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  1. Snooze ya lose :oops: only just seen this and very local to me damn looked a nice car
  2. Cheers guys it's getting there done a fair bit to it in the past 2 weeks, new brakes and some pipes, tie rod bushes and front drop links,new carb and alternator,full service re balanced the wheels,drives really well and feels so modern from driving mk2s :thumbup: :cheers: rich
  3. It's been flushed and new coolant since these pics were taken :thumbup:
  4. Just a few pics of the mk5 2.0 ghia me and my dad purchased from velvet2000e aka Bruce we fetched the car 2 weeks ago from Bournemouth :cheers:
  5. Also looking for a modified mk2 2 or 4 door in a1 condition or above :thumbup:
  6. Yeah seen that one thanks looks a nice car shame they didn't paint in the boot :( sure there was a thread on here when he brought back in 2010?
  7. Wanted 1600E series 1 or 2 condition A1 to concours cash waiting :thumbup:
  8. Shame Just sold my mk2 crayford 3 ltr gt
  9. Get some pics up :thumbup:
  10. Yes I did notice that the number of mk2 cortina even over the last few years is getting less and less and it just didn't feel the same as the Yat :(
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