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  1. Hi Guys, we were having a clear out at work and found a few old stock recon'd alternators. They are mainly A127 types in different formats either Lucas, Bosch or Delco with either spade or bolt on connections. Some have fans and pulleys some don't and you will have to use your old ones. i will list them using Sovereign or hella part numbers and i have cross referenced to find out output. If people are interested in purchasing any then i will test the unit before despatch. Postage is £10 up to 30Kg The first one. SA745 70amp fits various fords from 1974-99 i have 4 of these 2 with pulleys 2 without £30 ea SA521 36 amp ACR various fords 1966--99 1 only £25 SA952 55amp Bosch Various fords 1 only £30 This one is an O/E Ford part for a P100 NOS £60 SA495 55amp Transit possibly other fords with oil pump spline i have 2 the other is 70 amp £30 SA526 70amp for Escort/ Orion 1985-00 £35 SA905 70-75amp Escort VI - Mondeo Mk1 1990-01 £35 CA562IR Granada Sierra Transit £30 Bosch A127 fits various fords £30 These are commonly know as A133 type, again used on various fords and between 35- 55 amp, i have 4 of these £30 SA952 Bosch Various fords £30 SA421 Delco 36amp Various fords £30 and the last one A115 again various fords i think 35amp £25 If any of these units is of any use then please PM me. Cheers Guys
  2. very nice. clean and tidy i must say :thumbup:
  3. Cheers guys, it would have been a shame just to leave it unloved sitting in the garage :thumbup:
  4. Well it's been a while since i've been on here after having a little shunt in my car back in Ausust 2015. I had gone to a little show in leicester and by midday it started to drizzle with rain so we all decided to find somewhere to get a bite to eat. I was one of the last to leave with some others, got on the road and approached a roundabout. Realizing i was in the wrong lane, i shot accross and as i was accelerating ont of the roundabout the backend swung out and the next thing i remember was :poo: this is gunna be expensive, i slammed sideways into the curb and the backend bounced up and into a barrier. I was quite lucky there were no others involved. anyway with the help of Gavin XRS and his mates we got the car off the road to await a tow truck. When i got home i put it in the garage and there it stayed for a few months to assess the damage 2 busted alloys bent steering rack bent brake disc bent rear halfshaft bent rear bumper broken rear light damage to the rear valance and a dent in the rear quarter. I was debating whether to sell it of fix it but as i've promised it to my son i had to fix it, so the hunt was on for the parts. Ebay came up trumps as usual and i got the half shafts, brake discs and steering rack. Gavin found me a set of the wheels i had on it originally ( never thought i would get another set) and i managed to straighten out the bumper and bracket and i also had a spare rear light. With the parts collected i went about repairing the damage. With that done it was just a case of saving some cash for the bodywork repairs. This has now been done. i also found some electrical gremlins too, as the washers wouldn't work and the indicators would flash randomly and the headlights wouldn't work properly, also the wiper motor was very lazy, almost straining to wipe. i found the small earth wire which bolts on to stalk switch burnt out, so i repaired that, the headlight connectors from the fusebox were dirty, so i cleaned them and replaced the wiper motor with a spare one i had and now everything is working normally. So MOT next week and back on the road ( fingers crossed)
  5. Hey guys has anybody got any of the little cone shaped bootlid rubber bumpers, they fit on the inside on either side where the bootlid folds down, like this Cheers Andy
  6. Hi someone else messaged me about this which i read first so he has first dibs, if not then it's yours :thumbup:
  7. Hi guys n gals, i have for sale a NOS steel sports wheel with a new 165/70/13 tyre which i had as a spare. i no longer need it and need the space in the garage. £20 Cheers
  8. that sounds like the solenoid to me, the contacts in the cap burn away and stick over time and even more so if the battery is low and trying to start the car,also take the back off the motor and make sure the brushes arn't worn away and the comm isn't burnt as this damage will cause the starter to be slugish :thumbup:
  9. it depends on whats wrong with as to the cost of repair, if the solenoids gone then it takes 5 mins to replace, if the pinion is knackered then you might as well have it refurbished as it's a total strip down to fit one
  10. not yet, i was going to try and straighten the old one but if you have a spare it would save me a job :)
  11. Hey guys, has anybody got a near side rear inner bumper bracket they would like to part with please Cheers :thumbup:
  12. MK5 V8

    MK5 Door Locks

    i'm sure i have one :thumbup:
  13. What happens if it's windy?? :headscratch: Keep it closed, go in and have a cuppa
  14. If any one has one please :thumbup:
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