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  1. Brother got married in Lapland, in a word awesome. Would like to go back and do a boat trip out into the Barents Sea and experience what it was like for the wartime convoys. Fantastic adventure, see no reason why a Cortina wouldn't make it.
  2. Car now sold. I will be after another car but can't guarantee it will be a Cortina as I need something newer. I'll stay on buysell just to keep an eye on what's going on.
  3. Printed my history out before address removed but would agree it's too much information.
  4. It's a "bitsa". Bit here, bit there, add them all together and you have a replica which unfortunately the V5 logbook may not reflect.
  5. Happy to take £25,000.00 ovno if anyone wants an early Christmas present.
  6. Link to Corgi website, available in October: https://www.corgi.co.uk/shop/new-for-2017/ford-lotus-cortina-mk2-red.html I've known about this since February but have been sworn to secrecy. They have quite a few Classic Fords being released in October.
  7. I think you will find that with the closure of local DVLA offices this problem is widespread. Even the Lotus Cortina Register are having trouble with officials. A letter on club headed paper is no longer sufficient. No words f wisdom i'm afraid.
  8. I used them, quite happy with product.
  9. Difference is extremely small and only relates to the front leading edge at the base of the gutter trim. ie top right hand edge of main door panel.
  10. Well returning to Cortina ownership started here so it's fitting it ends here as well. After 11 years of fun it is time for my Mk2 Cortina Lotus to move on to the care of someone else. Before I start a) yes I've tried to sell before at the wrong time of year but it's serious now the car has to go, but i'm in no rush. B) yes I will miss it but nothing in life is forever and I need a new challenge. So it's out with the old and in with the new. No idea what just wait and see what catches my eye. So the car: Registered April 1970 - not original had major resto 15 years ago. Including me only 2 owners for 35 of the 47 years. MOT until April 2018 - mot's back to 1980 support my belief that the car has done 135k. Plenty of history and photographs. NOT CONCOURS - it's good but there is still room for improvement. 129bhp on rolling road a few months ago. Rear Securon seat belts. Wrong bits - series 1 doors, changed carbs and servo, no rocking horse poo airbox, drivers seat is a passenger seat. Car was red originally but has also been white and amber gold. Turns heads in every petrol station. Loads done over 11 years all listed. Has been to France, Holland, Belgium and the Isle of Man. Brilliant fun to drive abroad. Car can be seen in Kent by agreement or I hope to be at Gaydon 16th July and Stowe on 22nd July. Looking for £30,000.00, so no silly offers please. Photos and more info available by emailing howard.law@hotmail.co.uk.
  11. First rule of owning a classic car, don't assume it will get from A to B without a drama. Take up the offer of someone driving behind you. Relax, sit back and enjoy the world of old Ford's.
  12. Here: Bryan & Sons Tel: 01892 544635 165a Camden Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2RF
  13. I used a place in Tonbridge Wells some years ago. Difficult to find but did a good job. Just need to remember the name.
  14. Thanks, thought it was this one but it's changed since I last filled one in several years ago.
  15. Apologies I know it's been discussed before but which is the DVLA form you can complete and for £5 get the registered keepers history? Mislaid mine.
  16. http://buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/uploads/post-6-1086030919.jpg May 2004 in Ireland after meeting CorkTina.
  17. I continue to be amazed at the reports on FYK. Must have been outside, uncovered and un-loved since I sold it. No MOT issues with rust then. Just goes to prove how quickly they go down hill if not properly looked after.
  18. For some odd reason he wanted to sell it but keep the history. He must have changed his mind. I even had the original Fry's of Lewisham number plates.
  19. Oh my god, this was mine. Sold by me with huge history file for £2.5k in circa 2008/2009. Was in very good condition. Someone has let this go. Was offered it back within 6 months without history, I declined. Took this to Ireland as well for a tour. Yes it was starting to go but properly maintained it would not be as bad as this.
  20. I'm after ditto but only need the sides to the radio housing.
  21. Looks good to me. Enviromentally friendly - very green.
  22. If you're not bothered about original equipment and want inertia reel then Securon are about the only new replacements. I have them in the front and back of my MK3. I bought them from Jayar Components on ebay Me too, bought from local Jayar motor factor, much cheaper than website price list for Securon.
  23. It's a lovely car and I wish you well with the sale. I see you are already getting the joke questions about service history and verified mileage. What do people expect with a traditional classic car? Suppose someone will ask for a warranty.
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