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  1. Thanks mate, yeah its a really good shell thankfully! Much better condition than the escorts ive had in the past. Collected it from Scott McMinn Motorsport the other week and the boy has done a really good job, sent it away as im getting no where near the car with all my other jobs on at the moment. Got a gearbox tunnel, exhaust tunnel, gearbox cradle and seat bars made up and fitted. The reason the exhaust tunnel is larger at the rear is im going to make a s/s side exit exhaust system and need the room for the silencer. Here's a few pics................. Cheers,auld
  2. Just read through the whole thread mate, some quality work going on! Keep it up, cheers,auld
  3. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you like it. Cheers,auld
  4. I bought Nick's Mk1 Cortinaa while back minus his engine and box. The rolling shell is in very good condition and as far as I can see its never been welded. It came with full safety devices roll cage, 8inch allycats, gaz golds all round, F3000 AP 4 pots, Tranx LSD with 4.1 . Ive been buying bits for it here and there and have got… Jondel n/a Cosworth on Jenvey Tb's pushing 240bhp Carbon bucket seats from a Porsche GT3 RS Steering rack kit Most of the fuel system Tony Law manifold Milton A frame Light steel flywheel and Ap clutch ki Custom prop Hope you like it so far, will update as and when there is any progress. Cheers,auld
  5. Stunning rebuild mate, Can I ask what shade of gold you used please? Cheers,auld
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