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  1. J2S

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Cheers lads to say I'm gutted is a understatement 😔
  2. Back on eBay same selling 2k less
  3. J2S

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Yes hit me hard then drove off in a cloud of smoke at speed
  4. J2S

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Well what can I say apart from they cut the corner didn't stop at junction and then drove off in a nicely damaged x5 13 years to build and 1 week on the road Lucky I'm fine and it's only metal see you in 2030
  5. Every bush is brand new Im happy with the way it sits ,it is well past what the front likes on how low it is ect But that's how I like them I have a pic some where off my GT on the same springs on pre subframe and there is hardly any camber onto a facelift Mk5 same springs and subframe bushes that are hardened and it has very noticeable amount
  6. No pre face the engine mount is higher up and hardly any camber Mark 4 got lower and more camber by Mk5 the engine was sitting lower again and loads more camber is how I read it
  7. Yes my GT is a pre face lift the round one fits with plenty of space and my mark 5 Ended up making a rack out of three as it was notchy that was making it worse Main rack from one ,drumstick and bush from one and a drum stick from another lol I had some hard rubber thin strips with a heavy duty adhesive on it ,I cut two tiny strips and stuck them to the edges of one square That got shot of the side play and some grease all round and it moves easily Wheels turns with only tiny movement from steering wheel Still I've got another subframe for the winter as I'm going durotec 6 speed on throttle body's this winter and going to build up on that subframe I'll making sure now that coupler clears
  8. Me neither Craig I can't even see a pic on Google of the same one this is either all three clear my preface and my one on Mk5 Pre easy loads of room mk5 half inch Blue one not a chance
  9. J2S

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    13 years and she's on the road Runs great few niggles needs 4 wheel alignment but drives brakes in a straight line Bit of play in bush on coupler worm Nice to be back in a good old Tina
  10. The blue Tina has a square rubber bush like 4 squares split that fits past my subframe just Bush has to much play so I tried two others I've got but with round rubber They both won't go past and would rub on subframe trying to get it on to last bit of spine to fit bolt . All I can find to change are the round ones So thinking of taken a nibble out of subframe To allow some clearance Any ideas anyone 🤔
  11. Yes it's the one from here , was one eBay for 17k a few months ago
  12. J2S

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Might aswell put a few up on escort Not in the right order but ha ho all the wings doors ect been acid stripped epoxy primer coming up ,last owner had made a mess off most of it got abit jogke happy with the old arches and corners I'll be butt welding it all in cut as I go last pic is bonnet in acid
  13. I'm in Kent and can change any bits need doing worked on plenty of old fords If you need someone to help out Once you get it back
  14. Looks alot posher then the one I made Does the same job tho burtons rubbish springs tested it a few times
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