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  1. mines a 1970 s2 if that helps
  2. mines a 1970 s2 if that helps
  3. wanted. standard plastic steering wheel in tidy condition please. hopefully no lotus tax ..lol..
  4. make sure youre in then.and get kettle on!!😁
  5. 3 rail box. std ratio..suit 1300/1600 good condition no bellhousing or stick. had a rebuild in the past spotlessly clean.removed from a show car only for a 5 speed conversion. £140 pick up from sheffield.
  6. nice boot lid wanted for mk2 cortina preferably s2 must be good and no dodgy repairs thanks
  7. one full chrome rostyle wanted in good condition please drop me a pm.if you have one for sale ta
  8. must be in good condition with pocket ta
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