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    All my first fix repairs done, and it's off to the body shop down the road.
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    Sorry again for the recent lack of updates. Among other things i have been busy on getting my bike back on the road. Has been a learning experience to say the least. Fear not, i am not going to turn this thread into a blog about crappy eastern block bikes just couple pointers that will help me later on with the Cortina. But first couple new acquisitions; Telescoping gauges for checking bores and such. Cheap set but good enough for my use. Illustrated parts list, not required but nice to have. 70€ +shipping so on the pricey side but could not help my self So, my MZ's big end crank bearings were shot and i took the engine to bits last year. I had the cylinder rebored and honed in a neighboring town. Reasonable prices, good quality and good reputation and they seemed to be able and willing to do the work on my Cortinas engine when the time comes. Checking that my new crank survived the shipping (it did, cheaper to buy a new one than fix the old). I made this jig large enough to be able to fit Cortinas transmission shafts etc. Since this pic was taken i got a proper dial stand. Wont stick to aluminium though so i will need to make an adapter. Ok, so now i have parts in hand and workshop manual in front of me, monkey see monkey do. What could go wrong, eh? First i put the crank in wrong way around Though that the cross section pic was from the front when it was from the back.. I absolutely hate shrink fitting parts. No room for errors/fumbling about. Took three tries.. Ps. Hylomar gasket/jointing compound removes nicely with paint and gasket remover spray. Kind of obvious really when you think about it. My bargain basement torque wrench is not to be trusted for anything below 100Nm (or above for that matter). Two broken head studs.. My itsy bitsy electric rattle gun will happily break a 7mm bolt. Good luck finding the said 7x105mm 1mm thread pitch bolt locally. Temporary fix, new bolt already ordered. So now i have the thing more or less back together, have spark, fuel and squeeze but no bang even when kicking till blue in the face After a nights sleep i found out that the plastic frame holding the metal part on the points had melted throwing the timing way off. Cheap repro parts are cheap for a reason.. Well at least i hope that is the cause, i have ordered new parts from Germany but they will take ages to arrive as seems to be the norm these days. And the biggest lesson i learnt was that do not set a definite will-be-done-by date. Only leads to unnecessary frustration when it WILL not be ready in time. Just go easy, one step at a time and if something is not feeling right stop and think. On the same note, rest of the work on the Cortinas bodyshell is going to be postponed to somewhere around fall. The bodywork guy is doing upgrades to his shop (new ovens and the like). If it means a better result i am all for it. Plenty of other stuff to do on the meanwhile.
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