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  1. Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the replies, Ant
  2. Thanks a lot guys, So is it best practice to change out the top ones at the same time? And are they riveted in as well? much appreciated, Ant
  3. Hey there, Looking for a bit of advice if possible please, had an advisory on my 1972 Cortina’s MOT last year : “Offside Front Lower Suspension component ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated (5.3.4 (b) (i))” I want to sort it before this years MOT so can anyone recommend good quality replacements? I see a lot of parts out there QH etc but are they actually any good?? Is it worth actually replacing the ball joints or just replace the dust covers on the current? If replacing the ball joints is it best practice to do top and bottom? Any advice very much appreciated, Thanks
  4. Thanks guys, I know silicone grease is recommended but none of the silicone grease I’ve come across actually says anything about polyurethane bushes.....except the little superflex pouches and I want/need a bigger tin/tube really! Ant
  5. Hi guys, Just wondered what grease/lubricant you use when fitting poly bushes? Google search just bring up multiple greases with pros and cons!! Just wondered what you guys use? Any help/info would be much appreciated, Thanks, Ant
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it. Hey Craig, I have the square mounting brackets but not the tie bars, will I have any issues getting the correct ones? Also because my pfl didn’t come with arbs will the mounting holes be there? Thanks again for helping and sharing your vast knowledge 👍👍
  7. Hi folks, Any helpful advice would be much appreciated as usual, I have a pfl mk3 (1.6 XL originally) which doesn’t have ARBs, I have managed over time to get a front and rear, only problem is they are different sizes - front is 18mm and the rear is 16mm, so a few questions : 1. Is it worth fitting ARBs? 2. Do I need a matching pair or will these be fine? 3. Will they fit as there wasn’t any to start with? - (I have 2.3 v6 atlas I will be fitting soon that the rear ARB came with) many thanks in advance, Ant
  8. Hi dgo, Not sure about the speedo drive, it’s always been a bit off but just put it down to the 2L and 5speed box being fitted, maybe the Atlas will correct it.......maybe!
  9. Hey sheffieldcortinacentre, As it’s a straight swap fitting wise any idea if the drive will be very different, the atlas has 3.44 ratio but not sure what ratio my currently fitted koln has!!! Or how the ratio difference will affect drivability! Cheers, Ant
  10. Thanks a lot, that’s what I was hoping to hear 😁 I wasn’t sure whether the koln and atlas pigs heads were the same size/fitting to the prop shaft! So koln out and atlas straight in....excellent. Thanks again I really appreciate it 👍👍
  11. Hi guys, Finally got my hands on an atlas to replace my koln axle, just wondered if this was going to be a straight forward swap or hard work, will it fit straight in and bolt up or will I need a different prop or anything? It’s a 2.3 V6 atlas and I have a 1972 mk3 Cortina, 2L pinto with type 9 5 speed box and koln axle, was originally a 1.6 XL, 2L pinto and 5 speed box done before I brought it, I’m guessing the koln axle was the original 1.6 item but who knows! Any help or info would be much appreciated, thanks, Ant
  12. Sorry if Im being a bit slow here....how do I actually check the wires have power? I have a little multi meter but if the fans plugged in where do I put the pins? Cheers, Ant
  13. The horn still works, checked all the fuses, theyre ok, how can I check if the fans getting power? Ive tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but nothing!
  14. Hey guys, I posted my problems with a water pump swap the other day, thanks again for the help there, thats sorted but noticed my heater has stopped working, it was working fine before the swap, Ive checked fuses are ok, I did have a bit of coolant spray out the top hose on the heater matrix when bleeding but I had a plastic bag over the loom there, any advice would be much appreciated. Car is 1972 Mk3 Cortina originally 1600 XL now 2L pinto Thanks, Ant
  15. Was advised to use a long screwdriver as a stethoscope, worked a treat, could tell right away it wasnt the water pump....thankfully. So that just left the alternator fan, I definitely didnt knock it and it wasnt catching when turning the engine by hand, but I did notice one blade was slightly off to the rest...gave it a little bend and hey presto 😃 metal noise gone 👍 dont know why it wasnt making that noise with the old belts on but hey who can make sense of these things! I did check the bolts on the pulley 1st to make sure they wasnt fouling as the casing is slightly different on the new pump! Thanks a lot guys for taking the time to give me advice, I really appreciate it, Thanks, Ant
  16. Hey guys, I need some help here, I finally got the time to change the water pump on my 1972 mk3 Cortina, had a small leak, pretty sure it was just the gasket but brought a nice shiney new pump from Burton Power with gasket, also new thermostat and new alternator belts, fit it all yesterday evening, left it overnight, refilled coolant this evening and started it up to bleed and check for leaks etc. I now have a noise that almost sounds like the impeller is just catching inside! Cant think of anything else that would be making the noise! If anyone has any similar experience with water pumps or can give me any advice it would be very much appreciated. Engine is a 2 litre pinto out of a 1989 mk3 Granada none power steering, viscous fan removed. Cheers, Ant
  17. Think i've got a spare one mate if you are after the single outlet one i'll check Hey nmonkey220, Thanks for the reply, yes it is the single outlet im desperate for, if you have got one you could sell me it would be a real life saver, thanks for looking, I appreciate it :-) Ant
  18. Hey people, Anyone know where I can get my hands on a sender unit for my mk3 cortina? I'm not having much luck so far Thanks guys, I appreciate any help, Ant
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