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  1. What was the fix for this? The link is no longer valid and mine is doing my head in. I have just had all the bushes replaced, and still the same!
  2. Im trying to work out what trim code should go on the VIN tag for my 66 Mk1 2 door late airflow GT. It has black seats, and the door cards have a chrome trim? Anyone know?
  3. Wanted for a mk1 cortina please Colour and paint unimportant as I will repaint, but must be in half decent condition. Cheers
  4. Yes its very unnerving. I think I may convert to dual circuit brakes so this won't happen. I've also got no fluid or pressure loss and it was rectified by pulling the handbrake. I can't help but think it's something to do with the auto adjusters slipping or something
  5. It's a new club cylinder. I just wonder why it was fixed as soon as I pulled the hand brake?
  6. It's a brand new cylinder as well. Everything is brand new or refurbished.. nothing has been binding or driven hard etc..
  7. That's the thing. They have been fine ever since.. just did it once and then after I pulled the had brake it's worked fine ever since
  8. No servo. That's the thing if the pressure is all used pushing the rear cylinders out then the fronts wouldn't work either in a single circuit set up
  9. Luckily I was just pulling up outside a friends house, I pressed the brakes and pedal went straight to the ground and would not pump. It's a 66 mk1 gt. I pulled the hand brake and that worked and slowed me down and the brakes were perfectly fine after this. I'm presuming that it's a fault with the auto adjusters some how? Has anyone converted to a dual circuit brake system and if so what is the master cylinder to use?
  10. Messer

    wanted 2000e gearbox

    Hi norm try bgh they are good and have lots of spares.
  11. Well I don't think it's had much use since the current owner bought it. It's mainly been kept on display at his house..
  12. I struggled to find any but picked it up from the nec show. Have you tried the mk1 Club they used to stock it or also autosparks I beleive sold it to
  13. It will be a good one I've no doubt. The guy who owns it now is certainly not shy of a few quid. Not wanting to say to much in a public forum, but he has a few nice cars in his collection.
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