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  1. ...and a Happy Xmas to you and yours Richard :winner:
  2. It has indeed... thanks for that. I'll see if I can get a pic to confirm.
  3. My dad's having a clearout and he's found a six cylinder dizzy cap but we can't imagine what it fits? It's a motorcraft one and it's grey. I've checked the whole of the interwebs and not found an answer. It has a black plastic plug in the top as well... Any ideas??
  4. Raffles

    Mk5 Crusader

    Now sold... :winner: You never know though... it may grace these pages again one day. :cheers:
  5. Excellent news. :clown: Looks like a nice example you have there.
  6. How'd the MOT go TIm?i :clown:
  7. 1 x NOS starter for Mk4/5 1600 AUTOMATIC £30.
  8. Raffles

    Mk5 Crusader

    Hello Mr P, I'm not an expert on forum protocol with these matters (I rarely sell cars) but I'm sure it's not a crime to express an interest... PM me if you require more info.
  9. Steve, before you go down the eBay route, try this Two weeks free advertising with a photo? Can't be bad... EDIT: Fixed link.
  10. Looks like we're in the same boat Steve as I shall be parting company with the Crusader in the near future... Best of luck with the sale, hope it goes smoothly to the right person. :cheers:
  11. Raffles

    Mk5 Crusader

    Hi Martyn, It's a standard 1600 Pinto and yes, it's a manual. I'll send you my phone number via a PM...
  12. Raffles

    Mk5 Crusader

    It's gone into Classic Car Weekly for £1350 ono
  13. Raffles

    Mk5 Crusader

    ...of course. The Garage is disabled at the moment. Here are some photos:
  14. Raffles

    Mk5 Crusader

    Fancy a nice Mk5 Crusader? Sadly, I have to sell mine... :cheers: Less than 43,000 miles from new and, quite frankly, show ready. I have owned the car since Feb 2003 and since than we have happily covered 6,000 miles together. I have kept a detailed record of all repairs since it came to me and before I owned it, it spent over 9 years stored in a garage in Walton on Thames. The car runs beautifully and anyone on this site who has seen it will testify to it's fantastic condition. Photos are available by viewing my garage. Those who are serious about buying this car should PM me...
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