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  1. No posts from you for a while Dave.Truly hope you are on the road to recovery.All the best Iain.
  2. They are a lovely shape.First time i saw one in the flesh was in Florida.There was a cruise night from Orlando dragstrip to Race Rock on International Drive.Will never forget abandoning the new wife in Pizza Hut when i heard the sound of all the cars coming down the road!
  3. Ouch.That thumb looks like its seen a few repairs in the past!
  4. Dont forget rear seatbelt/ baby seat mounts for number one son if you plan on taking him out in it.
  5. Are you going to Dynamat all that tinwork Dave? It will be LOUD in there if you dont.Ive no doubt you have a plan.
  6. If you use the RetroFord rack kit you can use Mk1 Cortina struts.Gaz do these.The beauty of this set up is correct geometry,adjustable caster and you dont have to hack the top mount holes about.Its all designed to bolt in place with either laser cut or CNC machined parts.No bulkhead cutting for engine placement.Minimal gearbox tunnel mods depending on what box you want to use.
  7. If your going ST ZETEC and steering rack there is only one place to go...RetroFord.EVERYTHING you need can be bought as a kit or parts as funds allow.Yes its expensive....but its right.If you dont believe me PM Downstairs Dave who has a thread on here.If you start trying to mix and match parts from different suppliers you will only make more work and cost for yourself.You can buy a brand new crate motor,mounts,aly sump,water rail,ecu,throttle bodies rack kit etc.Ring Dave at RetroFord and work out what you can afford.Hes just put an ST in his own car using all the bits he makes with a Mazda box behind it.Its just come off Dave Walker at Emeralds dyno.I wont tell you what BHP it made but it was impressive!
  8. R.E throttle cable comments.No worries Dave.We all have .ty days at work.My eleven year old daughter gets great delight calling me Victor as in Victor Meldrew!because im a grumpy old Dad.Like i said its your car to do what you want with.That bit of Aly work around the rear wheel tub and cage is a work of art.Keep at it your nearly there.
  9. Fair does Dave i get a bet carried away at times.Its your car and you should have it the way you want it.All the best.
  10. Dave... i admire your skills as you know.Ive looked at that throttle cable picture a few times.Are you really happy with the way it looks?
  11. Dave,why cant you run the throttle cable under the throttle bodies and through the bulkhead.Its a bit of work but means no visible hole right in front of pedal box and no clamps to inner wing.Same deal with all the fuel system parts in the boot.Hide them.When you take the car to shows for the weekend all that stuff will be in the way of the cool box,comfy chairs,sleeping bags etc.If you hide them you can run a boot mat?
  12. Fantastic work as always Dave.All the thought and skill,the neat little touches you have put into this car are what makes it the next bar up from the rest.Never mind the two door conversion! I,m really really looking forward to seeing it done!!!
  13. Bang on as usual Dave.Rear wheel lip level with rear arch=spot on stance.I know the works cars used Anglia boot hinges but you know from experience what an Anglia boot opens like.They are heavy and a bit awkward to open and close with no springs.Its really coming together now.
  14. Dave, i think your fabrication skills are slipping on the tank and seat mounts! Are you going for self tappers or wood screws to mount them to the floor...lol.RE Toyo 888s are good on the back but be prepared for some tramlining on the front.However you may be able to dial this out with some steering tweeks.Most places seem to be selling 888r,s now and the tread pattern is different from the standard 888,s which were available.If your back is as much fun as mine good luck rolling in and out of those bucket seats after a drive lol.
  15. Hi Dave my hats off to you fabricating that exhaust tunnel must have been a nightmare.As for tyres RetroFord Dave and i have 185/60 13 Toyo 888s on ours.They look lovely but my car tracks like a pig on uneven surfaces now.However...Dave has several Mk1s as you know.He has a spruce green one which has old Colway tarmac rally tyres on.That car drives like a Rolls Royce compared to the others.They look right and they drive right...and they dont make them anymore!Dunlop make ones very similar to the 60,s race tyres but they are expensive.Depends what you want i suppose.
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