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  1. I would be interested in the mk2 two dr doors, n/s and o/s please, I would collect as London based
  2. opec V8

    sun roof

    i ve got one iit will need some work though - jim give me a call 07956320403
  3. Definately felt on a mk2 i've- been rebuilding steering boxes for the last couple of weeks and all eight mk 2 boxes i stripped down had a felt column bush
  4. I have the struts, roll tops and the rest but someone has cut the springs and they seem to be different from the later springs - please PM or call 07956320403 if you have either the srings or complete units for sale - Thanks - Jim
  5. opec V8


    ihave sent you a message retro toe - Its a good engine was running when removed from car - i'm in watford herts
  6. opec V8


    For sale 1300cc engine and gearbox, removed from a 1970 mk2 cortina delux also got some decmet seats - offers please- collection only -07956320403 - Jim
  7. glad to see your cracking on graham - for all of you wondering about the cam cover - the car is a july 67 mk2 series 1 - one of the very first mk2's, they were still using the mk1 engine when the early mk2's came out hence the mk1 cam covers, no lotus badges on back panel and cables for the pull vent's inside. Also fitted with a mk1 cortina consol (no clock) - i know this because i owned this car for ten years. The car is a very rare e reg mk2 si lotus and i'm pleased its getting back on the road, keep the updates coming graham and don't let anyone persuade you to swap the cam covers for the standard mk 2 si version - the ones in the pre posted photo are correct for the car.
  8. yeh i drive it Martin its a great laugh bloody juicy though ! cheers see you soon - Jim :oops:
  10. Well Hello Martin - How are you? After sandblasting and painting !!!!! GOT ANY STORAGE SPACE ?? REGARDS - jIM :rofl:
  11. Ive posted this on ebay.co.uk item 200039676876 - Ford Cortina Mk1 Two Door GT ( V8) Lotus Cortina replica – 12 months MOT – 95000 miles. For sale - 1966 Mk 1 Lotus Cortina replica. The car is Ermine white with Goodwood green stripe, the Body is a two door GT which has been modified to except a 3.5 litre V8 and finished in the above Lotus colours. This car has been professionally restored over the last 2 years to a very high standard. The shell is an original 1500 GT two door and has been fully restored and is in very good condition, with a full 12 months MOT Test. The shell has been fitted with many new panels including a NOS front panel (Cost £400), new A posts, suspension top plates and various other chassis panels. Front wings are metal and in A1 condition. Shell was professionally resprayed two years ago at a cost of £1500. Re-chromed front Quarter bumpers will be supplied with the car but are not currently fitted. The engine is a 3.5 Rover V8 fitted with a remote oil filter housing, remote oil cooler (new). Holly 600 CFM carb, re-cored radiator and electronic fan. Transmission is an SDi gearbox with final drive through a standard Cortina GT axle. The Brakes are servo assisted which have been upgraded to all round discs. The Hand Brake is fully Hydraulic “fly-off” type. Suspension is standard (low) and fully adequate, the car handles well. Fuel system is electronic Silver top pump, Filter King fuel regulator to Holly Carb fitted with Ram-flo air filter. Ignition is electronic with new plugs and leads recently fitted. Interior is in good, clean condition but would benefit from a new carpet. The current carpet has fitted mats and is in average condition. The Driver’s seat is in excellent condition, the passenger seat has a few wear marks made by the seat belt. The Headlining is excellent as is the dash top and clocks. Rear seat and door cards are in A1 Condition. The Front door cards are not fitted currently and these would require some refurbishment or renewal. The Battery is about a year old, and an isolator is fitted in boot for added security, (which all Cortina’s need). To summarise, this car is in outstanding condition for its age, its not concourse but it is very clean and solid, and a real eye catcher. The car has been correctly modified and drives well, its great fun and will need a very small amount of work to bring it up to mint condition. Would be great for road use or Santa – pod race days. Please note, I am selling the car as I have another project which I wish to take on. I have tried to be as honest and clear as I can be in my description, however I would recommend you take the time to come and see the car for yourself, any inspection welcome for serious buyers, but please, no timewasters. Please phone or Email me for more photo’s and/or any questions you may have. Jim 07956320403 - jim.graham2@ntlworld.com
  12. These were purchased by mistake - They are new boxed and course threaded track rod ends - AP Lockheed - box says for ford escort - cortina - taunus - £20.00 plus whatever to post office charge, UK onlypls, give me a call on 07956320403 or PM me - jim
  13. opec V8


    hi - is it a 1600e and is the dash top undamaged ?? Thanks - Jim
  14. have a look on ebay theres one on there looks good
  15. Hello Dean - will you split the items - i'm only after some 2dr GT door cards in fair condition - jim
  16. opec V8

    MKI 2dr 1966

    Hi Martin Have you dug them out yet? Regards - jim
  17. opec V8

    MkII bottom arms

    I've two for sale, new quinton hazel and boxed - fitted with bushes £85 each or £160 the pair plus P+P
  18. when i get it right i will! Until the ive got to get to know how much sticks it will take!! As ive said i think the diff wont last long, but anyway, yeah it would be a giggle - - cheers - Jim -- A Question - how hot does yours run - have you fitted a header tank?
  19. Thanks for all the compliments, they are truly appreciated and i suppose its one of the reasons we all fix these things up, i had a lot of help from mates ( Pat and Nelly) so i cant take all the credit, it was done by a bunch of 40 something enthusiasts (sorry Nelly) from north west London (thats me and my mates), gonna do Santa pod spring 2005. Maybe (and hopefully) the Ace before then!! Its running a pretty standard earlyish V8 fitted with a Holly carb - SDI 5 speed box - all round discs - And believe or not a standard 3.9 diff, (if that lasts, i'll eat my pant's)!!! Photo's of rebuild to follow - it took a year and half to do and you will be shocked at what it was like when i bought it !!! Its still needs fine tuning, and it is a bit like a kettle at the moment - but i'll get the design right - I'll be seeing you soon pls Ian, for advice. One part i am stuck for is a pair of black 1966 2 dr GT door cards - anyone help ? - Thanks again - Jim (opec V8)
  20. Here is a couple of pictures of my car
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