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  1. Jason

    Mk2 1600e project

    I'd have to check it. But I very much doubt that this is one of those cars. I'm sure it's had a respray at some point in it's life. Still in white though. Jason.
  2. Jason

    Mk2 1600e project

    There will be more pictures. Things I forgot. Has the original rostyle wheels. Missing a radiator as well as the engine. I have the headlights, rear lights .. All the wood etc. I have a few spares that could go with it. Price dependent. Including a Capri engine bearer to convert to steering rack. Radiator for a Zetec install, fiberglass front wings, RS4's replacement rear view mirror and some other parts. *Most* of the rust seems to be surface. But it will obviously all need addressing. The heater bubble is probably beyond repair though.
  3. Jason

    Mk2 1600e project

    Mk2 1600e H reg. 1970? Car? All in all it's reasonably solid. Been off the road for a number of years so obviously needs work. It needs an engine as I planned to make it a daily driver and fit a 2.0 Zetec unit. Is otherwise pretty complete. Seats are in excellent condition. Please come and view. Will need to be trailered away. Price. I'd like £1300 but you know how haggling goes. Will add pictures later as I'm doing this on my phone and can't find them. Jason.
  4. Jason

    mk2 1600e

    The engine is NOT included as I no longer have it. Price is listed in the post at £1500. But I recommend that you come and see it. Parts? I'd have to have a dig, but most parts are after market bits. So may not be of interest. They'll be first offered to any buyer of the complete car. Jason.
  5. Jason

    mk2 1600e

    Old pictures. Not easy getting current pictures as it's in a lockup without power. So dark in there.... 😞 But it's been in there since I bought it, so not much has changed. Engine is NOT included. Hopefully gives an idea of the over-all condition. Jason.
  6. Jason

    mk2 1600e

    I hope to have some pictures in the next few days. There is no lighting at the lockup where the car is being kept. So I need to be there in daylight to get photo's, But yes. Soon. :)
  7. Jason

    Cortina Manuals.

    Haynes mk3 &mk4. Have 2x mk4. £5ea? In good clean condition. Autodata mk2 still in wrapper. £8? Handybooks mk1&2 £5? Cortina mk2 workshop manual very clean. £20? Collected from Manchester or pisted at cost. Haynesmanuals cost around £4 post I think for an idea. Jason.
  8. Jason

    mk2 1600e

    Mk2 1600e. H reg. In white ( has been resprayed at some point but was originally white I think ) Missing it's engine. Sorry. Probably needs sills. Back end gone in the usual places. Needs a patch on the drivers A pillar. Heater bubble gone. Doors, bonnet and boot seem to be ok. Original wheels. Interior is really good. Nice 1600e seats that tip even though it's a 4 door. Not looking to break so please don't ask. I have some spares that could go with it. Price dependent. Overall condition it's not 'bad' and a competent welder could probably sort it to rolling restoration with a couple of weekends. I did post in general asking for a peice guide but got no responses. So lets say £1500 then. Jason.
  9. Jason

    Mk2 bits and Haynes.

    Radiator has gone to scrap. The rest is still available. Jason.
  10. Jason

    Mk2 bits and Haynes.

    I also have.. Series 1/2/3 Zetec Twin 40/45 inlet manifold. Comes with Thackery washers. £80 Collected. £90 Posted. Escort MK2 Pedal box and pistons. Twin Brake pistons and balance bar. Cable clutch. - I bought it with the intention of using it on my XR2, then changed my mind. - Then thought to use it on the Cortina, but changed my mind. :) It was fitted to a Mk1 Fiesta but never used. £100 Collected. £110 Posted. I'll get photo's of all of these bits. I also have some MK2 Fiesta specfic parts for sale too. But I won't clutter up this post with those. If you want anything Fiesta MK2 and a few Mk1 bits.. Message me. :) Jason.
  11. Mk2 parts. A Mk2 starter. Came off of a 1970? H reg Mk2 1600E. MK2 1600E radiator. Looks like it has ( or had ) a leak. Dunno if it's worth anything. Comes with the top Pipe ( I think. Might be bottom but sure it's top ) MK3 Cortina Haynes. Mk4/5 Cortina Haynes x2. MK1 Fiesta Haynes. Triumph Dolomite Haynes. Collection from Stretford / Manchester but will post at cost. Looking for around £10 for the MK2 parts each. Around £5ea for the Haynes each. But make an offer if you'd like anything or more than one. Can sort pictures out as necessary. Jason.
  12. Yep. I've seen rebuilt and shortened boxes up for £500 and similar. But "unknown" boxes don't seem to go for anywhere near that. Where are you? If you are local to Manchester, I'd be interested in making an offer on one to collect and take away. If you still have them? Jason.
  13. Where are you as this is collection only? Jason.
  14. I'm in Stretford. Jason.
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