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  1. mk2 addict

    Mk5 n/s wing

    Ive got 2 new ones. Havent got the other to hand but think that is rust free and the other one has the odd bit of surface on the outside where the paint got scratched but inside is still mint. Have got some pics I can email you. I can get courier quote too
  2. mk2 addict

    Wanted Mk2 Back Box

    I need one too for 1500 if anyone has/knows where to go for one
  3. mk2 addict

    Mk5 cortina panels and parts

  4. mk2 addict

    Mk5 cortina panels and parts

    Can take a pic later
  5. mk2 addict

    Mk5 n/s wing

    got a magnum panels one. would post
  6. mk2 addict

    Mk5 cortina panels and parts

    got two magnum panels passengers front wings
  7. mk2 addict

    Wanted battery tray MK3 / 4 / 5

    I might have a nos side support spare, not sure about a nos tray would have to check
  8. mk2 addict

    mk3 cortina xl nos wheel trims

    ah ok, my dad has a later one but thought it only had steels as shown above with hub caps and thats it
  9. mk2 addict

    mk3 cortina xl nos wheel trims

    are these pre face lift ones? or suit both?
  10. mk2 addict

    MK1 & MK2 Cortina parts

    Pics of heater control fascia please
  11. mk2 addict

    mark 2 series 2 gt/e metal dashboard wanted

    Ive got one removed from car
  12. mk2 addict

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Got two passengers wings. Magnum panels ones. New
  13. mk2 addict

    MK2 2 door Gt wanted

    tough car to find, I wanted a series 1 GT 2 door a few years back, ended up with a series 1 lotus
  14. mk2 addict

    Mk5 cortina floor pans

    I had 2 NOS floor pans last year!
  15. mk2 addict

    Second Hand MK5 wings

    Still got mine
  16. mk2 addict

    mk1 / 2 1500 engine mount

    As title, needed sharpish please! New or decent used. Cheers
  17. mk2 addict

    mk1 / 2 1500 engine mount

    Hi Kieth, thanks, a new one be great please, do you have a pair? i only have one broken one but the other could go before long. I can paypal today Cheers
  18. mk2 addict

    mk1 / 2 1500 engine mount

    Ok thanks, think I checked throbnozzle. Not a member of the mk1 club. Il try John. Thanks
  19. Hi all After a spare wheel well side original ford. So either mint used or a new original panel. Cheers
  20. mk2 addict

    Second Hand MK5 wings

    got a pattern n/s wing. £50. I paid £100 for it but never get that as its sh1te
  21. Hi all, Looking for any condition early and later under dash parcel shelves. Must have the front rail though. What have you got! Matt
  22. mk2 addict

    cortina mk2 part,s

    where abouts are you?
  23. mk2 addict

    Cortina mk2 bits

    are the self adjusters new?
  24. mk2 addict

    Cortina mk2 2 door offside rear quarter.

    Steve Linton had one. Not sure of his user name
  25. Hi all. Looking for lotus battery cover to use to copy. There is two type I think. Mk1 with no up and over hold down and one with like the mk2. Would buy one or borrowing one/ come to measure up one. Would offer a new one for free to who helps with the template. Condition not too important and wont need to dismantle yours to get the information. Matt