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  1. how much if this chap doesnt want it?
  2. Emailed you. Might be able to meet you with it if I can get it in the other halves fiat 500 lol
  3. Ive got 2 new ones. Havent got the other to hand but think that is rust free and the other one has the odd bit of surface on the outside where the paint got scratched but inside is still mint. Have got some pics I can email you. I can get courier quote too
  4. I need one too for 1500 if anyone has/knows where to go for one
  5. got a magnum panels one. would post
  6. got two magnum panels passengers front wings
  7. I might have a nos side support spare, not sure about a nos tray would have to check
  8. ah ok, my dad has a later one but thought it only had steels as shown above with hub caps and thats it
  9. are these pre face lift ones? or suit both?
  10. Pics of heater control fascia please
  11. Got two passengers wings. Magnum panels ones. New
  12. tough car to find, I wanted a series 1 GT 2 door a few years back, ended up with a series 1 lotus
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