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  1. Wanted 2 engine mounts the bolt type ones please. Good second hand ones would get me out of trouble. Also after the white one way valve that is a push fit on the brake servo,it is the straight one as fitted to the mk2 lotus not the angled one. Thanks for looking. Phil
  2. pbutilities

    Brake servo

    Im looking for a brake servo for a mk2 cortina lotus series 2 5/8 girling,either working or needing a refurb would be good thanks phil
  3. pbutilities


    yes m8 they have a drain plug and the gear stick screws in, i am told the gear ratios are different on the e/gt to the other models so its the e box im after otherwise i will have to rebuild mine
  4. pbutilities


    I think your find a 1600e or gt gearbox's are the same. yes m8 i think they, are just need to find a good one that i can fit straight in. hoping anyway, nearly took a hammer to the car last night. :smashcomp:
  5. pbutilities


    wanted mk 2 series 2 gearbox for lotus
  6. pbutilities

    mk2 lock set

    wanted a full set of locks for a mk2 complete and preferably with one key thanks
  7. thanks m8 but ive just bought one off the fordcortina.com
  8. that one will be fine can paint it like you said was just being lazy. let me know cost and how to pay. thanks phil
  9. fook it im late again missed the bid .do you still have one i can buy
  10. if youve got a black one all the better. will have a bid on your blue one as well
  11. looking for the cardboard one black if possible not the 1600e one
  12. wanted a rear parcel shelf for a mk2 cortina
  13. im looking for the round disk that fits on the panel light switch, that were fitted on the mk2 lotus and gt models. cheers phil
  14. batty ,good luck with the sale m8 looks a lovely car and your right the new owner will love it , but its sad to say some people just cant help but slag off peoples cars ,trust me ive had it with mine.
  15. pbutilities


    wanted complete set of seats for a series2 lotus cortina
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