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    That mk5 estate theres nothing of it he removed the windows rotten interior ready for banger racing
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    Thought it was a secret sweetie
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    Not completely moving on mate. All will be revealed in a couple of months.
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    Yes true I been London and Scotland buy car I want,not so bad now with wrapsap get good pics,car been offered in my home town and that doesent happen much to me lol,
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    When you are looking for a classic car, miles away doesn't matter. You can't pop down your dealership. You have to be prepared to travel
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    Well excuse me but Capri clocks were mentioned ,not seeing your retro rides post how are we too know your refering to a set of Cortina clocks your not supposed to bad mouth people on retro rides but you don't think people on here deserve the same ,pardon me for only having a lifetimes experience in fords & was trying to clarify things so one party wouldn't be wasting the others time & money, you gobby c*nt I hope that's clear!!!!! PERHAPS I SHOULD WRITE IT IN CAPITAL's TOO FOR THE HARD OF THINKING!!!!
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    I have everything you don't like but the car is stunning
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