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  1. hi where abouts are you kind regards
  2. Hi, could i have 2 please. let me know how to pay. thanks. Tove.
  3. Hi, yes that was my car that was on the show. :)
  4. Hi, all. yes it was my car that wason tonight. i didnt even know untill 10 minutes towards the end. does anyone know if i could tape it of iplayer and how to do this as i would love to have a copy for myself. Tove.
  5. Im not surprised this is up for sale again as the bloke talks alot of c**p and as i used to own it i know alot about it then him.
  6. carys1600e

    pinto carb

    hi i have one if you would like to give me a call 07947384830 kind regards
  7. Hi, yes i think i have one of those that was removed from a mk5 cortina in my shed.
  8. if you look at the listing now i think the person is quite rude calling people that want to help 'ford brains'.
  9. Hi, i had a stormforce one which i bought from a classic car company that makes them. it was alot of money but a brillant cover.
  10. Message to mk1steve, who says mk5's are not proper cortinas??? i am very insulted, lol. :)
  11. Or maybe just a normal mk5 but saying that they would have probably used it to cover anything.
  12. Hi, i bought mine from www.classic-car-carpets.co.uk then click on their link for the covers. i think i bought the stormforce one which was £130.00 for my mk5, they specially made it to fit round the door mirrors and it was extrmemly good quality and the man on the phone was extremely helpful. it was a good cover untill some a--ho-- came onto my drive in the middle of the night and nicked it about 7 months ago.
  13. We saw the advert a few weeks ago when we got the mag through the post and was wondering who owned the crayford.
  14. We usually watch the normal antiques road trip to see all the old classics but didnt know they made a celebrity one until they borrowed the car. many thanks Henri505 for the great vid, very grateful.
  15. It did look really great on the show, they looked after it really well and came back with a full tank of petrol and washed.
  16. Great photos, isle of wight is a lovely place to go.
  17. Its a great progamme which shows all the old classics that nhave ben hired out by people also the other show is called antiques road trip which is very similar but dont worry if i hear anything on the news at leats i know that your the one that has caused it, lol.
  18. Well hopefully you will get to see it one day with a bit of luck, lol.
  19. Hi, all, if anyone watches this programme we have just been informed that tomorrow night (wednesday)on bbc2 at about 7 i think our crayford cortina mk2 will be on with anton de brett. we hired it out a few months ago so should be fun to watch.
  20. Hi, which of the shows is this one? thanks.
  21. Im wondering if its the same one i used to own as it needed so much work that i sold it to a man in cumbria, but that was a few years ago must be at least 3.
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