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  1. Hi Grant Mine is bang on 5kgs dont forget to add a little extra for packaging :thumbup:
  2. Thanks Pete,The vacuum bleed could be next on my hit list,easy things first, then the heat shield,as you say hot = problem,cold = no problem, i did consider having a longer clutch pipe made to give it plenty of clearance from the manifold,but i would need to find somewhere local where i could go and show them what exactly i need
  3. Yes Pete pressure bled it the last time, I am aware of how close the clutch pipe is to the manifold as on my previous 1600E the slave cylinder used to turn in the bellhousing til one day it turned too much and the pipe melted 🙁,so on this car I made a bracket that bolts on to the bellhousing to stop the slave cylinder from turning, but it's a valid point as I never thought to check if the clutch pipe was warm/hot
  4. Proper red plastic clutch pipe supplied by the club on mine on mine Pete :thumbup:
  5. Hi Micky How bizarre ! i am suffering from the same problem on my series 2, mine has had upto now; new clutch cover, centre plate,thrust bearing, slave cylinder,clutch pipe and master cylinder, bled the clutch several times, the last occasion i borrowed a brake bleeder from work which forced out the remaining air from the system, success at last i thought, travelled about 100 miles got to my journeys end and crunching reverse gear again :angry: :angry: :angry:, but i have noticed that just shunting the car around its fine but when its done a lengthy journey and the engine is hot it develops this fault ! :headscratch: all 4 forward gear are fine hot or cold,the only thing different from the norm is i have silicone brake fluid in my system,but i have also noticed that if i pump the pedal a few times it sorts itself out,i know this is not an answer your problem, but just a few things i have tried on mine,so still looking for the solution, i would be glad to hear if you solve yours
  6. Yes very cheap :o surprised he/she has not included "Lotus" in the description :lol:
  7. Hi Tony I tried to find the full history on my previous 1600E some 20 years ago,i got the same list from DVLA like yourself but mine was missing the first owner for some reason, i dropped lucky as one of the previous owners live about a mile from my then house, i approached him one day and asked if he remembered the car which he did and told me that the first owner had been a potatoe farmer up in west yorkshire and the car had been registered in Wakefield,cut a long story short i approached Wakefield archives about car taxation in the 60s,they said i was quite welcome to come and view their records etc etc. on arrival i told them the reg number i.e. ABC 123H, out they came with these old ledger type books which was very interesting but it threw up the reg number of ABC 123 :huh: no suffix letter :(, they told me that when local authorities stopped taxing vehicles everything went to the DVLA but a lot of stuff did not get there and was most likely destroyed so its the luck of the draw,so if DVLA aint got it you will not find it, but i did get to find out it was bought by a spud farmer. not what you wanted to hear really but your question just reminded me of my quest years ago, another option you could try is trying to track down any of the previous owners to see if they can give you any info
  8. only 2 i know, but it may help you http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/68616-mk-2-cortina-1600e-armrests-x2/
  9. Don't understand where you're going with this conversation,seems to be contradictory in parts
  10. The Police told me !!! they also told me the cameras could NOT encroach on to any neighbour,s property for obvious reasons and warning signs MUST be displayed
  11. Thats wishful thinking mate, if and when they catch these wa***rs it will be a slap on the wrists because they come from an impoverish background, when i had CCTV installed on the house i was told i HAD to put signs up around my property stating CCTV in operation,if not anyone breaking in and being caught on camera, if the signs are not displayed it would be inadmissible in court and it would infringe their civil liberties !!! Hang on a minute they are theiving off someone and they get the protection :tazz: joke of a government :headscratch: so as an extra bonus i also got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with nice sharp teeth :thumbup:
  12. Yep all those you mention are aluminium :thumbup:
  13. going back to your previous posts last week about one of your former tight ar**d employers,we get a lot of large panels at work that come in wooden crates (pallet wood) which is excellent for making cheap garden fences,up to now that is,old scrooge as now put the block on that, as he has got a wood burning stove and takes every bit of wood home :thumbdown:, so now i just chuck it outside in the peeing down rain and let him break it up :rolleyes: every now and then when there is nobody about i take a leak on the pile of wood :lol: childish i know but it makes me smile
  14. and then fit one of these inside :thumbup:
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