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  1. Yes Craig. The bottom left couple are mk5 and looks like a couple of Carello headlights too.
  2. Not my advertising. Posting for a friend.
  3. Yes plenty of bids /interest. But deffo not for Cortina.
  4. How should this return pan out? I paid 31 pound plus 10 pound postage. Do I return them at a loss as I will have to pay return postage? I ask because I've never had to return a ebay item.
  5. HI bud, I've just emailed the seller on ebay for a refund as they were wrongly advertised. He does accept refunds within 14 days. I await their reply.
  6. Thank you Martog. Very interesting. Yes they arrived yesterday, haven't even opened the box yet. You have given me hope of selling them on after giving them the Ed China treatment lol Would you say mk2 XR2?
  7. Cheers Consul The Ghia wheels are refurbished and diamond cut. They were purchased from Shadow on here before the car was restored. So I'm not really sure what treatment Shadow gave them but they were in excellent condition and didn't need touching. Here is a Pic of my car a few weeks before going to the restorers.
  8. Andy, I'm sure the mk4 Clamps are shorter as they need less clearance from the flatter grill. They probably would suffice if paired up with some super slim spotties.
  9. Cheers Steve. I'm assuming the grill will have to come off, what about the bumper? And anything else. Sorry if you have answered this question but is there any drilling required? Do them dimples denote where to drill. Sorry for being stupid, last time I fitted spots to a cortina I drilled the chrome bumper and slotted in a couple of cibie Oscar's.
  10. HI Andy. Can you or anyone confirm if any drilling is involved with fitting the genuine Ford brackets? I've just had my car restored and want to swerve any drilling. My car has never had spots fitted before so using Craig's words, it will have some dimples somewhere.
  11. HI bud. I can't answer your question, however, I will search for that granny on ebay.
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