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  1. I know of one for 1k. Does need work though!
  2. A mk5 sold for 750 a couple months back, i also brought one recently for 900 to break
  3. When you say standard cable, do you mean cortina auto one? This 4spd had an elec one
  4. Oh right. I need to hook up the selector. See how much room i have
  5. Excuse the mess, but i didnt do the conversion. Just trying to get it running
  6. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have no idea if msnual or elec, how would i tell? Ill be using the 4spd shifter. I do have a hole either side of tail housing though. Will i need a cog inside?
  7. Sorry for bringing an old post back up! My mk5 has a 4spd auto box in it can i remove the speedo sensor and replace with cable? Also it has a cable to solenoid kickdown. Can i bin that and put a cable straight to it??
  8. Ill give it a miss thanks though. Do you have interior mirror and panel in roof that it bolts too
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