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    If I'm lucky I can drive for approximately another 20 years ( my mother died when only 3 years older than I am now & my father 8 both from forms of cancer), rumour has it, It will be approximately 10 years be for new ic vehicles cease production with another ten for the supply of fossil fuel to end. This is only for non commercial vehicles as lorries & diesel electric trains especially can't carry the loads or cover the distance expected of them now due to the size/amount of batteries required. Bring on the washing machine powered wonders I say, leaves more petrol for me. The motor industry was recently reported to be running scared re failing sales (profits) of electric vehicles especially fleet/lcv segment as customer grants are dropping & people are becoming savvy to the real world costs/limitations. I know people who work in the back rooms of this technology & they report that the technology can't meet the customer & environmental demands now let alone for the "deadline" & that the tree huggers are siding more & more with people like us who keep older not just classic vehicles in use, as whatever fuel source a vehicle uses the carbon footprint of building & in many cases shipping them halfway round the planet ( cause its "better " for the profit margin ,err I meen planet) is no different wether ic or electric & takes over 10 years to be offset. More & more research is swinging towards hydrogen fuel cells than electric to enable a match to present customer usage demands. Call me Greta's worse nightmare but personally I don't give a ., 3 of mine already run on lpg & the rest are easily converted, which by the way is a byproduct & better for the environment! The planet won't die the human race will & that's what scares the rich & powerful. I think that before global warming wipes us out it will more likely be one meglamaniac with beliefs that differ from another or another Corona type virus that will bring the cockroaches to the top of the food chain. & The last thing the oil companies & middle Eastern countries want is an end to the ic engine. Anyway don't worry as according to news reports E10 will have forced all the old cars of the road by the end of the month like E5,unleaded,locusts & pestilence was going to before that. Long live the V8 !!!!!
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    put new plugs ht leads dizzy cap rota arm and sports coil rerouted heater pipe inline filter rerouted petrol pipe,kn filter new fuel pump proper throtle cable,seem lot more happier won set off centre caps and a spare wheel dident relise shes out off mot so book it in next week,2 weeks out lol
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    Yes all fit like that.
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    got these cheap with excellent tyres been nicely refurb i know only 5js but do for now,had nice set off trims in my loft and bought new nuts bad news my centre caps are missing thier clips dope,
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    My mk1 cortina 400hp 1.8ltr
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    I managed to change my thermostat today…. 13mm deep socket and ratchet…. The thermostat was held in by a spring clip …seated on a rubber sealing ring.. I made sure the thermostat housing face and engine block face were completely clean.. applied some hylomar on both sides of the gasket and re fitted … obviously the top hose was removed and refitted.. Topped up with coolant made sure I left the radiator cap off while running to prevent any air lock… Guess what I bought the thermostat,gasket,retaining spring clip and sealing ring at the grand old 1979 price of £2.25…. A bargain….
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    I have been thinking about this as well but from a slightly different angle . My everyday Ford Focus is on it's last legs and I have been looking at buying a newish Focus to last me until they ban new internal combustion engined vehicles from being manufactured . I have read a few articles by supposedley knowledgeable people saying that the petrol/diesel companies are looking to convert their petrol stations to mass electric charging areas . Some people say the government hasn't said they will ban petrol/diesel being sold but as more and more electric vehicles come into use the need for traditional petrol stations will rapidly drop . The places where you can buy fuel will start putting their prices up and gradually force us to go electric .
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    I find that when I haven't used mine for a while,the dash electrics don't come on. But when I give it a few goes,the dash electrics come on and it'll fire up eventually. I suspect it's the 12v cable aging.
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    A certain black dog was more excited than I was to sit inside!
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    Yes. I'm going to have a ride up there possibly one night next week to sort my logbook out for Historic. If you see him tell him I'm coming.
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    I sometimes wonder why we bother Craig ?
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    I know what you mean, much better for a car to be in the hands of an enthusiast rather than an investor. I look at cars I' interested in and they are a similar value to the cost of my first house, it's difficult to justify spending that amount of money.
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    To be quite honest I'm not interested in the value I'm in to cars.
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    Looks like someone has uploaded it to youtube. https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR0dDkwSFCO4erDzZrfJFAHt9CLIwEd0dxoPoK_YZ856fVlZvBn-kbfrPFo&v=K8f8PUh-OMk&feature=youtu.be
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    Yes absolutely straight from the box onto the car. On another forum somebody complained that theirs started leaking, but was fixed FOC. Give it a day or two to see if anybody else on here has any comments.
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    Past Parts supplied a new tank with mine.
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    I had my master cylinder resleeved by Past Parts, and it has performed faultlessly over a few 000 miles. It cost c£150 though, but to my mind a resleeved original is better than a cheap foreign one. What colour is the plastic band on your cylinder?
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    Ah ok. Makes it easier to remove later down the line
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    Yeah,not cheap mate. If the one on your scrap car is good,then it sounds like a plan.
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    might found set in my town believe or not my son works with a builder said he got a set he took off capri anyway put set brake pads in the front as they were knackered was going change the dics but thier fine,put pad on ds side bit low now its level must be petrol tank,
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    That sits nice enough
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    Yes mk3/4/5 I supplied the pattern late 90's very good fit but as said not cheap.
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    Thats what the MOT man said as well.
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