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  1. Also posted this offer n mk3 club forum
  2. Hi Andy....yr best to text him...rather then me be middleman ...he may use whatrsapp 👍.... 07712529655.. Dave..
  3. i know this is old..... i have a contact in Ringwood that has two fronts...both sides... look ok...some repairs.. ..look gen ..wants 75each...pm me if your interested...
  4. Or maybe some coukd send u a link Mike...
  5. i have a nos tray..... but not sure if peeps would give me back what i paid some time back......
  6. TBF.... your title does say .... MK2 offside and nearside c post air duct vents and roof wiring
  7. nogE

    Rostyles wanted

    Rostyles Steel sports
  8. nogE

    Rostyles wanted

    This is a common mistake ..if often seen ebay adds saying Rostyles when in fact there steel sports..used on many fords..
  9. Mind you..lots of goodies there too ..👍
  10. Did u get the mk5 Valance..if no..pm me..maybe able to help Gary
  11. nogE

    Mk2 rear louvre

    Anyone interested in a really nice autoplas with fixings..pm me..
  12. nogE

    Door switches

    Yep..that's the type i hv on cobron mark..Craig.. yrs are facelift yeah?..they should hv rubber boot over there tops ..I hv them on ojo..tho preface..dam sure I hv two of them in boxes..I'll.hv to check again.. thank u for looking..and info..if I need them ill text u 👍👍
  13. nogE

    Door switches

    There not???... Craig.. do u use whattsapp..maybe get pics over..I know sort of what yr saying as I thought mk3 ones had white plastic tube like part ..
  14. nogE

    Door switches

    Sorry...rule..what mk...I forget sometimes im on buysell..and not mk3 club site..thanks Mark...
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