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    Well excuse me but Capri clocks were mentioned ,not seeing your retro rides post how are we too know your refering to a set of Cortina clocks your not supposed to bad mouth people on retro rides but you don't think people on here deserve the same ,pardon me for only having a lifetimes experience in fords & was trying to clarify things so one party wouldn't be wasting the others time & money, you gobby c*nt I hope that's clear!!!!! PERHAPS I SHOULD WRITE IT IN CAPITAL's TOO FOR THE HARD OF THINKING!!!!
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    Will try and add some pics I was saving to have it painted but something else came up its like me looks better at distance have owned for 7 yrs...tax and test exempt any questions comments welcome....cheers kev
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    Reluctantly I'm selling my Dad's Mk4 1600L Estate, 56.,650 miles. It needs a home where it can be used and enjoyed. First reg December 1978, my father bought it in March 1981 with about 15,000 miles. He owned it until he died in 1995, and I inherited it shortly afterwards. It was on the road until about 2005 as my son and I intended to restore it. The usual factors intervened and the project was shelved until about 2013-4. I decided to have it professionally restored and BSC members recommended Steve Taylor. He did the work, stripping back to bare shell, repairing all rust etc. and refurbishing mechanicals as required. I had the seats re-trimmed and fitted new carpet in floor and load compartment. The car looks beautiful and drives nicely. I have submitted an ad to ClassicCarsforSale website, and you can see it there or contact me for fuller details. Loads of history from original used car sales invoice, MOT's, bills, original user handbook. Hundreds of photos of restoration project available on a CD for the lucky buyer. Now tax exempt
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    Thank you 🙂 I should have mentioned before, the reel is mounted up under the metal shelf, passes through a plastic guide and up and over the rear seat. You can just about see it in the final photo. The back rest of the seat is packed forward very slightly to give a little space for the belt to slide through. In all honesty it makes the belt slightly slow to retract (kinda period!) but operates fine the way it's meant to. I could possibly pack it forward a touch more to improve it. The whole idea for me was that it could all be returned to standard easily if need be and that I could actually take the kids out in it relatively safely.
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    It should now be showing just the old ones
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    ……..or only have the older smileys, they're much better and a sufficient number?
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    As proven on the sunroof question, your knowledge of Cortina's is second to none and anyone from the outside looking in, you are always trying to help people, so this is a little bit out of order and someone else needs to wind there neck in, AND IT'S NOT YOU.
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    I have everything you don't like but the car is stunning
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    Thanks for your wishes. What a difference a K makes. OK to O!. A thousand times different, but I hope members will understand
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    I think there are only 16 MK1 Cortina's Crayfords left according to the club this is mine but not for sale sorry
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    What a loverly honest car that is shame your parting with her bit I suspect your after a beige base model mk5 good luck with the sale
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    Sadly due to a sudden change in circumstances and a loss of workshop space, I’ve had to list the above for sale on ebay which is a hateful place to try and sell anything. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK5-Restoration-Project/203034048518?hash=item2f45c5b806:g:0JYAAOSwsJ1e-NjR You may well remember this belonged to Tibbsy on here / it does need a lot of welding - details are in the listing. I’m gutted at having to let this one go as I was determined to get going but sadly I’ve no real choice. I’d prefer it went to an enthusiast if possible. I paid £1300 last year and I’d like to try and get back as much as possible. Please message me if you’re interested or want any further info. Thanks. Mike.
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    looks decent. I quite fancy this myself.
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    I am very grateful for the work you do on here Neil . I just find this latest version harder to do things on , it's just me I am sure . I will have another look at the members search function 👍
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    Hi, a friend of mine saw this mint MK2 Cortina 1600GT recently on his travels It looks like it's had an excellent restoration. He spoke with the owner and the car is for sale. At this time I don't have any further info, mileage etc other than the photos Does it look like a genuine 1600GT ? I haven't got the VIN details but if you advise what to look for I might be able to get it The car is located overseas so I would have to get it back here. Can anyone advise how much it would be worth if I sold it here, UK registered with an MOT thanks apologies for posting links to larger photos but I could only post a thumbnail directly https://postimg.cc/FdZXv46w https://postimg.cc/f3GtS6MH https://postimg.cc/w7qVBsf1 https://postimg.cc/mzW3Wc12 https://postimg.cc/0MGYk87G https://postimg.cc/cg5s837d
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    I love them myself very period Halfords special parts or side street car shops ,pin stripes aerials spotlights center consoles Turtle air fresheners traffic lights to !! You could park up and plenty would take notice of your car because loads was doing it !! now a stock beige L that’s another story
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    I don't need the hinges but I'd love to go and meet the guy... See how angry he is
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    Hi all, I have started a facebook page which will hopefully make it easier for people needing spares to get in contact with me as I don't really use these forums too much anymore. Please feel free to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/485550612063486/
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    I have a c3 automatic gearbox in good working condition, only removed as converting the car to manual. £100, collection from Bolton or can arrange courier at cost
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    Thought it was a secret sweetie
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    FFS.... SCC...THIS IS A COMPLETE MK5 CORTINA V6 CLOCK ASSY Hope this is clear!!!!!
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    Never use the integral trans cooler in radiators, instal a separate trans cooler. I worked in a transmission shop for a while and the amount of failed trans cooler/rads was shocking. when the engine coolant gets into the trans oil the auto box needs a rebuild, it’s just not worth the risk.
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    Hi, sorry for my delay in answering you, I got bogged down with problems with my own car. I am definitely interested in the parts but I now find I need to shell out on some panels for mine, so I guess it will depend on how quickly you need the sale and collection done. Cheers Paul
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    I have a recon C3 box with everything with it for £150 if that helps...
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