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  1. Thanks for that . I was thinking about the £200 mark, but wasn't sure if mk2 prices were getting as daft as mk1 prices.
  2. Hi How much would a pair of Mk2 Cortina head bezels- still in there un opened ford parts bag be worth?- I have been offered a pair for a project I am working on- not to re sell for a profit, but am un sure how much to offer? Any thoughts? Cheers
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone has a starter bendix cover that they would be willing to sell or put me on to a supplier? It's needed for a three rail box on the diameter is 70mm Thanks George
  4. Thanks for posting the article Mark. The car I have looked at is an airflow with a well made small air scope in the bonnet above the carburettor , no mention of this modification in the article?
  5. Very interesting. I know someone who is restoring a two door mk1 GT and claims it's a Willment, I am aware they did road car conversions, does anyone have a pictures or specifications of the road cars? Cheers
  6. Hi I am looking for the external metal trim that pushes into the rear passenger seat window.only need near side trim. Cheers
  7. When I have had siezed cylinders I have screwed in a grease nipple and pushed the piston out with a grease gun- never failed yet.
  8. Thanks for the info- now sorted :thumbup:
  9. Hi Can anyone help- I need a paint code for Goodwood green ( that's the dark green for mk1 Cortinas ?). Painter said his supplier can't get it- if it isn't modern they don't want to know! Thanks
  10. Hi I am in Edinburgh - have an old grill with pins. Free if you want to collect it- pm me Cheers
  11. Its kept under the garage , and she is very understanding!
  12. If it was nearer I would have it so I would have a Mk1 & Mk2 :icecream:
  13. No wonder yoou didn't want to get them plated at that price. Try Prestige Electro Plating Unit 6, Cliff Street Industrial Estate Mexborough South Yorkshire S64 9HU 01709 577004 The last bumpers they did for me were for a Mk1 Cortina a couple of years ago, it was about £130. The service and finsh is great.
  14. Hi folks I am after a dash top in excellent condition with no cracks- prefer black, but will take a good one in any colour and re finish it black Here's hopeful!!
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