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  1. Aaj389

    Quad head light parts

    Sold my last pair today 😐
  2. Thanks Mark, My pleasure to help out... great to meet you and I wish you the best with your build.
  3. I have one in Bournemouth
  4. Hi I have some 2.3 auto parts..... send me a pm if your still looking for anything
  5. There’s a couple of bits kicking about here, can do all your list... couple of complete cars in for breaking too. 07841514549 is my number. Regards Aaron
  6. Aaj389

    Heater box.

    Hi do you need a fibreglass one as I don’t think I have any good ones left or would you prefer the newer plastic one?
  7. I have some v6 engine mounts
  8. Aaj389

    Mk4 ignition switch

    Loads here if you get stuck
  9. Give me a call on 07841514549.... I can help with some of those bits Regards Aaron
  10. I have one if your still looking.
  11. Aaj389


    Hi has anybody got a set of door cards for a 2000E Saloon in Black, that they would like to get shot of? Thanks
  12. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="RT 1006" data-cid="672177" data-time="1523908611"><p> If Craig doesn't have any try Aaron Jacobs, he's aja389 or 386 on here I think.</p></blockquote> Cheers Kevin Aaj389 👍🏻
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