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  1. Hello everyone Firstly thank you for all those who come to cortina day and met me along with seeing my creations in the flesh. I shall be making a batch of bumpers next week and thought i would pop a post on here to see if any more where required. Feel free to pop me a private message and we can go from there. As for those that see them at the show do feel free to share your thoughts for others who didnt manage to make it. Again thank you all for the support and being behind me and making it all possible. Craig
  2. Wrong thread sorry! Im unable to delete
  3. I had thought about the wheels arch trims because like you say they fetch silly money and are always second hand. Being in stainless would be alot better all round. I dont have any at hand to look at yet bjt im sure ill pick some up or borrow some to work with. I have had interest all over regarding granada mk1 and 2 parts, capri and escort parts too. Then the other cortina models aswell. I can only do so much with the little time i get to play but as it stands the mk5 bumpers need to go prior to investing money into more parts etc. That doesnt mean i wont make them again but its storage and i dont want to overload with bits, id rather take my time and get things done right
  4. I have popped a pair on ebay for a wider market. I have over peiced them deliberately because ebay will sting me and also paypal etc. But by all means outside of ebay i will stick to my original price.
  5. I think i sent you a pm regarding wheels. Craig
  6. I think its going to be a case of making each individial trim per car just so its right.
  7. I am not sure as of yet regarding the estates as i will need to get hold of some to copy and the ones on my estate arent very good. But its always possble to do different ones to suit
  8. Hi,thanks for the comment. Yes i shall be looking at mk3s and also mk4 ones. All in time i will put posts up. As you can imagine i have been asked about a few parts. Hopefully i will fill the voids out there
  9. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="nogE" data-cid="667958" data-time="1515480912"><p> Wow. .gutter trims...😎😎😎👍👍<br /> <br /> Wondering if Craig will make these in two parts. .</p></blockquote> When i do these i will do them as a kit,the gutter trim,thebc pillar and the corners aswell. Thse are a pain because of the shaoe but i will be having them pressed. Renound item to always look poor on a cortina but in stainless will really set the off
  10. Hello guys, thank you for your post regarding my bumpers. I find it a pain adding photos to this site. But i have other means of doing so, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, viber and instagram. This way i can show videos also if necessary. But yes, the bumpers have been laser cut and made from 316 grade stainless steel. Then they are mirror polished. The front bumpers have been cut, pressed and then welded. To finish them off i have had them polished back to mirror finish. I am very happy with the results and so are many others that have purchased bumpers from me. I understand the cost of a re chrome is expensive so i have done my best to make quality at a good price. I have seen some of the repro bumpers out there and i would be embarassed to even take money for them if they were mine! However the stainless route its not only better for durability but if you do scratch them you can always have imperfections re polished out which is not expensive at all and possible to do at home yourself. The bumpers themselves can still be polished in the state they are in to a flawless finish. But again for costs i have left this to everyones own descrection whether to polish them or not. I spent time and money in making sure these are right and i would not offer something to the public of i wasnt happy with it. I am looking in to other parts which are not readily available or that are demanding a silly price. The v6 mounts are still in testing so to speak before im happy to offer them out. Gutter trims and c pillar trims in the same material is another item im doing. Again its just something im doing in the middle of life shall we say. A one man band but head strong to make things happen and become available. If any one wishes to get in touch to find out more, see some photos etc then by all means pop me a message and ill get some over to you. I do plan to bring a few to cortina day and nats in may, but due to transporting them in the cortina, i will only bring few but you will be able to see them and i can always pack and post after the show if i have run out. Many thanks Craig :)
  11. I have one if you are still looking for one
  12. Hi guys i dont want to hijack the thread but i will be putting something up next week all being well regarding them. But by all means pop me a message i can send you some pictures and give some more info. They are made from 316 stainless mirror polish
  13. Hi i have a set of ghia alloys and caps, they could do with a refurb. I dont think i have the wheel nuts but i know a guy you can buy them new from. I am also re producing new stainless steel bunpers for the mk5 cortina. I havent advertised these on buy sell yet but i will be doing so soon. I have a few other cortina parts aswell if i can help elsewhere
  14. Hi i have sent you a message regarding the rear seat for estate. Thanks
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