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  1. markanglia

    Mk2 front legs

    hI anyone got a pair of mk2 front legs , hubs and steering arms they will part with ??
  2. Hi Mark yes mate but what time ish you coming . between 10 -12 .... i popped in a couple tuesdays ago and had a look ..
  3. still looking good col, you in the workshop tomorrow ...??
  4. Wow colin that looks the nuts mate ... i will call in next week or week after when im down your way if thats ok ??? Also you got another spare prop laying about .??
  5. Well done with the feature Colin , cars looking good mate ..
  6. Still looking the nuts colin...... you in the workshop tomorrow ....??
  7. Colin , I think he wants pic's of the car ..... Not your haircut .??? The Saxons still looking the nutts mate .
  8. still getting on well colin ... roof looks the nuts mate .. The whole car in primer will look the ...... Bo##ocks ..... All done as a christmas prezzie to yourself ...
  9. Front end Mark dont want 2 leave it to long keep the rust off ,it makes me feel im getting somewhere do you like the roof . You made a top job of the roof colin , must come down and see it soon mate ... get it primed , then get your block out ..!!!!
  10. Looking good Colin , Did you say first coat of primer soon .....????
  11. Colin , have you spoken to a guy called Brian Raymond about the saxon .? The reason i ask is i saw a friend of mine whos following the build and this chap reakons he has pics of the saxon .?? On another note still looking good mate .... You at battlesbridge sunday ...
  12. Still looking good Colin have you sorted the roof yet .??
  13. Colin , is it ready for primer yet .??? the car is Still looking good mate , keep putting the pic's on. mark
  14. Not sure about stratford keep changing my mind i was going on the saturday then bat bridge sunday but a long way 4 one day, so still not sure ,what about you guys sat or sun or both. . Jamie and grah ain't up for it . I did think about going on the saturday and camping , show on sunday . if not we are booked in for battlesbridge i think . how long does it take to get to stratford .??
  15. Colin , My anglias back together , i owe you a drink for the estimate. The saxon is still going well then , looking good Are you going to stratford this year .?
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