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  1. Does any no if AVO do a front insert or even the whole front leg for a corty mk2,i went into Jondell motorsport today(which i got AVO's for me other motors)and they said there's none available for mki or 2's just 3 and 4's but i'm sure i've seen some some where on here or in a mag?
  2. Thats not all the slave labour who run this country want cars to be taxed even if there of the road and decleared sorn, meaning wether there an on gonig project,in a museum or a box of bits in u garage, robbing mothers!
  3. Bondie


    Hey Andy i,m in Corby this Sunday gonna see me mate lives near ASDA gonna take my mk2 over there to give it a good thrashing to clear it out,having trouble with me su's got tune um,give us a shout if your around there in the after noon and bring your motor dude :rofl:
  4. Bondie


    I'm in Raunds man,blue 4door mk2 :( I was in Rusden today my brother lives next door to the pub on Washbrook road.
  5. Bondie


    Hey dude :( is that the same yello tina that i see in Rushden last week,near wash brook road i think?
  6. Nice find dude,arn't those doors the same as the p100 pick ups?
  7. Bondie

    MY RIDE!!!!

    Yeh does go well it's a bit low geared though could do with a 5 speeda,would of gave it some welly going out but there were quite alot of rug rats about and they would mess up the paint man! :D
  8. I reckon you could get away with out center caps if you droped the ride height and stick some wider lower profile rubber on,just like the mk1 touring car racers had(were they called touring cars that long ago?).Either way it's sweet as man!
  9. Don't do it man,you can get off the shelf lowered springs pretty cheap these days,and if you gotta take the springs off to chop em any way you might as well put a new set on,get um lowered ,uprated or what ever,but i suppose at the end of the day your the one who's gonna drive it!
  10. Bondie


    Couldn't find any pics dude,but if i can get a straight brace(strut to strut) it shouldn't be a problem as my lump sits pretty far back in the bay the carbs have easy enough clearence for the brace to sit in front of them.
  11. Minilights on a classic ford were ment to be! You can't go wrong with em!
  12. Bondie


    OK cheers man i'm gonna have a search now. :rolleyes:
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