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    Just Curious...does anyone know anything about this Mk4 Cortina Ghia XEX 185S...came originally from Norfolk? Because I just bought it here in the USA :0
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    Hi all oldschool Ford friends! To take a little step backwards from the Cortina Savage Racing-thread that I started I´ll go back to the summer of 1985 when this journey with the Blue Oval started... My actual first car was I VW Beetle that I bougt in november 1984 and started to put in pieces immediately when the snow had disappeared in the spring of 1985. But in end of june did I realized that I´ll will get my driving license after only a few weeks and the Beetle is far from finished, not even halfways... (now you can even figure out how old I am...). So, my Dad and I starting to check around to some car companies to get something else instead as long as I will get the Beetle finished. Finally it was three cars that "came on the map", one VW 1600 Tl -70 (my Dads choise), a dark green Cortina 1600 DL -69 with a longhaired red dashboard with four extra gauges, C-cassette stereo player, Wow! And then the last one; when I put me behind the steeringwheel I was sold immediately! Earlies the same spring I had some more contact with a Cortina MK2 that opened my eyes a bit for the Cortina. I did know all the three Cortina models in Finland, it was a common car back then, but not that close... A dark blue Cortina 1600 GT 1970, and the dashboard. I was so sold, all these gauges, rewcounter (that in fakt didn´t work in the beginning), oilpressure, AMP etc. This was the most expensive of all three. My father tried to get some of the other two but I had made my decision. June the second 1985 dad drove this dark metallic blue 1600 GT home. I worked hard and payed allmost half of the cars prize. Dad bargain the prize down from 6000 FMK to 4300 FMK but the we didn´t got any wintertires. This was the time when JJLehto, Salo, Häkkinen and I moved away from the gocart-tracks. Those more famous people, that really could/can drive, went over to Formula Ford 1600 and I to Formula Ford Cortina street versions in many different versions... This is the one of the very few pictures that I have on that first Cortina from -92. The original colour was Saluki Bronze. I hadn´t used it since july -86 in favor fore the next Cortina, a MK1 -64 that became one of the most important one in my Cortinalife. Behind this picture is a funny story that almost ended in tears. Here I have just loaded my selfmade trailer (a school work from the technical institute that I finished a year earlier) and my late father standing beside it, happy get rid of Cortinas and stuff that started to take little too much space my parents garden. I didn´t even clamp the GT in the trailer, only handbrake and turned front wheels was hold it in place. And as the icing on the cake the whole GT, without engine, gearbox and frontwings, was on the backside of the trailer that it didn´t got some pressure on the towbar. After a while when I got little more speed on the highroad, about 75 km/h (46,6 mph) the whole thing started to "wobbling" as... I almost ended up in the ditch before I got down the speed. The red one is a 1500 DL -67 and was one of our every day use car between 1993 -99. My oldest daughter´s first car ride was in that car. But more of that car later. So the first Cortina i used for about a year and it had a quite hard time. I drove all the time shared many stories with me. Once a screw jumped in througt the non original one choke carburettor after that I had tried to modified the airbox.... That would have been enought fix one valve seat and the valve of one inlet valve, but young, inexperienced and stupid as I was I changed the whole engine to a 1300 one that ate oil, but now with a "GT" carb. Then I lifted up the rear end, put some Capri seats in it, even the backseat. But it didn´t fit at all and was loose most of the time but it looked as a 1600E that i had seen the same summer. The loose backseat gave me also a funny reputation: "Charlie with the loose backseat"... but I got 6 people in the back of it. Poor GT, but it had survived and is in same shape today that it is in the picture and waiting to be restored, maybe with a Essex V6... More to come if someone is intrested..
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    Although it has a US title, log book...there are no signs it ever had US license plates attached or placed on it. I suspect the title change was just to register it officially as being in the US. Anyways, I have no plans to alter it in any way, or even remove the plates. Due to the condition, I wont be running it often, but just enough to keep things working and if I do need to run it on the roads, I can obtain a temporary permit to do that along with the normal US insurance requirements....that's, easy to do here. I would like to get some additional history info just for curiosity sake, I was hoping someone would recognize it from this forum. I have no idea when it actually came here to the States, or who brought it over or even why. What I cannot fathom is the overall condition of the car, more so the underneath....how the heck is this possible?? it currently has 36,900 miles on the clock, and was at 36,300 or so for its last MOT 15 years ago...so it has been "somewhere" in hibernation, but again....no history other than what we have here. I wanted to share this story with y'all as I am sure its as fascinating to you as it is to me and if a back story is ever discovered on it, I would sure like to know myself. On another note of possible interest....In 2003 I bought a 1974 Ford Escort Mk1 1300E (Purple Velvet) from a chap in Lancashire which was almost in the same pristine condition as this, with a documented 28,000 miles on the clock (all MOT's to prove). Exported it to the US at that time and put it in storage. However, now that I am closer to retirement, I brought it out of storage and now in the process of a full restoration. The shell is perfect, no rust and it has a full history. At some point I suppose due to fading or weather, it was repainted, and they did a good job, but currently the paintwork has a few age related blemishes now, so I decided to strip it down to the bare shell for a full 'factory finish' repaint (not too shiny, not too dull but as close as we can get to the original 'out the factory door' paint job) and then build it back up to specification with original parts, and any parts that are slightly off will be replaced with NOS...which is not much. I have collected a lot of NOS parts for the Escort over the years, so I have a lot of cosmetic bits that will be going back on it. Knowing what these were like when new allows me to apply the details of originality to it so that it will be as close to looking like new as possible. I hope the only thing missing would be that original new ford car smell which I recall well, but trying to replicate that....well....doubtful. The closest thing I ran across for that new car smell is....silicon rubber conditioner spray....its close, but not quite (for all you detail fans). Eventually, I will probably loan my cars to the Henry Ford museum in Michigan for display so they can be enjoyed by others....although by "others" of my generation are getting up in age...so at least the younger ones can see how real cars were built back in Ol' Blighty :)
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    It is interesting to say the least. I grew up in the UK and worked in the repair shop as a light vehicle mechanic for a main Ford dealership (Knutsford Motors in Northwich, Cheshire) from 1976 through 1981. So I am used to these as I worked on them and all other Fords at that time, including PDI for the new cars that were sold. Where did this come from? As far as I can tell, It has been in Norfolk its entire life up until 2006 which is the last tax disc I have for it. When it was brought here, I dont know as there is no V5, but it now has a US title from Missouri which is the equivalent of the UK V5 log book. Why did I buy it? Apart from the nostalgic part of owning a part of the past that I was very familiar with, the condition of this particular car is...quite unreal. I will post pictures of the underside, which I cant quite grasp as being real, but it is. No body rust or damage...it looks like a car that is about 6 months old....exactly as I remember them as I have worked on so many....
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    I've had to reset the carburetor now there''s no air being sucked through the hole. I didn''t expect it to make that much difference, but it was a full turn in on the mixture screw.
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    I guess the seals you can get now are not the identical profile. I have the door seals to do next, I expect they will need a good slam too 🙄
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    That was me though I think it was mentioned in your members cars thread John? Can't remember now. Over the last few nights I've been messing about with fitting a screw in barb to a carb top while the nights are long and the days are short. My barbs were very tight in the carb top and I've left the return outlet alone for now, but bit the bullet and did the deed with the inlet pipe. Here's what's left of the brass fitting after mucho messing about. This is the point of no return, so had to crack on and get the rest of the brass fitting out of the hole. This probably were I am a tad lucky as I have a small tub full of reamers and I managed to get most of the brass fitting out. Then I used a 9mm drill bit to drill the hole for the tap. In the last conversation regarding this topic it was mentioned to use a 9.5mm drill bit but I used a 9 and it tapped pretty well. Bit of removable thread lock and hopefully this should be ok.
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    Okey, Thanks D-FENS! You see my Cortina hobby got wider and my wife wanted an Anglia so the Anglias came into our family in 1998. Then when our fourth kid was born and our Sierras started to to small Transits came into the picture, 2001. Then it rolled on with Zephyr MK3, Escort Mk1, Corsair and an own one, little with Capri and could maybe come a Consul Classic, we will see if the prize will be the right. But allways on the top have the Cortinas been. N.B. NOTE I WILL START A NEW THREAD WITH MORE OF THIS STUFF THAT HAVE BEEN STARTED HERE The new threads name is: "Cortina-life and Racing by Speedgroup" Hope You all will join, read and leave a commment and I left this for Savages-talk Henrik
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    Hi! I want to know more about Cortina Savage MK2 and ecspecially what stuff the used when they was racing it. Someone did it 1968 in London-Sydney rally and then in sought Africa with the Perana built "Savage" they have been used in 68-71. I´m trying to build a Savage racecar and it could be possibly to get a FIA HTP on it because it had been raced in period.
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    Plug it from the outside in case it works loose.
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    Interesting information about the 1200 engine! In the 1970’s, I spent many hours tuning various 1200 engines for more power on a budget. In those days, 1200s were very cheap, because everyone wanted to fit 1500 and 1600 engines. One 1200 that I modified went very well in my brother’s Anglia, he was a little disappointed when later he fitted a 1500 to find it went considerably slower!
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    Nice to hear Tigdlo It´s was a really "Lucky Luke"-engine. The 1200 was in a halfgood shape that i didn´t want to abuse the original one. I borrowed a 1200 bottom end from a friend and putted it in pieces. An old colleague that had Twin Cam experince, helped me to clean it up and we hone it because it wasn´t so bad in the lines. I used the original STD pistons, only new rings and new bearings for the crankshaft. From the flywheel we turned or milled (what word do you use in english for that?) away about 2-2,5 kg, and from the clutch side about a 1-1,2 mm that the clutch cover will press the plate little harder. Else standard MK1 stuff in the clutch. Camshaft was a used Kent Cam 244 (290 deg. 11,35 (0,4468 inch) lift). I didn´t even adjust the camshaft, just fitted it.. That was the bottom end. The top was from a GT-65 that 38 mm inled valve (original 36 mm) and std exhaust valve. It had been used in the end of the 70th in some "cheaper rallycross class" called "jokamiesluokka" (in swedish varmansklass) a sort of "every mans class" that you have to sell your race car, if someone wanted to buy it, after the race for a prize that always was the same for everyone and every car. Mr Slow, James May, from Topgear drives in that class after Mika Häkkinen had tried to learn him to drive fast on gravel.. Then was the cylinderhead milled down 4-5 mm. I think it had double valvsprings or then was it heavy duty Formula Ford ones. But I did never check the compession ratio. Exhaust was a newbuilt FIA "1200"-exhaust for 1200 Anglias and 1200 Cortinas. They made about 15-20 of them then. It`s like GT but the second and third extractor pipes is on the "inside", not at the outside as the GT has normally. Then I made a 2" exhaust system, one walker racing silencer and the pipe came out just in front of the left rear wheel. I had a pair of Weber 40 DCOE with 30 mm choke rings and old inlet manifold for double Webers. Then I was really careful to get them in "one line" without any edges bouth inlet an exhaust. But it was a challenge to put those both together and hard with some bolts and trays i differnet thicknesses... Those olds inlet manifolds aren´t the easiest to play with. Distributor had some other springs for the weights but else original in good condtion distributor. Original mecanical fuelpump, lines and fuel tank. That funny little stove gave 71,8 hp on the Cortina rear wheels. How much it was in the engine was aproximately 85-90 horses. Quite good fore that type of tuning. It wasn´t even balanced but revsed as a fool. We putted some oil additive, Bardahl, that lowered the inner friction in the engine. It was in a really good shape when I gave the bottom end back to my friend without the camshaft some years later. The cylinderhead is still in use but now little more tuned and is in my race Anglia 1200 Super. So, hopefully you got something out of this explanation...
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    In exatly this place and position this car were built... But don´t exist anymore
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    In 2000 i drove some iceracing with the 1200 Cortina and finished 3 starts and the fourth I got some minor electrical problem that it stopped. But it a good luck for me because the oil cap had flew away. But with standard gear ratios and final gear I had to give it all revs it brings in the second gear before I but in the third and the fourth i didn´t use for the whole day.. In the summer, in july the same year, I drove my secound "normal" race with it. In practice the crank pulley broke an fly away and damaging the fan belt. I raced in two races. I was even faster than one Lotuscortina that had an ovesize engine but else a standard one. The 1200 was suprisingly fast in the corners without difflock, funny, almost original lowered suspension. And the weight wasn´t so bad 781 kg, with innerroof, no plexiwindows, rust protection still left under the floor. Quite a lot of understeer but manageable. Later same year I found the GT63, or better to say, the remains of it from a friend in Sweden. In those days you wasn´t allowed to do replicas, you couldn´t do a GT from a Deluxe. The model had to be the original. I started to build the second race Cortina, a GT. But I had to sacrifice the 1200 for it, and finally I had to use the whole bodyshell for the GT. The end of the 1200 DL. But I have an other 1200 that I have starded to build a few years earlier but int needed more welding than this and when this one came in my way the other 1200 remained standing. More in next chapter if someone is interested.
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    Tricky little devils!
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    Yeee, here is two of the 1200 DL. Those are my oldest daughter and youngest son behind our Sierra 2,0 DOCH carb version playing with cars..
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    Oh, dear frieds, these comments really warms my heart to hear that !! Yes, I started with historic racing in 1995 and in the first part of 80:th I was carting, I think in the same class as some halfknow fellow, hakki... hokki.. Häkkinen it was. But I don´t have any memories of that and he was miles better than me. When he, Salo and Lehto started to drive Formula Ford, I started to drive Formula Ford Cortina GT -70, on the the streets... My parents sayd that if I want to continue my carting or racing I have to pay it by myself, but they helped me to buy the GT-Cortina. I bought that GT-Cortina the 2 july 1985 and still have it, but it needs some repair now... But if I put the racingsavage on the ice for a while (it depends on the FIA rules very much) I will fix that GT and put the Essex V6 in that car for some fun road use. Back in those days 70-80th it was modern to raise the rear end on the cars and I did too on the GT, of course. Roadholding became the same as an old-fachioned phone box on wheels. One dark evening in the autumn there was some semi-known chicks and I wanted show them a real burn-out with the Cortina. The whole rear end was jumped up and down as a piston in a longstroke engine in max revs.Then did the engine mounts broke and the whole engine turned over to the right an stopped when the airbox got stucked in the batterys postive pole... Ok, thats not racing but i started to date on of the chicks a few years later and the time went by and even she bougt a Cortina when I did´t buy it, a 1600E. Even three of our four kids have Cortinas... Yes, it´s the same 1600E higher up in this tread. Ghia mk4/5; Maybe I could have but I don´t know your experience of it.. But one "red line" in our racing carieers, me and my boys, is that we don´t have to much money to spend on it but if the passion is really strong you have to come up with solutions and be active. 1995 I drove the first few races in a borrowed Fiat Mirafiori 2000TC, 1996 in Alfa Romeo Giulia. 1999 we put together my first own racecar, a Cortina 1200 DL in 8 weeks outside in the garden outside of the livingrooms window on the lawn, most by myself. Lowering block at rear and the secound longest leaf upside down, original old in good konditions shocks all around, cut off two turns of Escort 2" lower and 190 lbs springs at front. Some weldings, a 6 point roll bar, a cheap used racing seat with and used racing 4 point seatbelts that i got from someone. Twin 40 webers, GT-manifold, very ground GT head, hone the cylinders and new piston rings and bearings, and a Kent cams 244 camshaft. We got 71,8 horses at the rear wheels with that 1198 ccm engine, none balanced, no baffeling in the oil sump nor oilcooler and original oilpump. We only ad one litre more 20-50 Shell standard oil in it. But we put it togetherher very carefully. 1500 Cortina front legs with diskbrakes and harder brakepads, 8" drums at rear, single circuit mastercylinder with new sealings. 4" rims with 450M13 Dunlop Vintage rubbers. Original gearbox and reardiff (4,125) then it was FIA-legal and raceready. The first race was in september 1999 and I finished third in class (okey, we where only three in that class, but...) and it hold together with no testing, only on the rolling road once. Only two alternators gave up, one i praktice and one in the race, but I finished! That was the biggest winof all. Two month erlier that car was in a barn and been there fore allmost 20 years, one or was two wheels didn´t even roll. We towed it slowly home with one standing wheel and no brakes... But I saw the chequet flag in it´s first race.
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    I'm loving this thread!
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    Hey guys, not sure if this is the correct way to ask if anyone has a nice set of Cortina Ghia wheels that can be refurbished, or already has been refurbished. IF there is such a thing as 4 or 5 new or NOS ones, would be interested in them also :0. Again, not sure if this is the right way to inquire, please correct me if I got it wrong as far as posting location. Cheers to all, Mark.
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    Bit of progress with putting it back together
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    Hi all, hope everyone had a good Christmas and made progress with their projects. Big thanks again to everyone whose given friendly advice and help on here. Especially Craig at Sheffield Cortina centre whose been unfailingly kind and helpful with suggestions and sorting me out with a few parts . ..and the guy in Liverpool who sold me a complete interior and gave me a carburettor with manifold (sorry I can't remember your name it was a good few years ago).Classic car people are the best I know this has been covered before but I cant find the post...I'm setting the tie bars on the front suspension and iirc the procedure is to set the wheel centres to 101.5 inches? Is this correct ? atb
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    Hello again! MK3 Cortinas was sold in Finland only a few years and we got German Taunus instead of the MK4/5. And unfortunately any Savages have never been sold here. But I like little "odd" models and little to be an "underdog" in racing and my oldest son and I have 4 champions tittle in pre 66 class under 1300 ccm with the Anglia Super. Of course I have that realy rust Capri and they was used in the beginning of the 70th here too, most in group one but also a few in group two. But I´m a Cortinaman since 1985 when a got my driving license and got my first road car, a 1600GT MK2 -70. I still have it in the backgarden... This is my wet racing dream...
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    Hi and lots of thank`s to you bought for the answers! Yes, I know that not Savage nor Perana was a Ford own model but on the years I fond some info that bouth models had been rallied and raced. I found an entry list for the London-Sydney rally and there was several Cortinas and the first list that I found I think there was 3 Savages but later on I only found that it was one, Peter Graham that had tried twice with the Savage, in -68 to run the London-Sydney rally and -70 London-Mexico but retired bought times. The info i found of the Cortina Perana was that it was used in 1970-71and the driver was Koos Swanepoel. He was a Ford driver and drove with Anglia 1478 ccm and Lotuscortina Mk1 before that. The idea of the hole thing why I´m starting to think about a Savage/Perana Cortina MK2 as a racingcar was when I read the new FIA app K for 2022 and there I found that it could be possible to race an unhomologated car and get FIA HTP if the car had been raced in the period. I live in Finland and we drive all our historic racing under FIA international rules, then we need a FIA HTP. Most of the time since I started racing in 1995 I´ve been driving with Fords (I started with Fiat and Alfa Romeo but those cars wasn´t mine). At first with 1200-Cortina, then GT63 then a few 1200 SuperAnglias. Just before Christmas I sold away my MK2 -race GT-69 that is one of the very few GT MK2 that had been rallied here in the period but I got fedup on it. I bougt it for 8 years ago and started to do a racecar of it because rally is so hard to the bodywork here. But it wasn´t as good as it should be that got bored to fix others "tuning" and crasch repairsafter som years. The only thing that was ok was the engine, 1600 Xflow that gave about 135 horses at the rear wheels. At the same time we, my bouth sons and I, have raced with the GT63 (a former winner of the Swedish racing championship in 1963 with Bo Ljungfelt as the driver) and the the Anglia Super -64 (old rallycar since 1997)... I´ve been thinking a lot of the TC and I have most of the parts to change the GT or built a Lotuscortina but when I see my friend and his Lotus and an other with a TC Escort how difficult it is when the engines start get some troubble... I drive with a low budget and I cannot afford to blow up a Twincam and then be on the racetrack after some weeks with a new engine. Ok, I don´t know if an Essex is so much cheeper than a TC but I think it´s not as fragile as a 175 BHP TC if I take some 200-250 horses out of the 3,0 Essex, and it have much more torque. I want some speed straight forward too that I don´t have to take back everything that I lose in the straight lines... I have two 3,0 essex and gearboxes from a really rusty Capri 3000GT mk1 that I can use for this project and 3-4 MK2 bodies, so... This is my GT-63, the oldest GT-Cortina in Finland, raced from day one 1963.
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    or you ask at your Motorcraft dealer:
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    yep, afaik MK1 Cortina Estate, GT and Corsair should be the same:
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    Fuel tank, and battery in today, cleaning up or painting as I go 😁
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    Mmmm, Just had another look more pictures available now. NOT NICE AT ALL. The boot floor welding is terrible, No Rubber Side Trims, Under the bonnet, well what can you say. I am surprised Matthewsons are Selling it. DVLA site say's it is a 2.0 but they dont give model details. No MOT Details showing but it will be in Historic Class. Log book change in June 2021.
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    If that's a true Ghia it's missing a hell of a lot of parts that should be there! It's a mismatched pile of crap, sold to Mathersons on the prefix it is what it is... You pays your money and take your choice. Personally I wouldn't bother.
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    Sheesh where do you start with that thing!?!? Underbonnet sound pad missing, L door cards, crusader seats ,base or early L doors ( hmm L door cards) or pattern doors fitted unless all the trim pins have been ground off). Would like to see 2.0 cast on block as a twinchoke does not automatically meen a 2.0. Gotta feeling this might be a 1.6L be interesting to see what is plts & logbook say. Can't be arsed to look further.
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    Well I've made a start on putting it back together after the bare metal repaint. Easy stuff first, although it was a bit of a fiddle getting the side light/ indicator lamps to fit inside the apature in the grill.🙄
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    Waiting till the fairer weather gets here. Workshop is full of cars. I done a few jobs to it... Rear wheel cylinders Sorted rear lights out Sorted dash lights out Done drivers door lock Sorted front lights out Replaced exhaust manifold Changed plugs, leads, cap, has electronic ignition Changed tyres Replaced passenger door hinge Got a few more left yet
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    It will be 2Tone. Rio Brown over champagne gold. No filler required and no welding. I'm looking for a new front left indicator. Must be genuine Ford. Mike. VID-20210306-WA0000.mp4
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    That looks incredible. What a stunning machine. Really pleased for you!
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    The screw is for refilling the original type of damper mechanism with oil. My Corsair still has the original strut innards, and I use Castrol Fork Oil 10, intended for motorcycle struts.
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    Another vote for PastParts here. They sent me the seals I needed. Getting the tank off without damaging it is a feat in itself but I managed to do it. Here are my posts about it and the link if anyone else needs it. http://www.pastparts.co.uk/
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    Past Parts get my thumbs up too. Used them a few times now and wouldn't hesitate to in the future.
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    Remember when most of us retarded the ignition timing when we switched from 97 octane 4 star to 95 unleaded ? Ive been using E5 super unleaded in the mk3 with EFi pinto ,and it loves it but i noticed the idle speed had lifted ,and realised that i should remove the grounding wire in the loom to move the timing back to 12 degrees BTDC ,it sorted it out and runs so much better So if you are running EFi try it,in fact some non EFi engines may benefit from advancing the timing a small amount to compensate for the higher octane Also took the time to swap the alternator which had a rattling rear bearing, and fit a rubber grommet behind one of the timing belt cover as it was 'buzzing' ,feels overall so smooth now.
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    wow that looks phantastic and probably the hardest part already behind you, so can t wait to see it finished. GOOD LUCK with it!
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    That's one great car mate,looking forward to seeing it finished
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    Looks outstanding what colour is the finish going to be ?
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    I want a set of those for ENO! Likey very much
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    it was on ebay about 6 months ago had roughest welded in boot i ever seen,
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