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    I have most of them. But many of the in-progress photos were posted at the time then discarded. Work on PAL rarely stops... here is the last 12 months or so: Engine rebuild after losing the water pump belt (and having a truck behind me so couldn't stop): Complete gearbox rebuild with tasty rally ratios: Replaced the Tex mirrors with genuine Mk4 door mirrors: I abandoned the Wellers as I struggled to get them balanced well enough, especially when towing. I went back my Superlite replicas, powder coated white: Having cooked on hot days a couple of times, the polycarb rally windows were replaced with original door drop glass: Fitted a genuine South African bonnet as the fibreglass Aussie one warped: After the "Minder" Capri caught fire, MarkyMark came to help and we finally finished the engine bay fire extinguisher system: The millboard door cards got kind of saggy, so I made these custom door cards from checker-plate alloy:
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    Just had the MK5 for an MOT today. Passed with flying colours I was surprised that I had done 613 miles during the current troubles. Lets all hope we can get out and about a bit more this year. Also had my 2nd Vaccination today Steve
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    needs a good clean under the bonnet dug out my manuals lol.
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    It's a rubber paint, I thought it might help keep sound resonance down, and also be a bit softer if I catch my knee on it. Thanks for the other kind comments.
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    these are Cromodora aftermarket steel wheels from the 70ies!
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    I have a set of sports steelies if your interested. Dartboard style with the rim. Stamped 78AB so are Escort Mexico, RS etc. Will post some pictures up tomorrow. £300.
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    Hi, I need to get a rear oil seal for my gearbox, is it a type 3? Many thanks.
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    A sneaky pic of the sump. More next weekend.
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    No, it's a genuine one that I got from the scrappy back when you could pull an engine out of a car, turn it upside down and let the oil run everywhere!! Cost me a tenner. Just bought a propshaft center bearing from Burtons though. Looks good and was cheaper than a local propshaft specialist.
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    Following on from Nixzy's Technical thread about the 5 speed rubbing against bodywork, I have took the time to remove the gearbox to address a problem I have regarding the clutch cable / fork. I'm running an Escort RS2000 alloy sump and the cable goes through the sump not the bellhousing as normal. This made the cable veer off at all sorts of angles which although useable it was really heavy in operation. Some teaser pics for now, will update Sunday night when I get the box back in.
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    added another fiver to value lol,took sticker off dash back to normal spec waiteing on steering wheel put it back on,inside done just going get it valeted
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    doorman today craig sheffield cortina came to rescue,with set off door cards and wing moulding,gave them a good scrubbing and a clean,and i think they look great.lot better then ones that were on it,just need that original steering wheel my m8 got.
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    put the original grill and indercaters back on,new set off numberplates is next get rid off the black ones,trying make it look stock
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    got a set brill over the moon
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    Great to see what's been going on with the car :)
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    Dampers have no effect on ride height. You problem is the offset/width of your wheel & tyre..
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    As above, great to see more pictures of this, please keep them coming !
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    autoglym about 3 hrs in my garage
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    This week's progress, getting there.
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    I once spoke to guy who bought a Mk3 Cortina GXL with Granada GXL pillar badges on it, he just would not have it that they were not original ,said they were on the car from original If he bought mine it would have been 2.0 efi engine original ,and if he bought yours Tony it would have had a V8 in as original
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    If your vehicle was built before 1 January 1981, you can stop paying vehicle tax from 1 April 2021. If you do not know when your vehicle was built, but it was registered before 8 January 1981, you do not need to pay vehicle tax from 1 April 2021. Obviously add one year for 1982 I guess you need to prove it was built before 1st Jan 1982 to qualify next year
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    Bit more work on the lefty. Wiring loom out from behind dash, all melted together , it will take a strip out and check all the wires , and replace some 🙄
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    I guess I found the ballast wire, the furry one. I had to remove the loom to repair it , as it has melted in places, so I will have to strip and repair/ replace where needed.🙄
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    Hi John, Are the two old Codgers you and I or Me and the Cortina??
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    Went shopping again.. 160€ for the lot. Not great, not terrible. Anyways, better than ebay prices I am not fully happy with my current wings and even though these are in about 4 out of 10 condition they should give me options if that is something i choose to do. Hinges i will use for sure, all seem to be in usable condition. Since these came from a 4 door shell the back hinges would presumably be in better nick. My current hinges have been "bolt modded" since they were very loose. Shiny bits are in fair condition, rear-view mirror not so much but at least i now know what it should look like. Jack handle seems to be from an Anglia, no idea where the jack comes from but certainly not a Cortina (handle does not fit the jack). Some other bits and bobs there also, will have to give them a closer look later on. Altogether an ok haul, as parts seem to be getting harder to find i just had to snap them up. I guess this grille cover is an oddity to most of you. No FINIS code but feels like an official Ford item I know that some cars were fitted with roller blinders between the radiator and grille (my parts car had remains of such) but maybe this was an option for milder climates. Not in the best shape and i have no use for it but was free for the taking..
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    I have only got poor man's tv I will have to wait till next year to see it 😭
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    Great looking car
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    It's a Sierra Pas rack that will fit. Granada MK2 is to big/wide. I presume your MK4 is ohc? If so you need the mounting bracket from a Sierra/ MK3 Granada ( it also mounts the alternator) ohc. If it's got the pump & pipes even better. If not the pump is used on the colongne 2.3-2.9 V6 as well as quite a few vag vehicles of the same age amongst others & pipes are easily made at any hydraulic place. The steering link with the Sierra rack fits & the cortina track rod ends fit. It's all bolt in except you'll need two plates welding to the cradle as the mounting lugs end up in midair!
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    A year and a month, long time no up-date. Not done any work on it that's why!! Need to do some now though, fuel tank sender is kaput, never did sort that rear screen leak out but something is possibly in the pipeline, front door cards and top wood trims need sorting, and i'm going to drop the front frame and refit the rubber chassis bushes as it has poly ones in there at the mo and i think they are too hard (front of the car tends to bang and crash about over rough road surfaces). M.O.T on Saturday morning, big thanks to Alan and Dave.com for sorting it at short notice. Thanks guys. :thumbup:
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    Anyone chopping up a scrap Mk3 cortina shell, I'm looking for a useable Offside wheel tub for repair sections , Yes anything can be repaired, and I am prepared to cut out and make repair panels if needed. Just need a decent section to graft in, I have a pattern part inner wheel arch panel, which will come in handy at some point, If you have something that might work. let me know. Thanks Garry
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