally deal with Jon however I have one now fitted to the car and it's been great up to now. Luckily the engine was fine with no evidence of swarf in the sump or draining plug and the engineer burst open the oil filter in search of evidence. Car is on road now and running fine. A do have a couple of issues that were not evident before the strip down and will ask the question somewhere else on here. Thank you all for the kind comments. Mike.
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    The organisers of the postponed 50th anniversary of the 1970 London to Mexico world cup rally to be held at gaydon on the 1st of may 2022 are trying to trace the current whereabouts of the MK2 cortina VHU 717 H that competed in the event, to hopefully get it along with other surving cars of the rally along on the day. As an added bonus the cars driver on that event will be attending & would be delighted to be reunited with his stead at the show. If anyone can help this happen can they please contact Ken green on 01922452608 or email: info@historicmarathonrallygroup.co.uk
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    No not really, they were not fitted to Swedish cars and the ones I have seen mainly have been covered in surface rust. But if I am allowed to guess I should say black like all the other stuff fitted to the under side of the body.
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    I thought it said Petrol pipe Sex
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    one day i need to buy a scanner, hope you can read it:
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    Ha ha yeah good point! 😆 I once converted a 68 Charger to look like a 69 because I preferred it. 68 is my fave now but I like all three of the 2nd gen models. The rear tail lights on the 69 look awesome when lit up at night and there's no mistaking what car they belong to.
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    Yes it is good knowledge as it is made from my own observations over many years around cars I have owned myself and cars I have seen with my own eyes in Sweden, Finland, Norway, various other european countries and UK. Not any hear say, rumors or myths. And alot of nerding around decoding VIN plates.
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    Lovely colour is it called Copper Bronze metallic .
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    Now out of paint and starting to refit
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    I nipped out this morning to pick up a rear silencer from https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dwclassiccarspares I found him ebay and was not too far from me. He had two silencers but judging by the tail pipes, one is for an estate so I didn't buy that one but somebody else might need one so I posted the link. (he also has a NSF wing which needs a little attention) Now for the woes. I got to the lockup and found that 2 of the 4 original wheels and tyres I had stacked against the left wall had fell away from the wall and landed against the car windows! No problem there, no damage except my door mirror was knocked off (one of those crappy TEX aftermarket ones) BUT they had also taken the spare middle exhaust section that was hanging up with them and made a nice chip in the roof! (needs a respray anyway). Then, because I haven't been there for a good while, I had to vigorously rub all the crusty cement off the bonnet, wings, the boot and some of the roof. The concrete roof, in fact the whole row of lockups is/are not in the best of condition. Then I get home and get nagged at for not getting back home as soon as I said I would! What a day.....and it's only 2 o'clock!
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