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  1. I have for sale a pair of genuine ford spotlamp brackets. I have listed them on ebay if anyone is interested. They are really good condition. Item no: 131936075387
  2. Hi, is it manuel or automatic? thanks.
  3. Hi all, just found out today that my petrol tank is leaking quite bad so was wondering if anyone had one. Thanks. Tel: 07947 384830.
  4. many thanks for help. it just wasn't showing up on my computer for some reason on the site.
  5. Have phoned thanks and I need 165/70/13 but they said they don't do them that small.
  6. Hi, many thanks, will try posting in the Cortina discussion again now.
  7. Hi, I have placed a new topic under the Cortina discussion section twice but its not coming up. what do I do? thanks.
  8. Hi all, does anyone know where to buy white wall tyres for a mk2 Cortina? many thanks.
  9. Congratulations you finally own one. I know you have been waiting for a while for one so good luck and keep us posted.
  10. Depend on what you want? Regards.
  11. Hi, i have completely cleared my shed and had a rearrange and have found some parts. Clutch cable new throttle cable new front brake pads new condenser new propshaft rubber doughnut new oil filter new top suspension ball joints (pair) new suspension lower ball joints (pair) new ignition barrel with key complete second hand we also have a 2.0 pinto engine, this was removed from a vehicle that had a brand new not reconditoned and has only covered a few hundred miles. this engine was bought brand new from ford. it is complete starter motor, alternator, all belts e.t.c. the only thing missing is the carb. can be posted but also weather permiting we are hopefully going to the BROMLEY PAGEANT CAR SHOW ON SUNDAY 8TH JUNE so parts can be collected from there. tel: 07947 384830.
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