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  1. Tiago Rupio


    just PM you about radio. rubbers I usually get them here http://www.classiccar-trim.com/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/eastkent?opendocument&part=2 :thumbup:
  2. still looking, no luck. anyone?
  3. can't find the 2 triangles. will have to look in the garage, hope i didn't loose them in the move :headscratch:
  4. I've got this, don't know if it's what you are looking for I beelive it's from a 1971 cotina mk3 gt, but not quite sure
  5. Yep. ashley is a bit expencive. and you'll probably have to tweek it a little. got one for my 1.6 kent, and in one of the joints they weldded the tube to close to the screw hole, so the nutt could'n be fitted. Had to hammer it down a bit. other than that, they seem well built. good luck :thumbup:
  6. Like this one? http://www.burtonpower.com/ashley-exhaust-manifold-cortina-mk4-mk5-sohc-pinto-ashm15.html
  7. right side, but a pair would be nice... let me refrase that... a pair of windows :oops: this is the one i stil have thanks
  8. sorry, seems nobody is going to the uk this time soon. :( businnes is a bit slow they say. DHL or UPS must charge a bunch of money, ist's a heavy part. sorry I can't do more good luck
  9. this is the one I have other stuff i've got in the sheed I can see if any of my trucker friends is going to UK these days. Maybe we'll get lucky. were are you exactly?
  10. I've got a 1.3 axle from a mk3 cortina L, 1974. It's complet. If you know a truck driver that can do you the favour of picking it up for you. I'm in Portugal.
  11. fixed ones. but if i can find openning ones with the assembleys I woldn't mind. the holes for the side mountings are on the car pillar anyway. Is that a hard switch to do?? right now i'm open to any solution, exept scrapping the car, of course. Or having flat glasses made, the streemlinig of the car would be horryble. thanks
  12. thanks i'll take a look... found a new one in UK, but they ask 85£ for it. Not to mention the cost of shipping... I'm just devasted... new paint job, bought all new rubbers, just had the new roof linning done... and has I was ready to put the windows in... surprise... just little squares of glass. The poject is going down the drain... so close to the end. And everyone keeps telling me "ist's just a car"... but we here all know ist's more then that.
  13. hello: I'm in need of the rear quarter side windows for a cortina mk3, 2 doors. One of mine shattered, and I can't find them anywhere in Portugal. can someone please help? thanks
  14. Tiago Rupio

    Mk3 Door Glass

    I have a full set of windows for a 1971 cortina gt 4 door. not sure about the tint, but i think they have none... but heres the thing... I'm from Portugal... so even if they fit your requirements, i'm not sure how to get them to you... any sugestions?
  15. thanks anyway. i knew they would be hard to get. I still have one but they are so small that making a cast to reproduce them seems hard. And i believe that they are two pairs of differente sizes, right? two shorts and two longs...? 25£+ for used ones humm... might has well be made out of gold... any knowned workaround for this?
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