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  1. ian27

    Blue airbox

    I’m after a blue airbox for a mk1 rs2000... I’m not sure how different they were to the cortina but if they were similar or the same that’ll do. Doesn’t have to be perfect just presentable. Thanks 07794369949
  2. Thanks ... as I thought so I’ll get one ordered tomorrow
  3. Im doing a clutch for a friend on his mk5 2.3 and when I removed the box I noticed it had no sandwich plate or spigot bearing fitted.... I assume it should have both but Im no expert on the 2.3. Advice would be very welcome.
  4. Good idea Mark..... found one now
  5. I need a bottom pulley for a 2.0 v6 cologne if anyone can help.... single belt type. 07794369949 Thanks...Ian
  6. Great thanks.... what’s your PayPal address please
  7. Im in need of the plastic indicator canceller for a 72 mk3 please if anyone has one. Ian 07794369949
  8. Well Im now thinking this is a true baby atlas as its on a German built rs2000 (lhd) rally car. Ill measure it tomorrow to confirm. Thanks for all the help guys
  9. Comes out the back .... its a rally car so may be different from original. One guy I spoke to did say they fitted them as standard to some RSs and called it a baby axle.
  10. Hope someone can help me out... Im rebuilding a mk2 rs2000 atlas rear axle and some idiot welded the bearings to the shafts so these are now useless... just wondering if anyone knows if any cortina halfshafts are the same as rs2000 or any that can be used as these might be easier to find...
  11. Yeah not my decision as I'm recommissioning this for a friend and they really want it kept original... but if it were my choice I would fit a gauge
  12. Ok thanks guys... So I was correct in thinking its more of a switch than a sender. I'll check tomorrow to see what one is fitted. If it is a later head/sender (smaller type) I guess they now do a correct one for a light that will fit a later head?
  13. Mk1 guru needed please..... I'm just coming to the end of recommissioning a very early 63' mk1 1200 for a friend and just need a bit of advise about the temperature light as it has no gauge... Am I correct in thinking this is actually a overheat warning light so it should come on at a pre-determined temperature? If so then the sensor in the cylinder head is actually a switch not a sender a bit like a fan switch...yes/no? The problem I have is when cold the light is very very dim and as it warms up it becomes brighter and brighter which tells me someone has fitted a temp sender for a car with a gauge not a warning light.... now I'm not a mk1 expert by any means as I'm really into my mk3's but I can't believe ford would have designed it like that. If I am correct in thinking this should be a switch then are they still available from anywhere? The mk1 oc describe the 3 different ones available as senders not switches.
  14. ian27

    cortina mk1 estate

    As long as the bushes are ok with no play I can deal with a stripped thread..... can you text me a paypal address and I'll send the money over as I'm out all day today..07794369949 Much appreciated thank you
  15. I need to replace the floor mounted handbrake cable on a early mk1 estate 63' ...the mk1 owners club list 2 one from 62-63 and one from 63 onwards but the pictures are rubbish and I can't make out the difference between the two... maybe it's the length or something I don't know. Can any one advise so I can check mine and order the correct one.
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