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  1. nogE

    MK3 Bumper Brackets

    Hope ok ordered and recieved the ones I linked u to tone
  2. Look up Big Red.... great units...i've had probably 5pairs.... and if you hv exchange their work out that part ex with u too http://biggred.co.uk/
  3. Yep..we know this gem...lovely..honest bloke and car... good luck win sale rich
  4. nogE

    Quad head light parts

    To find a conplete mk3 set is hard nowadays...if u do the set sells for real silly money..iv seen backplates with rot sell for 150... set consist of Backplates (make sure good towers) Chrome rings Cups..these are sided..marked up.. Adjusters with tower springs Lamps, are sided Lamp plugs(these are plastic cups with fixed loom wires etc) Lamps can be sealed or Halogen type... Sealed should hv a small clear hole on the rear or them for the sidelight..only on the two outside ones... I've probably missed some details..... I'm sure someone will help correct..it's been a while...
  5. nogE


    I'm.sure I hv one.... 45notes plus ya post cost....please pm me next week so I can sort it out..
  6. I'm sure I hv posted pics here...I'll go look
  7. I'm sure I hv posted pics here...I'll go look
  8. Hi Mr d... the carb is not for my mk3 or pinto..it's for my mk1 transit v4 2lite I'm hving rebuilt...
  9. oh no no ken...... the ich are fully operational with either .... H4/5 is only created in a vacuumed environment....therefore can be used in all ....but thanks for your thoughts on the matter....
  10. Anyone hv a good unit..needs to be ok for a 2ltr...please don't bother linking me to ebay...is rather shop on my forums first..👍
  11. .. sold as package...sorry..took along time to collect all this..I'll not split... someone will want this stuff one day.and want it all at once...
  12. This stuff is still available... bit of confusion back then... been away so now relisting...
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