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  1. I knew that the mk5 estate and saloon front and side windows were different. However I never knew there were 2 different mk5 saloon apertures.
  2. Yes Sheff I'm aware mk3/4 and estates won't fit mk5 saloon. Do you have anything Sheff?
  3. Has anyone got a mk5 saloon windscreen seal. Need urgently. Cash waiting. Would prefer nos but anything considered.
  4. Thanks for the link John.
  5. Hi John. Thank you for your interest. What number plate would you recommend? That number plate isn't new and has been on for 10 years and is definitely getting binned. Mike
  6. Crusader stripes on.
  7. Hi mate wheels are great with 5mm spacers. Car now undergoing bare metal respray. What indicator do you have? Was looking for new Gen Ford. VID-20210306-WA0000.mp4
  8. Thanks for checking Sheff.
  9. I desperately need a new or like new Front left indicator lens. Must be genuine Ford. Ford logo stamped top left of lens. Kell.
  10. It will be 2Tone. Rio Brown over champagne gold. No filler required and no welding. I'm looking for a new front left indicator. Must be genuine Ford. Mike. VID-20210306-WA0000.mp4
  11. Long shot but I would like 2. Will give good donation. Kell
  12. Thanks for the comments guy's. What's bugging me is when I rock up to body repair shops, they keep suggesting leave it as is. Thing is it won't last long if I leave it. Here in st Helens the gritters are out when it's fekkin sunny and throwing salt on roads like it's going out of fashion. Would love Peter at cortina city to do it. However, he's always busy and brings mk3s back from the death. I await more comments and suggestions. Kell
  13. Can anyone recommend where to go in the Northwest to have this car restored. I use the car daily and want to use it for another 20 years. As you can see it's not a basket case. Bodywise it will need 2 windscreen scuttle replacements, I know where I can get these. I have 2 nos genuine ford wings to go on. That's all it needs panel wise. I want a top quality respray. The paint is original but waring thin through years of polishing. Would love to have under bonnet detailed too. Can anyone suggest what price I should be looking at for a bare metal/ windows out and maybe engine out respray. Thanx Kell
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