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  1. Thanks for that! I forgot to mention mine is a pre facelift. I didnt see that first link you gave while i was scouring ebay the other night. Seller only posts to the UK, so I will have to try and get in touch with some distant relatives. My original RH was dmaged when the car came to my posession, I ordered and tinted a euro spec lens to replace it. This afternoon, I ended up ordering pair of NOS aftermarket lenses to the tune of 100 pounds, but still wouldnt mind another, rougher LH lens as a spare, since they will only get harder to get over here in Canada. Cheers, David
  2. Hello all, after an incident my dad had in the snowy driveway, I need a left hand tail light lens for my Mk3. As long as it is in one piece, rough condition is ok, as I will be tinting the whole lens red to match the Canadian Spec lens. Cheers, David
  3. Hi all, Putting a zetec in my Mk3. Want to modify a 1.8 CVH sump but I can't find any on eBay, and North America never got that engine (with a steel rwd sump anyways) Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Does it have the dome light in the center of the roof or near the rear view mirror? I am in need of the center mount one.
  5. Sorry Paul, I checked with the registry and there aren't any surviving north american spec estates. Only 2 and 4 doors. Of course that doesnt mean theres someone hoarding them. You could paint yours.
  6. That car looks good, but a bit too much yellow IMO :thumbup:
  7. Yes I saw some mounts online and thought "I could make those!" So I really just need a zetec manual flywheel+clutch, which I could source locally.
  8. Im starting to collect parts to drop my 2.0 zetec into my Mk3. So I need mounts, sump, whatever I would need for this swap. No rush, budget minded please :) Or a website to a supplier would be good too Thanks :thumbup:
  9. Really? When I looked I must have scrolled right past it :headscratch: Silly me :P
  10. Yes, very good range. I was suprised to see a couple canadian parts under the Mk3 section, but I dont think we had that tipe of wiper switch? Anyone know when he will have one of these in stock? http://www.oldpartstore.net/shop/Ford-Cortina-Mk3/89-interior-lamp-early-type.html
  11. Im not sure if I want a repair panel yet or not, if one comes up at the right price I might be interested. Again its the left side rear for a 4 door, Heres the section I need But of the other side of course. Normally I would make it but getting that curve right is a bit overwhelming for me. Thanks for looking
  12. Ive seen those, they look the same but the capri lenses look like they are glass?
  13. Those are ones I found off google images, probably were for sale on ebay a long time ago and I missed em. Mine are cloudy and I think ones got a crack, I have 2 sets both arent perfect
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