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  1. Derskine

    GT Gear remote

    I have a GT gear remote for sale. Original condition, not been cut/welded. New bushes fitted and haven't used it since doing this. £130 posted. Will take some pics if anyone is interested.
  2. I have some mk1 parts that I'm not going to use. Rear light units - £20 Pre crossflow exhaust/inlet - £8 Headlamp retaining rings -£10 Also, not pictured: A windscreen washer pump in good working order - £15 A brand new release bearing - £10 A pair of rear drums, surface rust but good condition - £30 1500 sprung clutch cover - £15 Pinto clutch plate with a fair bit of meat on it - £10 Everything can be posted, or collect from Fife, Scotland.
  3. Hi, I should have one, I'll have a look tonight. :thumbup:
  4. Keen to know how you get on. I see you they also make DCOE copies in China.
  5. Derskine

    MK1 Parts

    Steering wheel sold.
  6. Derskine

    MK1 Parts

    Hi, it's black and is the same as an aeroflow GT one.
  7. Derskine

    MK1 Parts

    Repos, from club a few years ago.
  8. Derskine

    MK1 Parts

    I have some mk1 parts for sale. Top mounts which need new rubber (suitable for reconditioning) - £15 Screenwash pump - £10 New headlamp bezels - £25 Aeroflow grill - has a split in it next to nearside sidelight, may tig weld, otherwise okay. - £15 Rear lights, no lenses or bezels - £15 Sprung type clutch cover - £10 Steering wheel, plastic slightly cracked - £10 Collect from Fife or can post at buyers expense.
  9. I used it with good success to remove the ziebart on my MK1. It is quite expensive though and probably not as appropriate for thin paintwork.
  10. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574629005&toolid=10001&campid=5335900709&customid=&mpre=http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barrettine-PeelAway-7-Paint-Removal-System-4-KG-/351119429745?hash=item51c0595071:g:qd0AAOSwLnBXWYlP This stuff is great, it's for removing paint from floors. You just brush it on, leave it 48 hours (I think) and scrape it off with a scraper. It even takes ziebart and waxoyl off in the same manner.
  11. Or you can move the handbrake over to one side, or alternatively move it back and use anglia handbrake cable.
  12. Seats in (I used the original mounts) Gear remote in Engine is also back in, I'm almost ready to get it back out the unit again.
  13. I'm not sure but I've always thought you tighten those anti roll bar nuts with the wheels of the car on the ground, so's not to preload them?
  14. Wheels look good to me :thumbup:
  15. I'd expect there's a higher number of cars being scrapped/banger raced than cars that have been off the road, that are being put back on the road.
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