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  1. petrol RUBBER pipe have gone brittle on my mk5 what inside dia are the pipe from the pump to the carb any info on best pipe to use i think its the new e5 petrol
  2. the return metle pipe is leaking where it fit in to carb whot is the best sealent to use
  3. No pm please email phone number
  4. black plug please your phone number please to arrange payment
  5. wanted aignition switch for a cortina mk 5
  6. i know butwould like a auto one if there a good starter avallable
  7. i bought one just1terminal would not work returnd today
  8. wanted starter motor for mk5 2 lt automatic must have 2 terminals on ``soeniod ie cold srart
  9. wanted a flexe plait for a mk5 2000 auto replaced the flywheel on a auto
  10. just got a new starter motor for my mk5 old starter has 2 small terminal on solenoid new has only 1 small terminal on sonenoid do i connect both to the one terminal on the new starter
  11. need a new battery for my mk5 2000 auto any idear
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