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  1. Nos is the only way to get them like Ford made them ,every after market I’ve bought the foam is miles to thick and they never bend round the bottoms as said above I’d skip new find some good second hand
  2. J2S

    Rear valance

    I have front seats but they are black covers on them ,someone’s cut holes for headrest, I used fishnet and looked pretty good ! 100 quid for valance as it a nos 60 quid for carpet Plus post
  3. J2S

    Rear valance

    What you after ?i think I have some black door cards good condition ,nice black back seat ,Ghia dash black carpet
  4. J2S

    Rear valance

    Totally forgot to look sorry I know I have a nos one I try again tomorrow
  5. Hi did you find a valance cheers mark 

  6. J2S

    Rear valance

    Think I have one I’ll check tomorrow for you
  7. I’ve got a feeling Granada are different
  8. Yes top deferent from bottom I’ll try dig some out for a pic only thing is I got flooded and just moved everything g of the floor in boxes into tubs and crammed onto shelf’s all be it still trying to keep them to the car they belong
  9. Rough and ready I like to leave arm out of chassis to start it off and wind up and use jack to push into chassis wince it gets level
  10. My mk5 had the bigger ones but my mk4/3 was the smaller type
  11. I made one pretty easy I can get a pic for you tomorrow of it
  12. They need to look at the sold listings on eBay and classic car auctions as there prices are off at this time maybe that’s what they think there worth after the COVID price correction
  13. J2S

    Mark 5 2.0 gl

    Lovely car mate and welcome
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