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  1. I know of one for 1k. Does need work though!
  2. A mk5 sold for 750 a couple months back, i also brought one recently for 900 to break
  3. Do you have a pic?
  4. Ill give it a miss thanks though. Do you have interior mirror and panel in roof that it bolts too
  5. As title. Need a few parts!
  6. cortinadale

    Mk3 4 5

    Are you on facebook? My friend is selling a mk4 project
  7. cortinadale

    mk5 wanted

    They are out there. I just picked one up for 900. Unfortunatly its getting broken
  8. How much, and where abouts are you? Do you still have the supports that go to floor?
  9. The back part where parcel shelf is
  10. The bit where rear seat bolts to, is that any good
  11. Which ignition switch was that?
  12. Whats wrong with the auto adjusting one
  13. Martog they will be 2 inch. Rear never lowers enough
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