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  1. Shame you were not closer :(
  2. Shame I sold my spare nos full floor
  3. Are the carpets the same for all trim levels?
  4. Hi all. So since getting this car it's been to a few shows as found and tarted up for my wedding. Restoration is still on the cards but life seems to be in the way of doing it! I do body work restoration for a living now so if end up employing people I will then get this started. The super I started prehistoricly still isnt painted so that should be done first :s Here is what it looks like now (tarted up)
  5. My 1500 super does the same. It's like a steam train out of the filler hole haha. Full rebuild on the cards when I have funds (baby on the way so that's never!)
  6. Interesting stuff. I not seen that pic before but can't remember where I found it. If I printed it; the quality would be naff. Might be ok on glossy photo paper? I can email it over but you should be able to save the pic off here. If you right click the image and put search in google it might show where I got it. Matt
  7. Think mk2 oc have these or at least having them done
  8. How is this? Not mk3 but a mk5 with a Sierra front end
  9. Hi all. Gathering the last bits needed for a restoration of an iconic car. Need a floor pan for a series 1 car. Can modify a later one if mint. Nos be lovely but mint used fine. Some repairs not a problem. Also after nos spare wheel well side. Know expressed available but rather genuine (fussy bugger) Thanks. Matt
  10. Havent touched it since last go :s I was talking to someone to reblast it and paint it for me but want to change the expressed front jacking points to stuart Birds ones first. Needs to be done! The virus isnt going to help. Havent had any time to do it. I started another car and now do them for a living so have a Sierra and mk1 lotus in the workshop so no room now. So yeah try and get it painted by someone else soon
  11. Thanks guys. Sorted on inner wings and plenum bowl. Bulk head should be sorted and pillar sections. Still after a dash. One on ebay too rusty unfortunately Matt
  12. Hi all. Looking for new inner wings or very good for mk1. Need half a bulkhead for drivers side. Plenum bowl and metal behind. Screen pillar sections. Aeroflow metal dash Inner roof pillar that drops behind top door hinges Cheers. Matt
  13. Hi, I havent got a truck yet to collect cars but might be able to borrow one etc to collect it, but would have to charge though. But yeah car could be dropped in What sort of work needs doing?
  14. yes quite alot, waste of time probably lol but did learn a heck of a lot
  15. wow thats lovely! My dad has a blue one but it has rotted to nothing, got to build a new shell for it!
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