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  1. Yep, in Paignton Steve. CYA 644J is Sapphire. Eddie
  2. eddnew

    1600e horn

    Series 2 1600E's have 2 horns :thumbup:
  3. I really want them but would be too frightened to put them on! Not only that......:wife:
  4. Maybe you could work something out with Dave.com as I'm waiting for him to pick up some wheels from me :playball:
  5. I have one that needs a bit of finishing in that it has no locking mechanism. I had my Crayford on it for 9 months though. If your interested it's £100 but you'll have to pick it up from Berkshire. Eddie
  6. Apparently the EKT rubbers fit both. I have one in my S2 & although a bit tight, it went in. I know they've had some bad press round these parts & I only got one because you couldn't get one anywhere else at the time. They are good quality as well.
  7. The Series 1 is 574mm so 6mm difference
  8. No, they have not been on Ebay. I've had them for a couple of years but they're now not needed.
  9. I have a set of 5.5J x 13 4x108 Turbines for sale. These came off a MK2 & have a -12mm offset if you are interested? I have the centre caps to go with them. £175 Pickup from Ascot Berkshire only though.
  10. Yep, that's the one Gary :thumbup:
  11. It was very quick indeed. I paid £1600 for it with a smashed windscreen in 1984. I managed to get one for £60 from the American car breakers in West Drayton, which came out of a Charger (they are the same). What would it be worth today?
  12. Lovely car that. I had this in the mid 80's. It had a 440ci in it but petrol & tyres were cheap back then!
  13. eddnew

    MK 2 Crayford

    I have seen this car & it will be a good easy project for someone. It's a nice car & has great potential. :thumbup: Good luck with it Jon Eddie
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