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  1. yes i believe so but i need a laminated screen. i'd imahine a mk3 would be toughened. i've had a toughened screen go before on my v,p1300 due to a stone i'd rather not repeat it :cheers:
  2. a bit too far for me but thanks :thumbup:
  3. looked into that but a quote of £330 fitted put me off :shocking: autoglass not doing cash jobs either only insurance work. something will turn up can fit it myself. used to pay a tenner a screen from the scrapyard i'm still thinking of these cars as cheap bangers, need to get out of that mindset :thumbup:
  4. thanks :thumbup: i'm very happy with how it's looking. not a show car just clean and drivable is all i'm aiming for :thumbup:
  5. hi all. sorry for my lack of posts due to not getting on with photobucket. anyway i'm now getting close to finishing my estate after 7 years and was wondering if anybody in the midlands area has a good used laminated windscreen for sale? thanks :cheers:
  6. hi jayne, i know you said you weren't bothered about a pic but i want you to be happy with what your getting so i took a couple anyway! hopefully you can see what i meant about the pressings :thumbup:
  7. whats your problem mate i'll give it a go! :lol:
  8. :o i met this guy years ago when he lived in ilkeston(?) i bought an engine crane frame off him seemed a really nice bloke. my deepest sympathy
  9. "IN MY OPINION ONE OF THE BEST MK5 ESTATE CARS IN THE UK" i've never seen this car in the flesh but i think its fair to say that there is no competition, that IS THE BEST MK 5 ESTATE ANYWHERE :winner: good luck with the sale mate :cheers:
  10. brown fabric preferably
  11. hey guys does anybody have a pair of fishnet recaro headrests for sale please <_<
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