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76 2.3 Ghia

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  1. Nice car you have. Great to see other taunus here :)
  2. Your car is great, just love it :) nice to see another 2,3 ghia :cheers:
  3. It is a beautiful car you have,I have the same colore in my ghia. But the sun have destoyed the back seat. Is there anyone who knows somone that can repair seats ? or is there anyone that have a backseat in this color?
  4. Hi that was a nice Ghia. :thumbup: Take god care of it :)
  5. Hi nice job :winner: My first car was a1963 17M super P3 great cars :thumbup: looking forward to see it finish :)
  6. Hi Nice car :) Feel good when I see a car like this :) looking forward to see it again :winner:
  7. Nice work :) this will be a winner :winner:
  8. 76 2.3 Ghia

    My 67 GT

    Hi This is a beauty :winner:
  9. Hi I have a complet interior from a 1980 mk5 Ghia seats and door card 4 door, it is in Brown velour.
  10. Hi is there anyone who have a Cortina Mk4 front lower valance (not the one for MK5 )that I can buy ? or is there anyone that know where to get one ? :)
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