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  1. Aaj389

    Heater box.

    Hi do you need a fibreglass one as I don’t think I have any good ones left or would you prefer the newer plastic one?
  2. Aaj389

    V6 engine / box setup

    I have some v6 engine mounts
  3. Aaj389

    Black mk3 xl interior wanted

    I may have a rear seat
  4. Aaj389

    Mk4 ignition switch

    Loads here if you get stuck
  5. Aaj389

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Give me a call on 07841514549.... I can help with some of those bits Regards Aaron
  6. Aaj389

    Wanted, MK3 4 speed gearbox cross member

    I have one if your still looking.
  7. Aaj389

    Mk4/5 intermittent wipe relay

    Do you need one still?
  8. Aaj389

    Mk4/5 intermittent wipe relay

    I have a few
  9. Aaj389


    Hi has anybody got a set of door cards for a 2000E Saloon in Black, that they would like to get shot of? Thanks
  10. Aaj389

    Mk5 bumper end caps, RHS

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="RT 1006" data-cid="672177" data-time="1523908611"><p> If Craig doesn't have any try Aaron Jacobs, he's aja389 or 386 on here I think.</p></blockquote> Cheers Kevin Aaj389 👍🏻
  11. Aaj389

    Mk3 gxl side trim

    I might have these aswell
  12. Aaj389

    Mk3 twin headlight fittings

    I think I have these parts...I will have a look Regards Aaron
  13. I may have the parts your looking for Regards Aaron
  14. Aaj389

    Early mk4 for sale

    stuggling to load them up on here :smashcomp: WhatsApp them to me on 07841514549 Or are you on Facebook?
  15. Aaj389

    Early mk4 for sale

    Do you have any more pictures please?