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  1. Anyone want one of these offers invited
  2. I still have my granny spliter anyone want one-
  3. Shadow

    mk5 wanted

    I have 1 goggle COO 357X was in ashes to ashes had a few mods done. look for my new ride on a post by me. regards Ron
  4. Funny as it's always known as corky.s old car. Kev has had it for some years now. I think we should call it Kevs car from now on lol.
  5. Shadow

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Hi. I have a brand new rear box. Mk5 1.6l I am in kent if that helps.
  6. I have a 2.8 granny one.
  7. Shadow

    Ghia wheels

    Ahh cheers friend. Your such a nice man. Lol.
  8. Shadow

    Ghia wheels

    Any intrest in these ghia wheels.
  9. Shadow

    Ghia wheels

    Morning. They are around 7yrs old but never used for the past 5 and only did around 500 miles if that. And not grey inserts just look the same as the rest of the wheel I believe.
  10. Shadow

    Ghia wheels

    Thanks for the reply But to be fair not too bothered if I shift them or not. Just thought I'd test the water really tbh.
  11. Shadow

    Ghia wheels

    So. I have a set of 5 this wheels that have been diamond cut with matching tyres as seen in the pictures. Gotta be worth £500. Or am I just dreaming. Regards
  12. I have a mk5 in beige with a 2.3 L4 engine in with lots of other mods. Car was In ashes to ashes. Got power steering electric windows rear disc conversion and more look very stock. Well ish lol. PM me if interested Ron
  13. Shadow

    Mk5 Estate

    Has it got the ghia dash!!!
  14. Shadow

    Tow bar

    So I bought myself a full tow bar kit from a member on here for my mk5. Had a little look today. Do i need to remove the tank to get it where the bumper bolts go. It's a 3 piece one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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