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    I will take more photos on Friday showing the rear of the chassis. The cab has been resprayed in an off white and spare paint comes with it to paint the tub but I was going to probably do it in Venetian Red to match my RS2000 xpack. I was going to fit a similar body kit with xpack alloys.
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    Hi all looking for a ford now I have sold my tr7 mk3 cortina preferred but othere cortina mk4;5 maybe ? What have you please good or bad steve sd1
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    it had a blue cloth interior, the only bit left is the rear seat and the odd card
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    I saw this MK5 for sale a couple of weeks ago. Nice clean honest looking car with a great story and history. Steve
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    I have a mk3 for sale. It has been sitting in my father's garden for 25 year's and needs welding. Engine is 2.3 V6 not original but starts and moves. Sounds good. Ray 07745229709
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