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  1. Ok cool, that's good to know, ta. Just out of interest, how do these other carbs stack up against each other and what engines were they used for? I have an original pre xflow that I may use in the future which is currently without a carb. Would any of these spares be useful for that?
  2. Hello all. I'm putting a crossflow from a 1600GT in my mk1. The engine is as standard as far as I know and has a 32DFM. I've been advised that this carb will do the job but there's potential for upgrade. A mate has given me the choice of some of his spare carbs. Could anyone knowledgable advise what would be the best option, as I'm quite inexperienced when it comes to Webers and carbs in general. I can stick with the 32DFM or choose from: 32 DGV 7 36 DCD 28/36 DCD
  3. Cheers. I think I've got one sourced locally but if it doesn't pan out I'll give you a shout ASAP.
  4. I need a floor mounted handbrake cable for a mk1, as the club is currently out of stock. Anything in usable condition considered. Thanks.
  5. buddyrich

    LU14 calipers

    I've got 4 of these that I don't need. They'd all need refurbed but they'd be ideal if you're after originality on a non-GT/Lotus. Willing to split them depending on how many you need.
  6. I'm stripping down an English axle from a mk1. One of the brackets that holds the leaf spring and shock absorber has corroded quite badly. It's a tricky repair and I'd really prefer to replace it if I can. Has anyone ever done this? Are replacements available? Or should I just find a new axle casing?
  7. I'm having a hell of a time masking my mk1 for painting the side stripe. Does anyone have any hints or suggestions? All I know for certain is the stripe ends at a point 2 + 3/8s of an inch behind the headlight
  8. Just want to confirm, Mk1 track rod end threads are 9/16 UNF?
  9. Thanks for the advice guys
  10. I have an english axle that's seen better days but thought i might restore it for using on my mk1. Unfortunately one of the shocker mounts has rotted and behind it there's a small hole in the casing itself. Anyone any thoughts on wether it's worth trying to save? I've never welded an axle but I'm game to try, unless it's going to be a pig of a job, which i suspect it may be.
  11. I have an old 4 door shell thats no longer any use for anything but the roof is good. Just wondered if its worth anything to someone. If so, I can remove it.
  12. Just after a bit of advice re. the chassis of my mk1. The chassis is covered in a thick layer of underseal, which Ive removed in certain places where repairs were needed. Now that Ive made those fixes, whats the best way to seal up the body? It currently has a layer of what seems to be white/grey primer or paint (maybe stonechip?) with a thick coat of underseal, which seems to have worked well as the chassis is in good nick, the usual problem areas aside. With that in mind, I dont really want to strip off all the underseal as it seems to be doing its job. Could anyone recommend how should I deal with the exposed repair areas? Primer or paint and then underseal? If so, any advice on which primer or paint?
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