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    Ford Cortina Mk3 1600XL pre face lift. The car is in lovely condition for its age with only a few minor imperfections. It’s recently just had loads of work carried out including some rust and paint repairs. I have loads of before and after pictures documenting the work Carried out. The Sapphire blue paint polishes up lovely and so does all its chrome and stainless trim. Inside is in lovely original condition with only a few minor imperfections. Being the pre face lift model it has the sloping dash with the imitation wood insets. It’s fitted with its original 1600Xflow that has recently had a tune up and now runs sweet, The 4speed manual box also shifts smooth. Overall it’s a very sound car in lovely condition that hasn’t been messed with. it has 36500 on the clock and I believe that to be genuine. it’s ready to drive away and be enjoyed by its new owner. Anymore questions please message👍🏼 £8950ono
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    They're available on order from Carparts4less for ~£30 if you use their discount code: Link In theory in stock with free delivery from Partsinmotion: Link Or from your favourite auction site
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    Hi, a friend of mine saw this mint MK2 Cortina 1600GT recently on his travels It looks like it's had an excellent restoration. He spoke with the owner and the car is for sale. At this time I don't have any further info, mileage etc other than the photos Does it look like a genuine 1600GT ? I haven't got the VIN details but if you advise what to look for I might be able to get it The car is located overseas so I would have to get it back here. Can anyone advise how much it would be worth if I sold it here, UK registered with an MOT thanks apologies for posting links to larger photos but I could only post a thumbnail directly https://postimg.cc/FdZXv46w https://postimg.cc/f3GtS6MH https://postimg.cc/w7qVBsf1 https://postimg.cc/mzW3Wc12 https://postimg.cc/0MGYk87G https://postimg.cc/cg5s837d
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    At the time, the Hella grille with driving lights was not a cheap bit of tat, it was a quality upgrade, by the way, if any one wants to give me a £100.00 for mine, then I will not be offended!!!
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    I love them myself very period Halfords special parts or side street car shops ,pin stripes aerials spotlights center consoles Turtle air fresheners traffic lights to !! You could park up and plenty would take notice of your car because loads was doing it !! now a stock beige L that’s another story
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    My car wears a louvre on the rear screen, it shades the back seat noticeably and as I often have my dogs in the back I'd say it does a job, some might call it tat though......I love it. Would be a funny world if we all liked the same thing?
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    Steve I'm just glad you've chosen to put that rare new old stock item on Ebay and not on your car . My concern is the fact that you have this item in your possession in the first place suggests that at one point you had considered fitting it to your car . My view is that the only place this sort of bolt on plastic tat looks good is in landfill or under the wheels of a large truck.
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