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    ahhhhh the other mk3... as some of you know i bought a parts car for my 4.1 mk3 im building ...this one when i got it. i stripped every part i needed from that car done to the loom ,nuts and bolts and even the pre facelift dash... i did put the facelift dash back into it tho. i then added some seats i had sitting around and some random wheels and sold it off to a mate as he just had to have it......it meant that i got most of the parts for my 4.1 build for nothingin the end. as it sat when i sold it. (minus lights and grill....at best it was a good rolling shell) and i did get the bonnet for it as well.. so some weeks later my mate asked if i knew any one that would buy as he just couldn't be arsed having a car around that didn't run....i knew it was a good car and just needed a facelift mk3 or a mk4 or a mk5 parts car and it could be put on the road pretty easily....as reg on hold.......(origanal black plates) registered with the mighty 1300 xflow tho......not the big block pinto....bugger... i had sold my mk2 to another mate so i bought it back.....and put it in storage and kept an eye out for a parts car..... now i had seen a few around but they had been parts cars for others and i didnt want to have to find screws ,missing nuts and bolts ect ect....i wanted something complete that had never been pulled a part..........so i could pull it apart and then i found it on trademe the almost perfect parts car for my parts car ...i say almost because it doesnt have a 1300 and manual box......its an auto pinto.. so i won the auction and the car was in invercargill i had 20 days to collect...and we did that yesterday... a mate bought a fwd fiat ducato (ex ambulance) converted to transporter on tuesday and we decided to drive it to invercargill on Saturday....so we loaded up a vc valiant to take done for his mate got up at 5am and hit the road....the lights died just after asburton ...fixed that. the auto played up going into dunedin.....fixed that (kinda) .got to invercargill and droipped the vc off....drove back out of invercargill to pick up the cortina that was 3 feilds deep off the road in a barn....no tracks just knee lengh grass and massive mud holes where the 2 hedges we had to pass were.( the guy had a tractor but it was broken down next to the cortina we only just got the fiat in there we had to gun it threw the mud full on duke of hazard style ...he showed us where it was and asked us to shut the gate and buggered off.....justb then it started .ing down we tried to air up the tyre and only got 3.....winched it onto the truck and then backed the truck under cover to strap it down....had to strap the bonnet down as well and the rear door..as well as the passenger sided doors.....then we tried to leave....but wet grass,.ing down rain,fiat fwd ,,,,no lsd or locker just the 1 tyre fryer ...took us and hour to get threw the 1st feild and didnt stop till we hit the road....broke a head light,,ripped the sump guard off .....shut the gate and headed home.the auto was having a fit....by the time we got to gay old gore we had it sussed flick it into neutraland back into drive and it would select the next gear......down shift worked ok ish.. so after 1200 ks 17.5 hours door to door its back at my mates place and here is the little sweet heart. 1 careful lady owner ..never been raced or rallied rolled bowled or arseholed...has been on the road since 84 i think i know right ...what a wee darling .but its all there on the inside and what all i need....even put a battery on and all the lights work the motor turned over but wouldnt fire....sorry about the long read but cheers
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    Yes i always preferred my old suction Devlibiss gun, to the gravity ones, once youve tickled it and set it up you can really throw the paint on, i always used to mix the paint to thick, once i added 10-20% thinners the paint would flow lovely, i have got really cheeky before now and sprayed a final coat of nearly all thinners, dangerous but did look like glass, off the gun. My old Mini was the last car i painted .....
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    Yes, what happened? You can't leave us wondering like this.
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    That sounds like a MK1 I found on a farm, said farmer was adamant it was solid as a rock, opened passenger door and the whole A post fell off the car with the door!!! Yours was a good adventure.
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    Did you video any of it, you've got the makings of a blockbuster, I'd say with your skills, it's your next resto not parts car!!!!
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    Sounds like quite an adventure!
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    Not quite invention of the century but here's something I came up with to aid insertion and removal of fuel tank senders. Bought an elcrappo brand 86mm hole saw on Ebay for a fiver, ground all the teeth flat leaving four bits sticking up corresponding with the segments on the perimeter of the sender, cut an oval shaped hole to allow the pipes through. Bit more professional than tapping the sender round with a hammer and chisel which is what I used to do before.
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    Just painted a car with my old Devilbiss 1.4 suction spray gun, the finish out of the gun is like glass, now the man's friend paints and he can't believe that is the gun I used, I sometimes wonder why I use HVLP guns, normally get at least a bit of orange peel!!!! Oh and my new man failed miserably at getting a colour right for me, he blamed it on his son that mixed the paint!!! If I painted regularly, I would have my own set of tints and scales.
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    looking good Chris, I do love the colour too..
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    There’s a good possibility if you weld as is it will remove the tank for you and more than likely the rear of the car 🤭🤭
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    NRP Nuneaton are the boys for paint, i use Jawell paints aswell, no date for paint, theres still so much to prep, defiantly this year, and hopefully before the weather turns
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    …...and used the above as an excuse to go for a wee hurl/road test to the shops.
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    Fantastic progress in a very short time, looking forward to the next update.
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    He's sold the Starcraft .
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