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  1. nogE

    V4 manifolds Wanted

    Hi all... So yes, I'm looking for a pair of none pitted or very good manifolds for the v4 unit...I'm sure Capri,corsair units will do as I know corsair drivers differed from the transit...these are for my transit build...see my thread here.....Ive been offered tubular manifolds tho would prefer the gen cast units... Cheers all..
  2. Beauty....yep..agree regarding wheels in ya early pic..
  3. nogE

    1967 Corsair

    Pete...that looks amazing..well done...
  4. nogE

    1967 Corsair

    Wow pete...looks amazing ,well done fella..sorry iv not been following much these days as i doing mk1 tranny damper.... should try get resto pics ip here .... is that a 1700 on there mate..
  5. nogE

    MK3 Bumper Brackets

    Hope ok ordered and recieved the ones I linked u to tone
  6. Look up Big Red.... great units...i've had probably 5pairs.... and if you hv exchange their work out that part ex with u too http://biggred.co.uk/
  7. Sorry about delay... no you cant still get them .. ..these a remanufactured... available to member's...
  8. Hi Chris... not sure if yr a mk3 club member... but if you are they a able to provide remanufactured rear ones....and they are amazingly good.. spot on quality too
  9. Brilliant....love seeing this sort of improvisation...👌
  10. Yep..we know this gem...lovely..honest bloke and car... good luck win sale rich
  11. Good advise there... people tend to forget about changing the ballast lead/wire for a 12volt cable...PFL cars the wire was not taped into the loom..loose and easy to unplug both ends...and remove, get ya 12volt wire and solder the same male bullet ends on each end and plug back in ..done... this will now provide 12volts to coil.....
  12. Hi Ian.... nice one.... living the cover... shame we ain't gonna get to meet up at mk1s this year... loved our drinks together.... hoping we all get together at battlebridge next year..we will be celebrating our 50th then... with the ford heritage museum trip planned ...classicford will be there to...hope yr well fella..
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