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  1. What a loverly honest car that is shame your parting with her bit I suspect your after a beige base model mk5 good luck with the sale
  2. I love them myself very period Halfords special parts or side street car shops ,pin stripes aerials spotlights center consoles Turtle air fresheners traffic lights to !! You could park up and plenty would take notice of your car because loads was doing it !! now a stock beige L that’s another story
  3. Im after a back bumper if you still have it and can send thanks jon
  4. J2S

    Sunroof panel mk5

    I thought that would be my luck Thanks anyway .
  5. J2S

    Sunroof panel mk5

    That would be great thank you Jon
  6. J2S

    Sunroof panel mk5

    Thanks yes I’ve looked into it before .mk1/2 golfs and early passats need the actual panel itself tho
  7. J2S

    Sunroof panel mk5

    Anyone know if the a Capri one fits ?
  8. Great dont need the screen just the rubber how much posted would that be thanks again jon
  9. Saloon and it’s for a late one cheers
  10. anyone got one Thanks jon
  11. Hi

    You was kind enough to get back to me regarding spraying my Mk5 bonnet. Sorry its taken an age to get back to you but 3 kids, holidays etc etc you get the picture.


    Can you let me know how much it will cost (cash) and can you get a good colour match?


    Its a standard dark ford blue.


    Can you please get back to me via my work email as I see that every day (every bloody hour)


    Cheers Joe



  12. J2S

    Cortina mk5 panels

    Boot panels the Last ones went for 55 pounds each on eBay only been one set in the last year on there . expressed panels now make them and not to silly priced .
  13. J2S

    Mk4 ignition switch

    mines black cheers jon
  14. J2S

    Mk4 ignition switch

    The bit on the back square connector to loam mine don't spring back Jon
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