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    Well excuse me but Capri clocks were mentioned ,not seeing your retro rides post how are we too know your refering to a set of Cortina clocks your not supposed to bad mouth people on retro rides but you don't think people on here deserve the same ,pardon me for only having a lifetimes experience in fords & was trying to clarify things so one party wouldn't be wasting the others time & money, you gobby c*nt I hope that's clear!!!!! PERHAPS I SHOULD WRITE IT IN CAPITAL's TOO FOR THE HARD OF THINKING!!!!
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    As proven on the sunroof question, your knowledge of Cortina's is second to none and anyone from the outside looking in, you are always trying to help people, so this is a little bit out of order and someone else needs to wind there neck in, AND IT'S NOT YOU.
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    I have everything you don't like but the car is stunning
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    I will take more photos on Friday showing the rear of the chassis. The cab has been resprayed in an off white and spare paint comes with it to paint the tub but I was going to probably do it in Venetian Red to match my RS2000 xpack. I was going to fit a similar body kit with xpack alloys.
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    Hi mate - just found the one I had left - new in its packet if you still need one . Steve.
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    I have a c3 automatic gearbox in good working condition, only removed as converting the car to manual. £100, collection from Bolton or can arrange courier at cost
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    Hi all, I have started a facebook page which will hopefully make it easier for people needing spares to get in contact with me as I don't really use these forums too much anymore. Please feel free to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/485550612063486/
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    Thought it was a secret sweetie
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    When you are looking for a classic car, miles away doesn't matter. You can't pop down your dealership. You have to be prepared to travel
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    Never use the integral trans cooler in radiators, instal a separate trans cooler. I worked in a transmission shop for a while and the amount of failed trans cooler/rads was shocking. when the engine coolant gets into the trans oil the auto box needs a rebuild, it’s just not worth the risk.
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    GhiaMK4/5 at 68 years old I should really grow up and stop buying Gumball cars!
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    Hi. It's the type with the short loom.
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    Mk3 rolling shell for sale, mainly solid but does need welding, no engine, bumpers or seats. Asking £1950 ono. Located in Somerset
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    it had a blue cloth interior, the only bit left is the rear seat and the odd card
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    I saw this MK5 for sale a couple of weeks ago. Nice clean honest looking car with a great story and history. Steve
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    I have a mk3 for sale. It has been sitting in my father's garden for 25 year's and needs welding. Engine is 2.3 V6 not original but starts and moves. Sounds good. Ray 07745229709
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    *BIG THANKS * To Kev & Andy AKA KRT & n'monkey220 The bug catcher is now safe at home
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    you can buy new at burtons had set on my mk1 escort looked ok,even buckles looked right
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    This is the one I've got spare.
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    Dave, presumably the nuts that are on the non chrome original Rostyles will fit ??? I'm o poor to pay for new nuts!
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    i think Steve has one for auction currently, will see if i can find it!
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    I didn't know you could buy them new but Dave supplied mine. (Ford cortina.com on here)
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    Aaron, (aja389) is sure to have plenty of these, PM him.
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    That's 2 and half times more that what I sold my whole car for back in 1983 ( 1600E £ 300.00 ) SOB SOB. Oh the in humanity.
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    Out of interest, how much would you think they should sell for? I think the later banded types are more common & therefore cheaper.
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    Thank you Addict Pete CC gave me a nice used one he had removed,
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    I know the board is new and i am getting used to it,feel xmasy and want to donate,i cant find the donate thingy Someone point the ol duffer in the right direction kev
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    I need to go in the shed later i may have one
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    I think I might have one, I'll have a look tomorrow for you.
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    Hi all, for sale on behalf of a friend, beautiful Cortina Mk2 1600 GT Crayford. The car is very clean all around and the interior is very original. Low mileage car. More pictures can be provided if needed. Please pm any enquiries.
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