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  1. I'm sure I hv posted pics here...I'll go look
  2. I'm sure I hv posted pics here...I'll go look
  3. Hi Mr d... the carb is not for my mk3 or pinto..it's for my mk1 transit v4 2lite I'm hving rebuilt...
  4. oh no no ken...... the ich are fully operational with either .... H4/5 is only created in a vacuumed environment....therefore can be used in all ....but thanks for your thoughts on the matter....
  5. Anyone hv a good unit..needs to be ok for a 2ltr...please don't bother linking me to ebay...is rather shop on my forums first..👍
  6. .. sold as package...sorry..took along time to collect all this..I'll not split... someone will want this stuff one day.and want it all at once...
  7. This stuff is still available... bit of confusion back then... been away so now relisting...
  8. Black&Decker charger sold
  9. Ken.....as it happens...I hv a special ..just for you... Remember that ... boom ultra lift 1752 amp 12/65 fan alt I spoke about in 1999?...well....there very much desired still today.... if you want I'll bring it... extra tow truck tho...so more wonga I'm afraid... Also.... tail lights.....was u after the led,efb?🤔 ones or standard?
  10. Does anyone know if DVLA would tell you if vehicle had been scrapped..or is it that they will only tell u last taxed date.. I'm sure they don't tell you about owners ..
  11. Ok Craig 👍
  12. Hope this is ok here Neil... not 100% cortina ... If readers see anything you won't and yr going cortina day I 'll take..or I can post at agreed post cost.. New old stock mk3cortina handbrake Gaiter 25pounds Springs on hold..indicator gone.. Please see anything u won't and ask All these clips ..tenner I hv here.. mk3 2000e cloud fronts doorcards with pull handles and inner sill plastic trim..cloud or blue If u won't.. 40notes Various cassette tapes..rock to classical..55 tapes approx. Tenner the lot Lower arm mk3/4/5.... Tenner Big head rads..Cortina escort capri transits... retro projects 40 each.. Battery charger with paperwork Tenner 8track system..cool in ya garage ..a knob missing 😐..some cool tapes too 15notes Radio cassette unit.. tested ..Iv no loom to unit... tho tested and lights up runs.. Tenner May add more stuff soon..
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