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  1. Iv seen some iffy post in the past ..asking if anyone can help locate their old dad's car...some sound dodgy..but if been here for some years now and old timers will had heard of Tubs..one of the early pioneers of this site... Tubs has ask me to help try locate an old mk4 cortina ..can anyone help..
  2. I'll put in the yat box if you wonna see them..
  3. Shame..I hv a couple of corroded tone..
  4. nogE

    2 door xl seats wanted

    See..I hv great seats out of car that's only done 24000..all perfect..only fronts..I removed inserts for y gt seats..wish I had just ask around for old inserts like I did after the eveny🤣of picking mine out and stiching them in tombs....I can offer you good inserts and seats for 95notes...as there really nice after clean....tis hard to find neat xls without holes or rips in these days..I'm in ub5 area Gary
  5. hi doo 

    sorry this has taken a while.... i need to sort out the inserts... ...are you still interested ?... xl seats...fronts only

  6. nogE

    2 door xl seats wanted

    hi doo sorry this has taken a while.... i need to sort out the inserts... ...are you still interested ?
  7. nogE

    Duke Blues

    Yes...I had a chat about holding out on sale..as it early and you don't wonna have any regrets....she didn't know what I was on about......and said there's no intentions of selling... Nice one Gill 👍
  8. nogE

    Duke Blues

    Just spoke to Gill... She has no intentions of selling Grahams car.... ???? Keeping in in the family
  9. nogE

    Duke Blues

    Dave...just spoke to gill...she did say put news up on forums ..I'll let you mate..
  10. Very helpful...as I was getting very frustrated with all activity showing every reply etc...👍
  11. nogE

    mk4/5 lamp ...

    this is no ford unit... couple of very small internal marks.... fiver ..... can take to wheels day... or cortina day....
  12. nogE

    Tow bar

    I'd say no...same as mk3/4....bolt through spare wheel well...not many options when fitting towbar
  13. nogE

    2 door xl seats wanted

    Hi Dooley... Let me get them out and take some pics for u.....then see what u think....I noticed yr not set to recieve messages mate....what's yr first name...? I'm GaryNog
  14. nogE

    2 door xl seats wanted

    I hv a nice set......of tombstones if interested or..black xl front seats with new vinyl patterns to go in..as patterns were removed ..picked out with the intent of fitting the new..tho never happened
  15. All sold yesterday...sorry...
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